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15 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even the presence of 15 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML), it’s really cool and even has cool animations too. Seen as a good Elimination Effect so we can use it when competing, so that the enemy also knows it’s a good effect.

Because for now there are still many good events that appear in the Mobile Legends game to play. Missions that you really have to complete in this game, so you can get lots of new prizes too.

There is even a List of Mobile Legends Skins for you to know right now. Because it is a skin that is so special, it can even give you attractive prizes that will make you look so different.

Then the appearance of the 15 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML), will make you stronger. Seeing the Elimination Effect firsthand like this, will definitely make you look much cooler when you compete later.

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect (ML)

Darkest Takedown

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect (ML)

The first Best Elimination Effect is Darkest Takedown, one of the special Effects that appears in the Abyss General Voice Theme. An Elimination Effect that gives rise to the same Effect as the Comic Series, written Crash which in a sense means destroying.

Even the size of the Elimination Effect is quite large, it is Purple and appears sequentially from Black and then Purple. It looks cool, but for How to Get the Darkest Takedown Elimination Effect itself, it is quite expensive too.

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect is Elimination of the Future

Then you can find out that Elimination of the Future is here as a cool Elimination Effect for you to use. Even from the appearance itself it looks quite good and has the same effect as Darkest Takedown, because Esports I know this appears on the Series Hero in the game.

Has the inscription Kill, is Gold in color and has a much greater effect when it appears. It’s said to be one of the coolest Elimination Effects, so you yourself will like and be interested in using this when Ranking.


Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect (ML)

This is an Elimination Effect which is quite rare too, because it is from the Mobile Legends x Transformers Collaboration which is quite busy. As one of the new and cool Elimination Effects, having a Kill effect is very different for you to use.

Even when you manage to defeat the enemy, a lightning strike will appear from above as a surprise to the opponent. Then after the lightning appears from here, you can also immediately get a KO written in purple blue like iron.

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect is RIP

A pretty cool Elimination Effect, even being one that’s Free on the first appearance as well. RIP means Rest in Peace or rest in peace, so that’s why RIP is a really good Elimination Effect.

When you successfully kill the enemy, a tombstone will appear that immediately appears from the sky. Just a Tombstone without having any effect from the Elimination, but still something really cool.

Uh Next Time

This is a Mobile Legends x Hello Kitty Collaboration Item, an Elimination Effect that shows Badzt Maru feeling very dizzy. This will appear when you successfully eliminate the enemy, so it will be an effect that is so interesting and at the same time very funny.

Even as my Esports looks at things like this, it turns out that the Elimination Effect has an image like that of The Aspirant. More precisely, this effect only takes a little from other themes, but it is still an important element if Badzt Maru becomes the main mascot.

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect is Joyous Party

The Party Crystal emblem is cool too, because it has a Diamond-like color and shows the party lights that appear from here. It does look like a cool Skin, so you may also have managed to get this Effect first.

It appeared for the first time in Event 515 eParty 2022 which had appeared before, so this is a really cool Elimination Effect. So that you may also feel interested, so that we may feel interested in getting the prize.

Enticing Takedown

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect (ML)

Is one of the Elimination Effects that appears in the Abyss Squad Type, to be more precise, Selena’s Skin. It looks so cool and very different when you use the Elimination Effect like this, so that later we can show it,

It looks like Enticing Takedown itself has a Maroon colored picture, and even the writing is Clash. It’s like issuing an Effect like a Comic, so that it looks pretty good so you have a very good Elimination Effect too.

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect is Lash

This Elimination effect also gives rise to a very cool appearance, because Lash himself is present in the form of a Hero Squad. More precisely, this Elimination Effect does appear on Hero Vale, so you will also give something cooler when you are competing later.

The appearance of Lash is also White Blue with a certain sparkle, so Lash also looks pretty cool for you to use. Even if I say Esports, this effect will be considered one of the most expensive in the game later.

Super Kill

Mobile Legends Best Elimination Effect (ML)

The name alone is Super Kill, meaning that if you kill your enemy you can get a Super Kill which is so cool. Even from its appearance, Super Kill has a cool form, you can get this Effect through a new Event from the Firebolt Hero Skin that has appeared.

It does look like something so cool, that those of you who use the Effect will look a little different. For example, if you use Bruno’s Firebold Skill, there will be some Effects that are almost the same as this Elimination Effect.

The Best Elimination Effect in Mobile Legends is M1 Champion Evos

It is an Elimination Effect with the theme M1 Champion Evos, because this is also the best according to Esportsku because it is the pride of Indonesia too. Because with M1 Champion Evos, it’s already from his name that he won the M1 that appeared at that time.

This effect is very rare and once it’s finished, you can’t get it back. The manga is pretty cool, the emergence of the latest Effect which is so cool because it brings up the Evos Flag-shaped Effect that managed to stick it as a marker of champion.

Dragon Warrior Strikes

Elimination effect of Dragon Warrior Strikes, such as Po attacks his enemies to defeat them all. Even with that Effect appearing, the Dragon Warrior Strikes themselves would emit a golden Yin Yang crest. Even later will appear above the enemy.

As if indicating that the soul of the enemy will enter the Spirit World, a place that is peaceful and there are only spirit souls. Of course this is what makes the Effect of Elimination so great.

Foreboding Takedown

Foreboding Takedown is also one of them, because it’s an Elimination Effect that brings an Abyss Theme. Even destroying the Letter A which symbolizes the hero, when the Event appears with Moskov then there is this Battle Emote. You can get it from a limited event that will appear at any time.

It will definitely give a devastating red Fire color, this elimination effect is very cool with a threat to the enemy.


A large Star Logo with a Neon image, Star text will appear with a Star Logo appearing behind it. This Elimination Effect is indeed quite colorful, in fact it will make you see the streaks of the Effect when doing Kill. It will instantly dim when the enemy is lying down.

This Elimination effect is quite rare, it even appears at certain events if you want to get it. Quite valuable and indeed many at that time were eyeing the Effect until now.

Thunder Strikes

The lightning power of the Thunder Strikes Elimination Effect, does look very cool for us to use in the game later. Of course that would be one really nice Effect, so we’d also have a colorful lightning bolt. So you will also be interested in using this.

No wonder, for example, Thunder Strikes themselves become Effects that quickly disappear when they kill. Because doing a Kill and the effect will appear immediately enough.

515 Knockout

The big logo from Event 515 2022, appears as a very cool Elimination Effect gift for us to use. Making it an effect that looks cool will make you more stylish when competing. Give the players a chance later, so we can do the game very well.

After knowing the 15 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML), maybe one of these effects you really want to have. It’s just not the time yet, so you can’t have it yet and maybe wait for time first.

Then if you play using the cool Mobile Legends Skin Collector, it can make you stronger than before. But it will be cooler, if you use a variety of Effects with the original Skin with Elimination Effects like that.