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15 Best ML Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

There are some of the best counter heroes in mobile legends for all ML heroes. As the best MOBA game, Mobile Legends presents a variety of very unique and varied heroes. Now in this review, we will discuss some heroes who can counter all heroes in Mobile Legends.

Counter hero is a specific skill skill that is usually used against certain heroes, for example Fanny’s hero who can be countered by Saber, or Khufra. Well, every hero must have natural enemies who can counter them.

All Best ML Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

These heroes are very strong as counters and may be a very strong anti-meta hero for you to use. You can see below the list of hero counters for all mobile legends heroes:

  1. Saber
  2. Chou
  3. Khufra
  4. Zilong
  5. body
  6. Franco
  7. Jawhead
  8. Baxia
  9. Kaja
  10. Esmeralda
  11. Benedetta
  12. Ling
  13. Aldous
  14. Cecilion
  15. Paquito

My esports is made so that you don’t get confused anymore when playing and confused about what pick to pick. They are the main choice of many people as the counter hero of all heroes in mobile legends

Well, here are some heroes who can counter almost all heroes in Mobile Legends. Anything? Check out the complete list of heroes below for those of you who are curious!

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The first ML hero that can counter all the heroes in Mobile Legends is Saber. This one assassin hero is able to execute anyone, even a tank. Saber is capable of dealing fatal damage to any hero it attacks.


Chou is a special fighter hero to kidnap enemies and become a counter hero for all heroes in mobile legends. With the help of the battle Spell Flicker and his immunity, Chou can even enter the enemy turret. This hero has high resistance and deadly damage.

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Khufra and Saber are two very effective heroes to counter all heroes in mobile legends. This tank hero is included in the meta hero list and is a hero who is often included in the banned list.


Besides Saber, Zilong is also a hero who can counter all heroes in mobile legends. Call it hero fanny and Hayabusa is very easy to fight. Thanks to his combo skills that can target enemies and attract them, this one hero can counter any hero in Mobile Legends.

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Badang is a fighter hero who is active in team fights. This one hero can easily isolate enemies and execute them. Badang is the best fighter in dealing with opposing heroes.


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Franco is a hero counter for all heroes in mobile legends who are quite active in various fields. He can Roam quickly while covering the hero core team easily. In addition, Franco can counter the enemy properly and stun him and gang up on him.

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In dealing with enemies, Jawhead is the master. This cyborg fighter hero can target one enemy and throw it. Jawhead is perfect for countering any hero who overcomes it.


Baxia is a hero who can also counter many opponents. Especially heal heroes because Baxia has an innate anti heal from his passive.


With his skills that can attract enemies, Kaja becomes a savior hero during the Late Game. Kaja can target the enemy’s marksman during teamfight so that the enemy lacks attack damage as the attacker.


Esmeralda is a very strong hero these days. Even though he has been hit by nerf, he is still very difficult to beat. High damage and high sustain make it an effective hero for anyone. Against any hero is still very superior.


Surely Benedetta must be included here. This hero is indeed very complete and too overpowered. He is anyone’s counter hero and has no current counter. A very strong powerpick, anyone who uses Benedetta is considered to have high impact.


Ling has a very easy and agile ability, even if you use it correctly it can counter all heroes. It’s no wonder that Ling is a hero that we can’t underestimate, counters of all types can also be done as long as you can play too. Because Ling’s ability relies on Skill 1, it will be very helpful.


Aldous’s ability to deal with enemies is indeed very helpful, that’s why this can be a deadly Counter too. Even if you have reached the full stack and the right build, all types of hero roles can become very easy counters. Things like this are also not a problem for heroes like that.


Able to be another Counter hero in the Mobile Legends game, but remember Cecilion must be able to keep his distance from the enemy. Then as much as possible you guys collect this stack as much as possible, so that the damage we give can penetrate the enemy. Don’t underestimate Cecilion, because even high Magic Defense can’t withstand the attack.


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For example, if you play Paquito correctly, you can become any counter hero in mobile legends. Even enemies with very deadly types of hero roles are not Paquito’s weakness, because every hit gives weakness to enemy heroes.

So, those are some of the heroes with the best counter abilities in Mobile Legends. So, have you chosen a mainstay hero to counter the thickening enemy?