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12 Ways to Get Free FF Emotes Free Fire 2022

So here are 12 Ways to Get Free FF Emotes for Free Fire 2022, of course you might be interested in having Emotes like this too, yes. Because what we know is that there are many Emotes in the game, of course, and we can collect them.

Well, of course, for now, all of you, just don’t miss out on interesting ways like this. Because with things like that too, surely you will have no trouble at all to be able to use Emote like that.

It’s free, it’s free, but you also have to know the 5 Best Emotes in Free Fire which of course can be used with enough dancing. All of these things will also be really useful for all of us, so don’t let it be ignored.

Because right now, of the 12 Ways to Get Free FF Emotes for Free Fire, we can do it easily. That way, for sure in the future you will indeed take advantage of things like this too.

How to Get Free FF Emote Free Fire


Well, first of all, we can get this by giving a giveaway, now of course it will give various prizes that are present at the giveaway event. It doesn’t always have to be an Emote, but there are Diamonds and cool skin bundles to get.

After that, you can wait with this Giveaway, if you can get a gift from it in the form of an Emote. So it has been determined that this method is also effective, but hockey is hockey.

  1. Follow one of the famous Free Fire Creator Content.
  2. Continue to monitor every post that is given, because there could be a giveaway.
  3. If it’s really presented, then you can immediately follow the conditions given in the Giveaway as well.

How to Get Free FF Emote Free Fire 2022 Join the Event

The events that are present in the Free Fire game today, can sometimes give you lots of cool prizes. Well, one of them is from the Emote Prize, where those of you who use the Emote can be stylish.

The mission must be completed first, then you will be able to get this free Emote gift.

  1. Enter the Free Fire Events Tab.
  2. Look at the missions presented at the event, if you understand, we can immediately complete them.
  3. When all is done, then re-enter the Event Tab.
  4. Then you can immediately receive a gift given at the new event and if Emote means profit.

Digift With Friends

Then you can also go through how to get this Free Emote, through Friends who really want to give Emote gifts. Well, then you might be able to get ready to receive the Emote gift, which a friend will give you.

Later the gift will go directly to the Main, so that we can immediately receive the free emote given by the friend.

  1. Your friend who wants a gift means that you have to enter the shop first.
  2. Then select the section named Gifts.
  3. Select Collection and here you will see many Emotes, choose the one you want to gift.
  4. Later friends must first select your Free Fire name, then the gift process can be smooth.

Get Free FF Emotes Through Redeem Codes

Besides that, we can also get free Emotes through a Redeem Code. Yup, if something like this is not something we can deny, because in the Redeem Code there are lots of prizes.

Then yesterday there was also a Baby Shark Redeem Code, so you can exchange it via the Redeem Code website, too.

  1. How to Redeem Code related to Emote Free Fire.
  2. Then you can directly enter the official website for Redeem Code Exchange.
  3. Then you login on this website to exchange the code, that login must use a social media account related to Free Fire.
  4. Enter the Code and Redeem, after that you will immediately get prizes in the game.

live streaming

Free Fire Characters

Finally, we watch the Live Streaming of this Free Fire game Tournament. Where you will see the tournament later, you can also see the prizes given during the live.

If there really is an Emote and you have to reach the right number of viewers, then this must be done together with other players.

  1. This event will only appear in the tournament.
  2. Players just log in to the game or watch the livestream that will happen at Free Fire Esports ID later.
  3. Reach Live Target, then you will immediately get this prize.

Via Brazil Server

Free FF Bundle Leaks Vegeance free fire

You can also get this Emote by going through the events that are present, on external servers and one of them is Brazil.

Where in this event, only me and not your old account can be used to get the prize later.

  1. Delete all data from this Free Fire game APK.
  2. Download VPN And when finished Enter into it.
  3. After that you change the Network from Indonesia to Brazil when you are in this section.
  4. If you have, you can immediately enter again, into the Free Fire game to download the Brazil game file.
  5. Login using the Guest Account, then complete the Emote Event there.

Through Top Up You Can Get Free Free Fire Emotes

This Top Up event will usually often present Emote prizes to the players.

Where it is easy to get right now, from here you will also receive such huge benefits.

It’s just that the Top Up must be done through several things, so that we can get the Emote.

  1. If there is a Top Up Event that gives Emote, you must Fill in as many Diamonds as the Mission from the event.
  2. Then after filling this Diamond, you can immediately receive the Emote in the event tab.

Config Emote Free Fire

Using Config, of course, can make you use it but unfortunately something like this is quite dangerous.

Because Config is one of the things that is prohibited by Garena, but we can still try all of these things.

  1. Download Config Emote on Google or Youtube
  2. Then you just follow the instructions in this installation, because each config has a different way.
  3. Enter the game after the config is installed, then try the results.

Utilizing Generator

How to Get Free FF Emote Free Fire 2021

Generators can also make you, get a chance to be able to get Emote because it is a Diamond Generator.

It’s just that things like this are quite dangerous, because your account can be hacked when using a generator like this.

  1. Look for Free Fire Diamond Generator.
  2. Follow the process presented on the Web Generator, so that you will later.
  3. If everything is done, the diamond will enter but the account will disappear.
  4. Generators are not really recommended.

Push Rank Heroic Grandmaster

Then you can immediately Push Rank Heroic or Grandmaster, so you can get an Emote for Free. But it’s a gift that you can get easily too, because Heroic Grandmaster is a fairly difficult Rank, but from here it’s still really easy.

It’s just that you have to do this with the right push rank, because to be able to reach Heroic or Grandmaster, you have already done it once. This means that this opportunity must give you time to reach a high Rank with full enthusiasm.

  1. Play Rank mode until you reach an existing level.
  2. If you have reached Master Rank or higher, check the Rank interface right now.
  3. See the distribution of Prizes that you can get immediately and see if the main prize is an Emote.
  4. It is only available which is not permanent, because it is a free monthly Emote gift from Free Fire.

Token Exchange

Then players can immediately use the very good Token exchange feature to get this prize. Because it can be seen from that section, this player must first find a large number of Tokens so that they can also get the main prize to change Emote.

Then after that players can immediately exchange the Tokens they have collected for gifts like this. That’s why you won’t have much trouble having a free Emote, some event tokens can help you with all of this.

  1. If there is a Token collection event, then use that time to collect a lot of Tokens in this event.
  2. Just do it in Classic Mode if you want a lot and focus on Tokens, but for example from Rank, you want it or not.
  3. After collecting tokens, you can immediately go to the token exchange and if there is an Emote, just select Emote first.
  4. Later the Emote gift will be sent directly to the Vault for you to use right now.

Answering Quiz

It’s rare in the Free Fire game, but you can also get free Emotes from the period of answering a Quiz. Because its nature is also included as an Event that we must complete, then you will soon get a free Emote gift very easily from here.

Not only keeping the quiz, because maybe there are other things that you can finish from here. If there really is a clue in answering all the Quiz, then it won’t be too difficult at all.

  1. Must enter the Free Fire game and see the Mission to answer the Quiz if there is one.
  2. Do giving the right answer to be able to get the right answer in a case like this.
  3. Make sure all the answers are correct so as not to repeat it again the next day.
  4. Only then will you be able to immediately get the main prize, which may be one of them is an Emote.

So from the information on 5 Ways to Get Free FF Emote Free Fire, of course it’s one part that we shouldn’t miss. Because with things like this, maybe the emote will pile up on your account.

Then don’t forget to use the 5 Celebration Emotes When Booyah Free Fire, so that the enemy can see it if you are really happy. Because from this Emote too, it shows that you are celebrating.

Keep up with new information from the Free Fire game, in a way we can Follow my Esports Instagram right now. Of course, every day, you can continue to know about new updates from Free Fire later.