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15 Best M4A1 Weapon Characters Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates, which of course you should see right now. Even with the presence of 15 of the Best Free Fire (FF) M4A1 Weapon Characters, of course we will become stronger with this. Because it is the ability of the Character to use the M4A1 Free Fire Weapon, it will definitely give something good when competing.

You also certainly know that this weapon is quite strong and there is no way you will ignore something like that. Because M4A1 itself has great power in dealing with enemies, so that later players will not find it difficult to use weapons like this.

Even by looking at the Unique Facts of the M4A1 Free Fire Weapon, it will definitely make you stronger than before. Because some facts like this will explain to us, if you later compete you will have great strength and it will not be difficult to face each enemy.

Then by using 15 of the Best Free Fire (FF) M4A1 Weapon Characters, their fighting skills will become stronger than before. Helped by the M4A1 Weapon which has several strengths such as Balanced weapons, of course it will affect the game better.

The Best M4A1 Weapon Characters Free Fire (FF)


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This character has the advantage of carrying a lot of bullets, so Paloma with M4A1 can be a deadly combo. Because with Paloma who is able to increase the effect on Backpack, we can carry quite a lot of bullets from other characters.

Players must know that this M4A1 weapon has a high total damage, even a very noticeable increase in ability. Of course, with the best M4A1 abilities with the right characters, according to Esportsku, M4A1 and Paloma are indeed very suitable.

So when you fight with the Enemy you don’t have to worry about the amount of Bullet capacity, because Paloma will continue to provide it for you.

Free Fire’s Best M4A1 Weapon Character is Hayato

12 Best M4A1 Weapon Characters Free Fire (FF)

Next is Hayato, a character with high Armor Penetration can help M4A1. But according to my Esports, the Awakening Version is better, but even if it’s not awakened it can still help M4A1 weapons very well.

Because if Hayato is in a low HP state, then the Armor Penetration of the enemy will increase quite a lot. Then when Awakened is able to provide attacks and even strong defense, if he gets damage from the enemy.

Other weapons are also strong for Hayato to use in matches, including the M4A1 which is in this game now. As a large and deadly force, of course you won’t be easily exposed to problems facing these enemies.


12 Best M4A1 Weapon Characters Free Fire (FF)

The M4A1 weapon is also suitable if you use it with Moco, although all types of weapons can but this will indeed help. Moco has a Passive Skill that gives sight to the enemy, if they are hit by the damage that we give using a weapon.

So with this ability the opponent’s position will not look difficult, because Moco is also able to provide important information. The enemy’s position will be visible in the minimap only, you can choose to wait for the enemy to come out or move closer to the visible enemy point.

For example, Awakening Moco itself is not so bad, because his ability can make the opponent even more confused. Because the effect of the sight will last a long time, if for example the enemy continues to move.


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High Damage will continue to be dealt by Wolfrahh on any weapon, if you aim the bullet at their body for Yellow damage. M4A1 weapons can also be affected in this way, even if they do have a very superior power in this kind of problem.

Because with Wolfrahh that you can use as well as possible, it will be more exciting in the future too. Of course with the ability of weapons like this, we will find it easier to deal with them without even having to headshot.

Not only does the damage increase from Wolfrahh, it turns out that receiving a headshot from the enemy will reduce the damage quite a lot. It certainly helps players to make it easier to compete, and it won’t be difficult anymore to be able to face every opponent.

Free Fire’s Best M4A1 Weapon Character is Maro

The ability that Maro can give when competing is indeed quite lethal, even this can be seen from his ability in the game. My esports knows that Maro is able to deal damage if the attack distance is farther away, of course M4A1 with a Range Point of 77 is very helpful.

Of course Maro’s ability like that will give it its own strength, even giving it a good attacking ability. That’s why you also feel that you will become stronger, if you use M4A1 as a stable long-range attack weapon against the enemy’s body.

Maro’s Passive Skill is indeed compatible with this weapon, so make sure you try it when you compete. Because both of them have the advantage of striking distance, even though they are not snipers, the damage is very high.

Free Fire’s Best M4A1 Weapon Character is Jota

12 Best M4A1 Weapon Characters Free Fire (FF)

Not completely Jota Compatible with M4A1 weapons, but if you really get used to it, it’s not a big problem. Stable M4A1 weapons in attack with Jota’s Life Steal Passive Skill, both of which are quite good and will have a clearly visible blood resistance.

Because with Jota itself has a total Life Steal depending on the Weapon, Damage and total Bullets that we give to the enemy. However, if you kill, for example, you will receive a fairly large amount of HP straight in.

The ability of the M4A1 Weapon itself is indeed good, the damage is commensurate with the quite a lot of Bullets. If you give a good attack to the enemy, then this HP will not decrease much because Jota’s Life Steal.


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The character named Dasha has a Passive Skill that can reduce Weapon Recoil, when falling from a height. Of course the ability of this character really supports the M4A1, because from the explanation alone, the weapon is indeed quite stable.

Although sometimes Recoil increases slightly when you shoot, Dasha is able to make everything Neutral slowly. Even my esports have also tried that combination, enemies from medium range are still often hit by quite deadly attacks.

Of course, with the ability of Dasha, the M4A1 weapon will be more balanced in providing the best attack. So if you are curious, you can immediately try these two things yourself.


Not used to using M4A1 Weapon Silently? then the answer should be using the D-Bee Character right now. As a weapon in a match, D-Bee must also provide good stability in attacking while moving.

The D-Bee character’s Passive Skill is able to increase Movement Speed, as well as shooting accuracy when moving. Of course the enemy who is shooting will have difficulty dealing damage, but we can do that very easily.

Even for D-Bee itself, it feels pretty good and easy in this kind of thing, if you do your best.

Free Fire’s Best M4A1 Weapon Character is Luqueta

Characters who kill can increase Max’s HP, of course Luqueta with an M4A1 weapon will be very suitable. I just remind Esports to you, if you want to use this, you have to be able to kill enemies often so that your HP increases more.

Because Luqueta’s ability must kill, so we can’t always play it safe like this. Even with Luqueta’s ability in full, it definitely feels like we will be thicker and not easy to lose to an enemy with 200 HP.

Free Fire’s Best M4A1 Weapon Character is Xayne

If you want to penetrate the enemy’s defense using M4A1, then just use a character named Xayne to do something like that. Because with this Active Skill, Xayne will give additional HP, and damage to Gloo Wall and Shield when we attack.

This M4A1 weapon already has great damage and power, of course Xayne is quite fit for these conditions. Because indeed with these weapons their defense won’t last long, then Xayne will also be superior in dealing damage to his enemies.

As long as you do it with the right timing, both of them can be very deadly in the upcoming battle.


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Strong damage and high running speed, Kelly has a Passive sprint to catch Enemy easily. Even together with the M4A1, then you will find it easier after approaching them at a shooting range with the right size in the future.

Then in the awakened version the damage that we give after the Sprint is greater, that’s why M4A1 will also be good to use with Kelly. In addition to running fast in pursuit of the enemy, we will also receive additional total damage which eventually becomes critical for it.

Free Fire’s Best M4A1 Weapon Character is DJ Alok

How come popular characters are not at the top? Because DJ Alok is not a priority to use M4A1 in matches. However, with the ability of DJ Alok who is able to provide Heal and Movement Speed, we don’t need to hesitate in using the M4A1 by shooting. Of course, with a section like that, it’s clear that it will fit very well.

The power that DJ Alok has with his total attack ability will also give a thickness of HP when attacking. If you are an M4A1 weapon user and often get damaged, you can use DJ Alok but remember that this character is not a priority for this weapon.


Has a high survivability, ensuring the M4A1 weapon is very well before making an attack. So the enemy who attacks will not realize that the weapon we carry is M4A1 to carry out attacks properly. So something like that would be very helpful.

That’s why Kenta is indeed quite popular and good, so you also won’t have a hard time using it with the M4A1. A lethal combined attack and impossible to be easily defeated by the enemy.

J Biebs

Passive skills that strengthen HP with EP, making us combat using M4A1 weapons will be longer and quite strong. Of course the ability of J Biebs will help us to fight very well when with weapons like that.

Set the distance to use the M4A1 weapon with the J Biebs character, so that later the attack can be directed very well. Surely your attack ability will be helped and will not be difficult anymore.


Then Homer who can show the location of the enemy with a drone, then the M4A1 weapon is also suitable for him when fighting later. Because these attacks will help him very well, so we can do well.

Moreover, Homer will make it easy for you to fight his enemies. Because of the effect this drone also supports M4A1 for faster kills. Even long-range combat wouldn’t be too difficult for him.

After knowing the 15 Best Free Fire (FF) M4A1 Weapon Characters, you don’t need to be confused anymore with these weapon combos. Because with the right selection and use of weapons is also good, then this will give a very full power.

To make it even more stable, use the M4A1 Free Fire Evolution Skin which is getting better, even his friend is a very deadly fiery dragon. If you use this weapon and become a favourite, there’s nothing wrong with Awakening the weapon’s skin.