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10 Tips and Tricks for Mobile Legends Hero Cecilion, Mage ML Burst and Sick Poke!

Cecilion is a fairly new mage in Mobile Legends lately. Cecilion has very strong magic damage, although not agile when compared to other mages such as Harith, Pharsa, and Kagura. Cecilion, who has very strong bursts and pokes, needs to be feared in the laning phase and teamfight. This time we will talk about Cecilion’s Mobile Legends Hero Tips and Tricks. Of course, this will make the mobile legends mage role very powerful in the game.

Hero cecilion himself is able to get snowballs in the early game, most of these snowballs will give Cecilion a very easy win.

Mobile Legends Hero Tips and Tricks Cecilion


One of the keys to playing Cecilion to dominate the lane and make it difficult for the opponent’s hero is to take advantage of your poke skills. Similar to other poke mages, for example Gord, Cecilion will benefit greatly when playing safe and keeping his distance against enemy laners. Take advantage of Cecilion’s skill which has high damage and a high enough distance/area to make it difficult for the enemy.

One of the difficulties in playing Cecilion is that as a poke and high burst mage, he does not have high mobility skills. Vulnerable to ganks and bursts from unwanted positions, Cecilion players must be alert and play safely. Choose a position that benefits you.

With low mobility, in gank and teamfight, always stick with your tanks and support. By always being close to Cecilion’s tank/support, it will be safer and there is no need to be afraid of being hit by a gank. With his S1 and S2 which have a very long distance, Cecilion is able to deal high damage to the enemy by taking cover near the tank/support.


As written above, Cecilion who does not have high mobility will be forced to play passively. This certainly does not harm Cecilion because he who needs a farm will get an advantage in the early game. Poke from this hero also helps, even though playing passively sometimes the opponent’s hero will have difficulty fighting Cecilion on the lane.

In addition, Cecilion who has skill damage based on the amount of his mana is another factor for passive play. Don’t force spam skills so you don’t run out of fuel in the early game, but make all the pokes meaningful.

As a mage that requires very high mana, Cecilion is a carry mage, so play it safe until the late game comes.


Cecilion is a mage who is very dependent on his mana, making him need to calculate mana and cost, nor can he randomly cast skills.

Cecilion has a passive from his skill, when the spell hits his opponent he will get 10 mana. This is very important so Cecilion doesn’t run out of mana at the beginning of the game, so try to get all your skills right.


Cecilion’s S1 is his main damage source. Similar to S2 Baxia, if Cecilion hits the target with his S1, this skill can be spammed continuously. With a very tempting S1, Cecilion will easily run out of mana if he is careless in the early game.

In laning you don’t need to play aggressively with his S1, just use it to disrupt enemy farms and as a harass tool.


Cecilion has a very strong CC from his S2. This skill can theoretically give CC to all assembled opposing teams. Slow down the AoE in the shape of a rectangle, then this effect will drag them to the center of the AoE and give the effect immobilize.

S2 is very powerful to use when starting a gank or in a teamfight. Although difficult to use against heroes mobile, You can use this if you are good at guessing the opponent’s moves.


His ulti can be used as an offensive or defensive tool. But in teamfight always use this skill to give high DPS to the enemy. Having a very wide range, in teamfight Cecilion is feared by many people.

Gives MVSPD and lifesteal, this skill can also be used to escape. Combo with S2 you will be easy to escape.


Cecilion who has high skill damage and mana scaling will require high magic items and mana pool too. Lightning Truncheon became his core item because stack effects were the main factor.

With other items and even CC magic items, Cecilion’s build is actually quite flexible.


Having burst, DPS, CC, and DoT makes Cecilion very strong in teamfight. But all of his skills require the help of friends. Weak heroes like Cecilion will benefit if there is a tank/support. His S1 and S2 will benefit if there is a stronger CC in your team. Cecilion’s ult can also damage enemy teamfight tempo, benefiting warriors, adc. and mmteam.


Users of Hero Cecilion must be able to always be with the Team when doing War or not. Because this will avoid using the Hero it will be quite easy again, especially if it is quite easy to cover from afar. But it’s not good if you are solo, for example, because Cecilion himself is easily hit by a Counter suddenly.


The ability of Carmilla when competing with Cecilion is indeed very good and there is a Unique Passive as well. Later Cecilion could be together with Carmilla using this skill quite easily, because the attack was really easy. It was certain that something like this did help Carmilla as well, thus saving her from a deadly attack or dealing damage.

Those are some tips and tricks for playing Cecilion, the mage burst and this deadly poke. Try not to rush to use this hero in rank because the difficulty is a little high. Play some quick matches to learn and get used to using him.