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15 Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon Characters

Free Fire has released a lot of great updates that are really cool and good for us to try now. Included with the 15 Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon User Characters, this will give something quite interesting in the game. Because we ourselves know Characters who use G36 Weapons will become stronger, because they have something that fits that.

Because some good updates like this, will bring something new just like the G36 Weapon. It has a very good shape and appearance, it can even give you the best chance to win very easily.

Especially for the Tips section on Using the G36 Free Fire Weapon right now, it’s definitely going to be even easier. Because what we know is the ability of the G36 itself has become one of the weapons that is quite deadly when you use it in the game.

Then now there are 15 of the Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon User Characters, which will be a good complement. Because seeing the user directly from the G36 Weapon is very good, it will certainly provide some deadly attacks when facing enemies when competing later.

The Best G36 Weapon User Character Free Fire (FF)


The ability of the Maro Character is one of the choices when using this G36 Free Fire Weapon. Of course by using this weapon, Maro will maximize his skills even though the attack is not too close to the enemy’s distance when fighting.

So Maro’s ability gives an additional Damage, when the distance of the shot we give is far from the enemy. For example, the G36 weapon can enter Burst Mode, although the total Rate of Fire is reduced but the Range and Damage increase due to the Burst mode.

If you have entered a long shooting range like this, then Maro is better at dealing damage later. Because it will make the opponent die quickly and will not be able to participate in the match again.

The Best Free Fire G36 Weapon User Character is Wolfrahh

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Long or close distance using this G36 Weapon, it won’t be too difficult if you have Wolfrahh characters. Given that Wolfrahh is a damage-enhancing character when we attack the Body, then Wolfrahh will reduce the damage the enemy’s headshot gives us.

This G36 weapon which is suitable for medium and long range is suitable for Wolfrahh, because of its ability to increase damage when attacking the body. If you have a bad Aim that gets the enemy’s head, then Wolfrahh can be the best choice for that.

Given that the G36 weapon is strong, it will even make you feel better if you use this character.


The Active Skill that Xayne has will make the G36 Weapon even more barbaric, because every defense item can be penetrated easily. Xayne is a character with a Skill that gives HP 80 points for a while, then increases Damage to Shields and Gloo Walls using Assault Rifles.

The damage from Xayne is indeed very strong, even if you use the weapon to shoot enemies. But pay attention to the mode of using the G36 weapon, for example, Burst is not good and for Auto Mode it is the right choice.

Just go ahead and attack the enemy using this weapon, if Dying and the enemy uses Gloo Wall activate Xayne’s Skill. So even the enemy who survives will not be able to survive.

Kelly Awakening

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Whether Awakening or not, Kelly is indeed suitable to use this powerful G36 Weapon. Although this weapon is heavy, Kelly itself can make it very stable and not too heavy when you run.

Even when it runs for about 11 seconds, the damage of this weapon will increase for the first attack. Because indeed with Kelly’s ability to become Awakening, he will always give Critical Damage to the opponent when he finishes running.

It is very helpful and makes the G36 Weapon quite agile, especially in targeting enemies from afar.

The Best Free Fire G36 Weapon User Character is D-Bee

Next we have a character named D-bee, a teenager who is very comfortable using the G36 Weapon. It will give you so much power, it can even give you a good chance to attack during the match later.

If the passive skill of this character increases Accuracy and Movement Speed ​​while shooting while walking. Of course with D-Bee who has this kind of ability, of course we will become stronger and will not be easily defeated.

Included as the strength of the foundation of other weapons, D-Bee besides SMG and Shotgun, it turns out that Assault Rifle is something that is suitable.


If you have problems with the position of the enemy attacking, then Moco is an option in using this weapon. Because the G36 must really be able to finish off the enemy, using Moco and knowing the opponent’s position will make it easier for us to win.

Even with this very strong Moco ability, it will show something when you compete later. The position of the opponent who has been attacked will be immediately discovered, even in such circumstances Moco will help players to attack more easily.

The combination of the G36 Weapon with the Moco Character is indeed something that is quite good. If you can use this weapon well, surely Moco itself will be stronger and not easily defeated when you compete.


Fighting and losing blood with this G36 Weapon? don’t worry because Jota can handle this easily. Given that Jota has a very strong Life Steal ability, of course Jota will help you slowly fill up your HP.

The passive skill of this Jota character has Life Steal depending on the type and total damage of the weapon. The higher the damage, the higher the life steal will be. Not only that, if you kill the enemy, it will definitely heal directly.

The use of this G36 Weapon is indeed strong, it can even be a combo that fits this kind of ability. According to my Esports users who have tried it, Jota and G36 are really good because they have big Lifesteal.

Free Fire’s Best G36 Weapon User Character is Nairi

This character also has the ability to use Assault Rifle Weapons, G36 is also very suitable for you to use with him. Nairi is a character who repairs Gloo Wall fairly quickly, then an ability that destroys Gloo Wall with AR-type weapons when shooting.

Not much different from Xayne who has the Skill for Gloo Wall, so it’s no wonder that Nairi and G36 will deal a large total Damage to the opponent. Don’t let them get away from you so easily.

This G36 weapon’s damage is indeed suitable for destroying Gloo Wall, so you won’t be too difficult when using it later. If you use Nairi well, then this G36 will provide additional strength to advance against the enemy.

DJ Alok

12 of the Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon User Characters

As a character that is suitable for several weapons in the Free Fire game, G36 is also suitable with Alok’s character when competing. Because indeed this DJ Alok has an advantage in a battle, because it can provide a lot of Healing.

Alok’s Active Skill will make it easier for players to heal and move, even when fighting. Based on my esports experience when using the G36 when competing with Alok, it has become a pretty good combination and it’s really good.

Even if you do mid-range combat, Alok will give Heal to refill HP. Those of you who have activated this skill don’t worry, because the attacks from the enemy will not be too pronounced and we just focus on attacking.

Hayato Awakening

12 of the Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon User Characters

The G36 weapon is also good if you pair it with Hayato, because Hayato’s ability to provide Armor Penetration is very helpful. Moreover, if he is already in this awakened version, Hayato will not be exposed to major damage when his HP is reduced by 10% during a match.

That’s why Hayato will give great potential to the G36 weapon, you won’t have to panic anymore when using the weapon. When you do battle too, you don’t need to be afraid because the lower Hayato’s HP, the armor penetration damage will increase.

So that’s why the G36 is not something wrong when Hayato wears it, even according to Esportsku, this is a pretty perfect combination.

Free Fire’s Best G36 Weapon User Character is Laura

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Laura’s ability is a Scope of Accuracy that becomes very High, even Laura herself has a good ability for G36. Because with Laura who is strong enough when you use it when competing, it will definitely make it easier for you to use the G36 by playing Scope.

My esports also when using G36 Weapons always use Scope, so that damage and attacks to enemies become better and stronger. Moreover, using a character that will provide an increase when aiming to use a Scope, of course this is something that helps.


12 of the Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon User Characters

Not only characters who are strong in attack, but Kenta is also a flexible character who enjoys using G36 Weapons. Because of the ability to reduce enemy damage using a temporary shield, you definitely have time to be ready to attack using G36’s Burst Mode.

From a distance and will not be expected by the enemy, will be hit by a sick attack from the G36 Weapon with this Kenta character. Even though you are initially attacked, you will not get big damage, then attacking will remove the Shield but give a good float to feel the enemy.


Iris’ active skill that can penetrate Gloo Wall, of course with the G36 weapon, will definitely be more fitting. Because indeed with the ability of this skill in fighting enemies, it is certainly quite deadly than before.

Including Iris’s character who has done well, then Iris will have a chance to kill easily. It is certain that the G36 will not be in a difficult position for you to use when competing later.


Homer’s ability to find enemies easily, of course Homer will be the right attack to use G36. Because with the ability of weapons like this, it will definitely help to deal with enemies that feel easy with his drone.

Depending on the use of drones that target the enemy, Homer will be able to use G36 very well. Because the bad effects of the drone will be a big influence against the enemy.


Otho’s Passive Skill is also very helpful in combat with G36 very well. Of course with that ability it will help the existing attacks, we will make these attacks very well to face many opponents though.

It depends on you who set the distance of this attack, so that later it will give the best attack performance as well. Even attacking during a match can do something great.

After knowing the 15 Best Free Fire (FF) G36 Weapon User Characters, it will make it easier for you to win using G36. A combination of characters and weapons that become stronger, of course this will provide real power.

Especially by trying to see the advantages and disadvantages of the G36 Free Fire, this is something you should know. Because we can take the positive part, then try to avoid the negative side of this weapon to become stronger.