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10 Weapons to Maximize Shirou Free Fire (FF) Character Skills

If you want to be better, then just use 10 FF Weapons to Maximize Shirou Free Fire’s Character Skills. That way, surely later the enemy will be very easy for us to defeat. Because the combination of Weapons with Shirou is very suitable.

There are still some other interesting things that we might have to try now with the Weapon. Surely the power given to Shirou and these several types of weapons, will bring an easy-to-play gameplay.

Moreover, for now there are some of the heaviest weapons in Free Fire and that can make your path slow. But from one of those weapons, there must be something we can use when pushing rank to be more excited when shooting enemies.

Especially with 10 FF Weapons To Maximize Shirou’s Free Fire Character Skills, maybe all of you are interested in trying that weapon too, right now to make this Shirou character even better.

Curious? Look directly at the explanation, in the article below right now.

Weapons Maximize Shirou Free Fire (FF) Character Skills


This Shirou has a lot of damage from his skills, so using the M1887 weapon won’t be a big problem. Because the M1887, will really help you to destroy the enemy quickly.

Shirou’s skill will destroy Vest with one shot at max level, then M1887 which has enormous damage when directed at the enemy. Definitely the right combination.


How to Sniper Weapons (AWM) Free Fire To Knock Opponents Fast FF

If you are an expert in using AWM weapons, then things like this should be used. Using Shirou with AWM, is indeed an interesting choice to use when competing against enemies.

Only this AWM Y must be used from close range, so make sure you also can’t be careless. The AWM weapon has been used, if for example you are wrong, this Shirou character can die.


The next weapon is the UMP, where this weapon is quite good when we use it at close range. Because with Shirou’s and UMP’s abilities, they have large armor penetration, so it is a deadly combination.

UMP will be very fast when fired, so UMP is of course the best choice for you to try. Shirou will find it easier, yes, to do Rush using a weapon like this later.


Vector FF Weapons Become Meta Rush Free Fire!

Big damage is not necessary, the fire rate is fast which is number 1. You can equip this Shirou character by using Vector. The power given by Vector is indeed quite suitable for Shirou’s character to use.

The armor penetration given to the enemy will be greater, and you may be braver to go forward.


In order to continue to deal large damage from close range, then using Groza is not a big problem. Because of the damage from this weapon, we can’t deny it for now.

After getting a buff in yesterday’s OB26 update, Groza’s weapon is a pretty good part of Meta. With strength like that too, then you will not be easy to beat.


This weapon, which is an Assault Sniper type, should not be underestimated. Shirou, who uses this weapon, can become strong and of course it will not be easy to be defeated by his enemies.

The power given by the Woodpecker weapon in Shirou’s condition is damaged, so it becomes quite a deadly thing. In terms of weapon damage, it’s already big, then Shirou’s ability is also big.


So that advancing Rush is not a problem, then the weapon that you can use for Shirou is MP40. The power of a high Fire Rate can make it easier for Shirou to compete against enemies.

Then, if you are in a rush, you will always get damage, then you can use the enemy who becomes the armor penetration target with MP40. Of course with the power given, it will definitely make you even stronger.


The ability to shoot from a distance, of course, SVD is a very strong choice. Because it was Shirou when he received an attack from afar, just use the shot from the SVD Weapon right now.

That way we will give an attack that is definitely painful, even making it difficult for the opponent to attack again. Because it was SVD that helped the attack, it would be even more deadly.


Another long-range weapon that can really maximize the skills of other Shirou characters, of course Kingfisher is quite helpful.

It does give good slow damage, especially Shirou who is often hit by attacks from afar.

Make sure to attack very well, so that later the battle with Shirou will become even stronger.


A strong marksman with high shooting range and damage, of course it fits AC0 with Shirou’s character later.

Of course, by using this AC80 Weapon, the ability will have a very strong power.

Moreover, with Shirou’s passive, the enemy’s Vest will immediately be destroyed when receiving this attack.

By knowing 10 FF Weapons To Maximize Shirou Free Fire’s Character Skills, then that character will become invincible. So from Shirou’s character itself, you won’t be easy to defeat by the enemy.

Then now if you haven’t got the character, you can directly buy the Shirou Free Fire character in the shop at a low price.

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