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15 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends continues to give the impression of a good match for its players by releasing many features. There are even 15 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML), from here we can know that the Hero will become strong. But actually the Revitalize Spell that is used on the Hero is not all, some are mandatory and just a sideline.

All the features that have appeared in the Mobile Legends game are increasing, it will help the player to play more easily. Given the developments that have appeared now also affect Revamp, Hero or Spell have also experienced something like this.

For now the List of Hero Revamp Year 2022 Mobile Legends, shows some heroes that are quite old and subject to changes. Of course, the look and skill of the hero will get better, maybe one of them is the Hero that you often use.

Moreover, with 15 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML), it can help players to get better opportunities to compete. Because with that opportunity, players will get a good opportunity to strengthen this Hero when competing.

Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML)


Leaked Skin Revamp Galaxy Dominator Estes Mobile Legends (ML)

As a support in a team, Estes is indeed suitable to use the Revitalize Spell because of her own skill. If what Esports I experienced when competing, it turned out that this Revitalize Spell would support Estes’ ability to increase HP and Shield Regen even more.

Given that all Estes Skills almost provide continuous Heal, it means that it is really suitable if you use it. As a hero who is strong and enough to help the team fight, it will definitely make the opponents you meet confused to counter them.

Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends is Rafaela

13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML)

According to my own Esports, Rafaela is indeed suitable, because her role is as a Support person who has strong Healing Skills. Of course Rafaela’s ability in the match will be smoother, if for example using the Revitalize Spell which also heals.

However, the advice I can give Esports is, first see if the composition of your team is suitable or not. Even looking at the condition of the enemy you are fighting, for example, easily kidnapped heroes must use Flicker and if not just use Revitalize to compete later.


Tank Mobile Legends (ML) The Easiest and Deadliest

Tankers who also become Support in the match, are indeed enough to help players to compete stronger. When you use Minotaur, use Revitalize to receive more defense, as well as the Moge Rate which will be guaranteed to be very safe while doing War.

Moreover, if it has become Rage mode, the Minotaur will become large with very high Heal. Even Ultimate stomping attacks on the ground, of course it can also make the enemy helpless. If they strike back at Us and Team, activate this Spell and cast Skill 2, then counterattack with more force.

Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends is Uranus

13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML)

Although Uranus is indeed suitable for Vengeance, but actually Revitalize is also very good for him. Especially when using Ultimate and War, it will make Uranus stronger in dealing with enemies. It will not be easily penetrated by HP, because of 2 Heals that appear on yourself and also Area.

Considering Revitalize besides being able to heal and increase it, this Uranus Ultimate Skill will make it unharmed. However, the use of Revitalize from the Uranus hero really has to be paid attention to first, so that later you will not be injured and continue to advance when you are in war.


13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML)

Heroes who can enter the bodies of friends in the team, are perfect for helping them during a war with this Revitalize Spell. Even though Esports I know Flicker and Aegis are suitable for Angela, but first feel the sensation of using this hero with spells like that when competing.

Yup Angela will give Heal to friends who advance, then we who enter their bodies give a big Shield. Activate this skill when in the middle of the war, of course friends will get Heal from your Spell and Skill 1. That’s why if Angela is also suitable for using Revitalize, she can use the Spell from a friend’s body.

Faramis is a Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends

13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends

A magician might be like that, strong and able to make the dead come back Risen was the strongest Faramis. The ability to revive in the Altar is strong, but if this Skill is on Cooldown maybe the Revitalize Spell is very helpful.

Faramis himself gets a Revamp where his Ultimate Skill is not what it used to be, giving HP Protection to friends in his Altar. In doing War, it seems Spell Revitalize is indeed suitable for him. As long as the Temporary HP protects, the Spell will heal your friends’ and yourself’s Primary HP.


Tips for Open Map Mobile Legends (ML)

A hero who is quite popular with the Feeder Theme in the past, Diggie is my Esports Choice to use this powerful Revitalize Spell. Considering Diggie himself Support who will give one team immunity, then Shield to withstand damage while in war.

Of course, the effect of the Shield that has appeared and entered into a friend, we can make it temporarily so that the Revitalize Spell is more useful. Because in a condition like this, a reduced Shield will not make HP less, so use a Spell to Heal while the Shield is still there.

Hylos is a Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends

This tanker, which is half Human and Horse, is quite good in War and is suitable for using the Reviltalize Spell. According to my own Esports, Hylos will make the enemy Slow using his Ultimate, then Skill 2 if Mana runs out will definitely be replaced by HP.

Now if it’s a War situation, of course you can go forward using Ultimate and Skill 2. Don’t be confused if HP is Half because there is Spell, and Ultimate can still provide Heal. Even with our Mana running out, take it easy because HP that is maintained with Heal will keep you strong.


13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends

Why does Marksman use the Revitalize Spell? It’s okay, even Hanabi’s ability will also help you in that regard. But according to my own Esports, it is okay and not to use the Spell as a backup for you to compete.

How come? Hanabi who has a little passive Shield, will get Temporary protection and this Spell will help Heal you. Attacking from behind and getting better than before, will make you stronger than before.

Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends is Esmeralda

If you really want to get more Esmeralda’s protection, then just use the Revitalize Spell for her abilities too. So when you are doing War, you can open it first with Ultimate to the enemy and trap them in the Skill.

If the enemy really intends to attack you, use the Revitalize Spell and use Skill 1 to absorb the enemy’s Shield. If indeed you are competing later Skill 1 is about to run out, use Skill 2 to make Skill 1 cooldown faster.

Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends is Alucard

13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML)

Yes, even though my Esports doesn’t recommend you to use this, just based on experience, it’s really good to use this spell. Alucard, who has become the build, can go forward and attack enemies with a fairly large Build Life Steal and Ultimate with the addition of the Revitalize.

This spell will make you get a higher HP Regen, of course Alucard will make you more defensive. But just be wary of enemies who use a Regen HP reduction Build, it becomes a counter to the Revitalize Spell that Alucard’s hero uses.


13 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends

A hefty rock Tanker, Grock can raise a huge defense when fighting. Then during this period the strength of Grock is very supportive, then the player can use the Revitalize Spell directly to get a more awake HP.

Of course it will make you survive stronger than before, especially with Grock himself surviving longer. It’s just that sometimes the Hero doesn’t use Revitalize, so you have to pay close attention to the use that makes you safe.

Good Hero Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends is Paquito

The hero named Paquito according to my Esports is good with all Spells, including Revitalize which will keep Paquito’s own HP awake. Giving attacks with high Heal, can make the opponent confused about how to paralyze this Hero.

But if the advice from Esports is my Paquito, you have to do some Combo Moves first until the red bar is full. During this position to collect bars, players can just use the Revitalize Spell directly to make their cellphones more awake until the last blow.


Fredrinn’s skills are very helpful in battle, but because it also requires a lot of HP, the Revitalize Spell is suitable for it. So with the battle later, it will definitely provide an opportunity that is quite helpful when doing War later.

Because of this Fredrinn, you can immediately activate the Spell properly, so that the team and us who build tanks become stronger. With such a long lasting power, so when giving provocation to the enemy it will not be subject to high damage.


You can also use Floryn Hero in conjunction with the Revitalize Spell, so this will be of great help. When facing an enemy, it will definitely give a strong attack to face the opponent.

Of course, with this Spell during War, you can easily help friends to be able to receive a large Heal. Considering all Floryn Heal Skills, so it’s very supportive to do War.

After knowing 15 Good Heroes Using Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends (ML), it has become something good for all of you. According to my own Esports, some of these heroes are suitable and don’t need to use the Revitalize Spell.

It also shows 12 Spell Hero Mobile Legends who have already gained the upper hand in the match later. It will make you better and give the player that opportunity, if you want to know all the spells that have been released in the game.