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15 Best Cyberpunk-style Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

This is a row of Cyberpunk-style skins in Mobile Legends. Cyberpunk 2077 is a very popular game franchise. The hype of this one game is not only in the Cyberpunk game itself but in several games such as Mobile Legends.

To feel the epic feel of the Cyberpunk game. You can also feel it in the Mobile Legends game. Long before this game was released, there may have been several skins that have similarities regarding the style of the characters in Cyberpunk 2077.

Immediately for those of you who are curious, here is my Esports list of hero skins that have similarities to Cyberpunk 2077 in Mobile Legends. Who are these heroes?

List of the Best Cyberpunk-style Skins in Mobile Legends

Here is a row of Cyberpunk-style skins in Mobile Legends that are the coolest and mandatory for you to have.

Masha – Combat Maiden

10 Best Cyberpunk-style Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

The first skin is Marsha with the name Combat Maiden, this skin has a mecha theme with pink hair and clothes that you can find in the Cyberpunk game.

The mecha accent is very thick especially on the wrists, with very large fists covered with scrap metal, making it very cool and similar to the Cyberpunk franchise.

You can get this skin by buying a Starlight Member, for now you can get it through Monthly Starlight by having Masha’s skin (if any) or exchanging it with the Rare Fragment Shop.

Alucard – Obsidian Blade

10 Best Cyberpunk-style Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Second, the Cyberpunk-style skin in Mobile legends is the skin of the hero Alucard with the name Obsidian Blade. This skin is quite expensive and will be satisfied with the results it gives.

In this skin, Alucard seems to come from the future with super-sophisticated equipment, of course you can find this sophisticated thing in the Cyberpunk 2077 game, this skin also displays Alucard’s valor, sophistication and good looks.

You can get this Cyberpunk-style Alucard skin through the Magic Wheel event by exchanging one Magic Crystal which is very expensive!

Hanabi – Field OP

10 Best Cyberpunk-style Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

A fairly new special skin, Hanabi got a skin called Field OP. This skin features a very cool ninja character and comes from the future.

This latest skin features Hanabi with very significant changes, of course the Mecha accent also doesn’t forget to be applied to this Field OP skin, this skin is one of the best it has.

You can get this skin in Mobile Legends for around 749 diamonds, and of course it’s quite cheap with this cool Cyberpunk-style skin in Mobile Legends.

Saber – Fullmetal Ronin

10 Best Cyberpunk-style Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Fullmetal Ronin is one of the Elite skins owned by Saber, but who would have thought that its design is very identical to the looks that are present in Cyberpunk.

Starting from the iron armor and the appearance of being a very cool mecha ninja, making it visible and coming from the future, with a cool style this skin is the best choice that is no less cool than his legend skin.

To get this one skin, you can buy it for around 599 diamonds. Yep Elite skins with cool animations are quite rare in Mobile Legends.

Ling – Cosmo Guard

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Hero Ling with Cosmo Guard skin is also no less left behind, comes with a Cyberpunk feel. is one of the special skins that has a fairly cheap price, you can get this skin anytime.

Ling has now turned into one of the warriors who came from the future, with blue hair and full of advanced technology. However, there are actually two similar to cyberpunk, namely Ling Starlight and Cosmo Guard skins.

You can get the Ling Cosmo Guard skin for around 749 diamonds.

Hilda – Bass Craze

Next for the next skin is Hilda, with her special skin called Bass Craze. This skin has similarities with cyberpunk characters. Of course, by looking at it too you already know.

Yep, one of the characters in Cyberpunk itself is very similar to the Bass Craze skin. This can be seen from the hairstyle and style of Hilda itself which displays a theme that is present like a very cool punk kid.

Natalia – Cyber ​​Specter

Having the same name, which is both Cyber, one of Natalia’s special skins is indeed taken from Cyberpunk, of course, starting from the visuals, animations and various other things that are very similar to cyberpunk.

You can get this skin in Mobile Legends for around 749 diamonds, and it’s one of the coolest ones that you must have, especially for those of you who are fanboys of the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Gusion – Cyber ​​Ops

The Best Cyberpunk-style Skin in Mobile Legends

Next is one of the elite skins owned by Gusion, this skin called Cyber ​​Ops is one that has the characteristics of Cyberpunk, from visuals to effects.

Although it is considered an elite skin at a low price, this skin is no less cool than the skins in other Mobile Legends, you can get this skin for around 599 diamonds.

Lylia – Future Star

Next is the skin of Lylia’s hero, named Future Star, this skin has the theme of a future star, you can see the visual appearance of this Lylia skin by displaying characters like a future idol.

This skin is a special skin that you can get for around 749 diamonds.

Beatrix – X Factor

Hero Counter Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML)

The next Cyberpunk-style Mobile Legends skin is X Factor, even though it’s a normal skin, X Factor displays very cool visuals with a mecha display that you can see in the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

You can get this normal skin at a very cheap price, which is around 188 diamonds. Become the coolest best normal skin in Mobile Legends.

Jawhead – Cyber ​​Ranger

Featuring a child controlling a giant robot, the appearance of this Jawhead Cyber ​​Ranger Skin is indeed quite cool. Even if Esportsku says this is similar to the Cyberpunk 2077 theme, it is very suitable and we can use it with quite a variety of effects.

This skin is still Special even though the MPL Logo, only about 749 Diamonds you can have a Skin like that right now.

Grock – Codename: Rhino

Then there is another Cyberpunk 2077 skin called Codename: Rhino, this is a Skin owned by Hero Grock. Strength and appearance like a red rhino beetle. Even from the shape itself, we can see that it is full of Machines and Armor that are full of future elements.

This skin is an Epic in the game, you have to use 899 Diamonds if you want to have this skin gift now.

Hylos – Iron Steed

Hylos skin with the name Iron Steed, will make his appearance to bring the Cyberpunk 2077 Theme which is very cool. Of course this is a very cool Skin, it can even make the Hero issue a Hologram attack effect that cannot be penetrated very easily. Gives a buff to the team to win.

Hylos Iron Steed includes the Epic Limited Skin that was present at the Lucky Flip Card Event, so we can’t get it from other events other than that.

Miya – Doom Catalyst

Miya Doom Catalyst is the next Cyberpunk 2077-themed Skin, but it brings an element of absolute destruction. Miya’s appearance and clothes also have some things that help her in battle. So there is no mission that should stop the easy destruction of this Skin. Doom Catalyst has a Gold colored holographic attack effect, it even has disappearing technology too.

The skin is still a Collector Type, so if you want to get it, you have to go through the Grand Collection Event that is included in this game.

Irithel – Astral Wanderer

Dressed like a Cyberpunk 2077 themed person, Irithel Astral Wanderer is a very cool skin for you to have. Irithel’s appearance with Leo who also changed completely is indeed quite an attraction. Save space from the incoming Enemies, they will manipulate the power of arrows with sharp golden Holograms. Creates 3 deadly attacks to completely crush the opponent.

Irithel Astral Wanderer skin is only available in Lucky Box, because this is a Skin with an Epic Limited theme for us to get.

So that’s it for a review of the best Cyberpunk-style skins in Mobile Legends. From the skins above, which one is your favorite skin in Mobile Legends?