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10 Strongest Spray And Pray Mode Characters Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released a lot of very exciting game modes with many challenging things that you will find. Then for the 10 Strongest Free Fire (FF) Spray And Pray Mode Characters, it will help you win. Because considering this mode is very influential, of course players will have the strength of the characters they use.

Just like playing in other modes too, we really need a character for this kind of situation to win easily. But you must remain vigilant with each opponent, because this will indeed have a considerable influence when playing it.

Because now there are already updated Free Fire Game Characters from the past until now that you should know. They have all accompanied us to play well and correctly, maybe you are also interested in using one of them so that you can win in the match later.

Especially with the 10 Strongest Free Fire (FF) Spray And Pray Mode Characters, it will provide something easy for us to play. As a character who supports the game in such a mode, of course you will definitely find it easier to face each opponent.

The Strongest Spray And Pray Mode Character Free Fire (FF)


8 Strongest Spray And Pray Mode Characters Free Fire (FF)

The first character that is suitable for you to use in Spray and Pray Mode is Chrono, because my Esports has tried it myself. The Active Skill that Chrono is able to perform in this mode is very effective, because it is able to withstand large damage from Gatling Gun type weapons when you compete.

Even if for example you don’t realize there is an enemy in the sky, of course this Shield will protect you too. Gives the entire defense of 600 Hp, then Chrono is indeed superior to his Skill in this Mode now.

Although due to the presence of Nerf Chrono Free Fire, we can’t shoot anymore in Shield. Even so, you can still attack enemies easily by playing the Shield that we have installed.

Free Fire’s strongest Spray And Pray Mode character is DJ Alok

The skill that we will give with the Spray and Pray battle, DJ Alok is able to help with this to make everything even safer. Even with DJ Alok himself, it won’t feel right if you’ve been hit by several Gatling gun bullets from here.

Alok will provide a large amount of Healing and Movement Speed, even then you will immediately get strong protection. Only you are left who must be able to overcome the enemy with gatling weapons, because Alok’s healing is only temporary when you use it in this battle.

The firing speed of the Gatling Gun is indeed very lethal, so Alok’s own Healing Skill may be overwhelmed by it. Use the right opportunity, so that later you can give high damage to the enemy.


The passive ability of D-Bee’s character is really good, even Esports recommends using D-Bee to make it even more enjoyable. Because by using Gatling Weapons later you will be easy again to get kill even if we shoot while moving though.

The passive skill of this D-Bee character will increase shooting accuracy, then your movement speed will be more agile against enemies. Of course, any heavy weapon from Gatling like this, is not a problem for D-Bee’s character if he carries it.

Able to stabilize the shot very well, you will even find it easier to face the enemy without any difficulty at all.


Then next we will meet a character named Jota, who doesn’t have a crush on him and even has deadly combat power. Jota himself has a Passive Skill and gives a Life Steal, so we can stabilize the lost HP when competing.

Whether you want any type of weapon in this match, if you already hold it, Jota will definitely trigger a return of HP for every damage. Of course this is very helpful for you to play the Spray and Pray Mode, because Gatling itself has quite a lot of damage and bullet shots.

If your shots are close to the enemy or always hit, then the Life Steal from Jota will continue to appear and hold HP from dropping. Then if you have successfully killed, you will receive a large amount of HP back.

Free Fire’s strongest Spray And Pray Mode character is Wolfrahh

Free Fire's Latest Chrono Character Combination

In this Mode, you really enjoy using Wolfrahh, because the use of Gatling Weapons with Jet Pack Shoe itself will definitely be compatible. Depending on you yourself when you are using it, it will definitely become a much greater power.

Because this will help you to attack and defeat easy enemies in that mode. So the use of Wolfrahh with other weapons in Spray and Pray Mode is indeed quite suitable if we can do it well.


8 Strongest Spray And Pray Mode Characters Free Fire (FF)

Given that the Spray and Pray Mode has a small size, Clu will become a character with the most stable skills. We will know the enemy’s target very easily, because the skill of this character will show where they are.

Of course you can last much longer, even those who are ready to attack we can handle easily because of the skill. Clu’s ability to find enemies can’t be left alone, even give something that makes it very easy for players to compete.

It’s just that the cooldown of this skill is quite long, so a few seconds maybe you can only rely on how to play or passive character skills.


8 Strongest Spray And Pray Mode Characters Free Fire (FF)

Characters who use Passive Skills know where the enemy is, Otho is the best choice in the Spray and Pray Mode. Because considering the abilities that will arise when you use these characters, it will definitely help the fierce game in this mode later.

But also pay attention to How to Use Otho Free Fire Characters, so that later you don’t become weak when playing it. Make sure in some pretty deadly attacks, we will know the opponent’s position by several meters when they have done a kill.

It will last for quite a while, so make sure to make the most of it.

Free Fire’s strongest Spray And Pray Mode character is Hayato Awakening

Keep in mind that Ordinary Hayato is most likely not strong, so the Awakening Version is much better for us to use. This Hayato Awakening will provide a good defense for those of you who are competing. Because enemy attacks can quickly reach 10%, thus triggering this Hayato Skill to activate.

Of course with Hayato’s Passive Skill, we can get a few percent defense up to withstand major damage. Of course with something like that it is enough to give a big impact, so you get a good defense from here.

It’s just that you also have to know that the Best Hayato Awakening Free Fire can be used correctly, don’t get it wrong so that later it will be stronger than before.

J Biebs

Because this Mode has a very painful weapon, then J Biebs will help us to survive a little longer. As long as you are able to give him Energy Points, then J Biebs will help you until the match is over. It was a very good ability to deal with enemies.

This skill is entered as Passive, where when the enemy attacks the damage will not hurt at all. The Energy Points that J Biebs has will withstand enemy damage, so that later when giving an attack it won’t be too fatal. Surely those who fight with even one lethal weapon can’t easily do that.

But remember to pay attention to HP too, because a lot of Energy Points don’t guarantee that you will survive the enemy’s attack later.


Homer has an Active Skill that will provide Enemy information using a Drone. So Homer himself has a drone that will allow him to track enemies at a distance depending on his level. When an enemy is detected, the drone will chase it as fast as lightning.

Then when you find an enemy, the drone will explode and give a very large area of ​​effect. This effect is to make Movement and Fire rate slow, and interfere with the view to attack. Even if you use Gatling, the attack will take some time before dealing damage.

So Homer himself will really help to make you win, depending on the player so that we can use it properly.

Because we already know the 10 Strongest Free Fire (FF) Spray And Pray Mode Characters, of course it will make it easier for you to compete. Don’t ignore this great power, because these characters will help you win in this mode very quickly.

Especially when it comes to Tips for Playing Spray And Pray Free Fire Mode, so that you will become even stronger later. Because indeed with the ability of this character, of course we will be very easy to play as well.