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13 Levels of Mobile Legends Skin, from the lowest to the highest in ML!

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games in which there are lots of heroes and skins available where you can get them for free or by buying them. With the presence of many heroes and skins in Mobile Legends. Starting from normal skin levels to Legends skins, here is the order of Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Levels that you must know.

The skin in Mobile Legends makes the hero who wears it better in terms of appearance and in terms of the animation effects of attack skills and basic attacks while in gameplay. Skin Mobile Legends will also add a few points to your status which means that the heroes you use become even stronger. The existing skins are divided into several levels of Skin Mobile Legends.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the Mobile Legends skin caste. For those of you who are curious about the reviews that discuss the caste order of skins in mobile legends, let’s just take a look at the full review below properly and correctly so that you understand!

This is the latest mobile legends (ML) skin level:

Mobile Legends Skin Levels (ML)

Normal skin or normal skin in Mobile Legends is the second level of mobile legends skin from the lowest level of skin in Mobile Legends. You can get Normal Skin by buying it at the Mobile Legends shop at a price of 269 Diamonds only. In addition, you can also get it for free through Lucky Spin in Mobile Legends which you can play using a ticket.

Elite ML skins

Elite skin is a skin in Mobile Legends which ranks third after the Normal skin level in Mobile Legends. Skin Elite already has a pretty good skill effect animation. You can get this skin for free in Mobile Legends through an ongoing event or you can also get it by buying it at the shop for 599 Diamonds.

Special Skins

Special Skin is a mobile legends skin level which is considered to be better than Elite skins where the animation effect produced in a gameplay has undergone a significant development. You can get this Special Skin by exchanging Lucky Gem Fragments at the Lucky Shop or you can also buy it directly at the shop at a price of 749 Diamonds.

Epic ML Skin Levels

Epic skins are divided into two levels, namely limited Epic skins and ordinary epic skins which are very different. An ordinary Epic skin is an Epic skin that you can get by buying it on the playstore at a price of 899 Diamonds only. Meanwhile, you can get the Epic Limited Skin at certain events at a price which is of course much more expensive than ordinary epic epic skins.

Legend Skins

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Skin Legends is a skin category that occupies the top of the caste in Mobile Legends. To get the Legends skin, you need quite a lot of diamonds, a minimum of 3000-5000 Diamonds Mobile Legends. To get it you can play the magic wheel to get the Magic Crystal. After that you can exchange it at the magic shop for one Legends skin.


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Not only categorized as default skin castes, Moonton also provides several other skin options as follows.

Mobile Legends Starlight Skin Levels

Starlight skin is present every month in Mobile Legends. This skin is a starlight top up gift which every month will always present a unique skin in Mobile Legends. You can buy starlight starting at 499 diamonds.

Skin Season

Next is the free skin in Mobile Legends which comes every three months. To get it, you only need to reach a rank with a minimum of master every month. The skins are very varied and very cool. Until now, there are only 16 season skins that you can get.

Lightborn skins

Mobile Legends Skin Caste

Very cool skin in Mobile Legends. The Lightborn Squad has special characteristics in its skin, the Lightborn skin does not include special or epic skins in Mobile Legends. But it has a characteristic with the name lightborn which you can get at a price of 1089 diamonds in Mobile Legends

KoF skins

Mobile Legends Skin Caste

Next is the Squad King of Fighter skin which is the result of the Mobile Legends x The King of Fighter collaboration. To get this skin, it is only limited to the event, quite a lot of skins are presented, and it is very likely that in the future there will be another new KoF skin. The prices themselves range from free to paid.

Mobile Legends Limited Skin Levels

Mobile Legends Skin Caste

The only Limited Skin level in Mobile Legend so far. Usually to get this Limited skin is quite limited. For example, the event that was presented by Vivo with Mobile Legend which made Eudora – Vivo Selfie Goodes the only skin with a limited level of mobile legends skin.

Zodiac Skins

Mobile Legends Skin Caste

Next is the Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin Level which is a very unique skin in Mobile Legends. The price itself is quite expensive even more than Epic skins. The reason is to get it you have to wait for the beginning of every month of the Zodiac and spin many times. Quite similar to the spin found in the Legends skin.

Superhero Skins

Mobile Legends Skin Caste

There are Levels of Superhero Mobile Legends Skins. To get this skin only through a limited event. For now, there is only one skin, namely Bruno. But in the future there will be other skins such as Super Hero Lancelot Skin, Chou and others.

Default Mobile Legends Skin Level

Mobile Legends Skin Levels

The Default Skin is a skin that is already embedded in the hero’s default display mode when you first buy it. This Default Skin is a skin in Mobile Legends that you don’t have to buy because this skin is the default appearance of the Mobile Legends hero. The Default Skin is the lowest order skin level in Mobile Legends.

So that’s the explanation of the Mobile Legends skin level that we have explained, hopefully it will be useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the reviews above so that you know the caste order of the skins in Mobile Legends!

For the Mobile Legends Skin Levels, you have collected anywhere. Besides that, what skin do you think is worthy of going up one level? Indeed, in Mobile Legends there are lots of skins that you can get.

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