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10 Tips for Using AC80 Free Fire (FF) Weapons

It turns out that there are 10 Tips for Using AC80 Free Fire (FF) weapons, so you might be interested in trying it right now.

Because by understanding the tips first, it will make how to use weapons will also be very smooth when used.

Not only from that section, because indeed to use weapons to be able to Booyah must be considered first.

Then this is AC80 itself, it won’t be easy to beat the enemy you are fighting from a distance too because of the advantages you get.

Especially for the presence of the Latest Skin AC80 Free Fire, this way you will definitely become stronger and you don’t need to be afraid.

By utilizing weapon skins like this, the chances of getting victory can become even easier.

Then learn 10 Tips for Using AC80 Free Fire (FF) weapons, then it will be easier for you to deal with enemies.

Check out the information, in the article below.

10 Tips for Using AC80 Free Fire (FF) Weapons

Use At Medium and Long Distance

The weapon called Ac80 is very strong, but you have to be able to know the position of the attack distance that matches this weapon later.

For the determination of the position itself, we can see in the Medium or Far section, when you want to use the weapon easily, yes.

Usually the Spot for this weapon is on a building or near a tree, if you want to find a place like a plateau later.

That way you will have an open corner area that can be used when using an AC80 weapon like this.

As much as possible use backup weapons

When you use AC80, also use a backup weapon in the form of a Secondary Weapon to guard against sudden attacks.

Things like this can make it easier for you to survive, so as not to result in things that make you lose.

The weapon can use Assault Rifle, Shotgun or SMG to be able to guard against enemy attacks from nearby.

If you don’t use this weapon, it’s also not a problem, it’s just that you have to be able to get ready to receive attacks from close enemies.

Aim Practice First

Then make sure your aim is good, to use AC80 when competing.

Because by using a Marksman Weapon like this, even though it has been presented automatically, it can still have an effect.

This Auto Aim will stick to the enemy, but if your Aim Accuracy is lacking, then Headshot will also be difficult to do.

Make sure to deal with Aim Practice properly, so that later you don’t experience difficulties like this.

Use Remote Character

The skills of each character in this Free Fire game, indeed have their respective skills and it turns out that it really feels like it.

For tips on using the AC80 Weapon properly, it means that you guys must be able to use the Remote Skill character too.

Where attacks from Remote Characters are like this too, it will be easier to make the enemy lose quickly.

Especially using the Maro Free Fire Character, the damage from every attack that is carried out very far will definitely increase the damage.

Make sure the Weapon Attachment is Complete

AC80 is also a weapon that requires attachment, so that it can be used as best as possible for a much better development of play.

If the attachments that you are using are already at a high level, surely the ability of this weapon will be really strong.

Even with things like that, you should be able to pay attention first so that nothing goes wrong when attaching the attachment.

Take advantage of Obstacle

Make sure you can take advantage of Obstacle when competing. Because this will be effective to use the AC80 weapon right now.

For example, if you meet an enemy, you will not be confused anymore to fight it too. We can just use the Obstacle that is near us, so it doesn’t get damaged.

Later if the position is right, use a suitable weapon to fight it also when fighting. So that we who do it will not be confused and troubled again.

Use Gloo Wall

AC80 weapons will be easy to use when we use Gloo Wall. Of course, if you do it right, you can fight the enemy very easily.

Then try if you use Gloo Wall to be fooled by 1 or 2 items. We’re going to make it easy to use AC80 guns for surprises

Do the right attacks, so that later this Gloo Wall will support the use of the AC80 Weapon.

Position the Right Place

AC80 itself is a long-range weapon which is a Marksman, so we can place it in the right position.

So that those of you who use this weapon will find it easier to face the enemy later. Because this position is quite ideal in aiming.

Because indeed this will make it easier for you to do one consecutive attack easily too.

Use the Scope Shot Trick

If you want to use this AC80 weapon, you have to use the Scope Shot Trick, a good trick to use it too.

Because AC80 itself includes an Auto Aim type weapon, so you will also find it easy to use this trick when using the weapon.

Because this will also make it easier for players to do damage from afar. So that the enemy whose damage is in installments will be very painful.

Don’t use it at close range

My Esports advice is that you don’t use this weapon from close range, because things like that are quite influential in the match.

The AC80 is powerful and deadly, but only medium and long range. But if you use it at close range, it’s not good, it’s even quite dangerous.

That’s why using a spare weapon, will help AC80 become easier when facing enemies later.

After knowing 10 Tips for Using AC80 Free Fire (FF) Weapons, it won’t be difficult anymore for those of you who want to win.

Because it’s the AC80 Weapon itself, it’s pretty good if you know tips on how to use it properly.

This includes for now, so that tips on becoming a Free Fire Role Marksman will also make it easier for you to compete later.