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10 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire itself has released a lot of good updates that you shouldn’t miss at all. Including the 10 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF), because that way you will be easy to play. Depending on the chance that the Dominator is very difficult to beat, it will definitely make you invincible very quickly.

It is indeed a good opportunity, so that the battle will be easier than before. Because using some terms when competing can just give you a spirit, so that we can start playing like that too.

Of course knowing the meaning of the Dominator in Free Fire, will show our strength as a good player. Even before it became like this, you yourself might be able to try to learn it with a character who is also very fitting of course.

Because now there are 10 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF), several characters can help you with that. Both in terms of Active or Passive Skills, tips for using and circumstances will also have a big impact.

The Strongest Dominator Character in Free Fire (FF)

DJ Alok

8 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF)

No wonder this character will continue to be the Strongest Stage as a Dominator in the Free Fire game. Because the ability and popularity of DJ Alok itself is very crowded, even Esportsku also finds it easy to overcome the game using this character.

The skill that DJ Alok has in the game is Active, so you have to use the Cooldown every time before and after using the Skill. The effect of this skill issues a large area, then provides healing and movement speed for those in the circle.

Even when the skill itself is good, we can take it anywhere even when rushing. So don’t be surprised if DJ Alok is able to become a Dominator when you use it to compete later.

The Strongest Dominator Character in Free Fire is Jota

If you have a very good Aim, then this Passive Skill from Jota will indeed be very helpful in battle. Jota is a character that comes from a collaboration between Joe Taslim from Indonesia, and even gives us a very comfortable ability to use.

After getting a lot of changes, now Jota gives a Passive Skill that gives Life Steal when you attack enemies. Of course this Life Steal depends on the damage, even the type of weapon you use to attack the enemy.

Don’t worry because this skill will continue to be active in the match, because this is not a semi passive skill in the game. It is certain that if you are able to deal high damage, it will not be difficult to deal with it.


8 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF)

Becoming a match Dominator will not be difficult if you use Xayne’s character when you compete later. Because the ability of his Active Skill that supports Xayne can provide attacks, even making the opponent not hide for a long time.

When Xayne’s Skill is Active, you have 8 Seconds to get 80 Temporary HP and Damage to Shields and Gloo Walls 100%. So if the enemy tries to hide and make you die, you can just activate this skill to overcome this.

Because with Xayne who will give temporary life, then high damage to defense items is really good. Depending on how you will use it, this will affect how you play as well.


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The ability that Wukong has in battle is indeed very mysterious, because it can turn into a bush suddenly. Of course, in conditions like this, it seems that we who are not aware may have fallen into the trap of Wukong.

Given that Wukong’s changed ability can become immune from Auto Aim, but when it appears again we can’t directly attack it. Surely this Wukong is a very Dominator character in the game, so you may not have too much trouble using it.

Because in the process of playing, Wukong has an Active Skill which is quite good. Once you kill, this skill is reset, so don’t hesitate about it so we can get victory easily.

The Strongest Dominator Character in Free Fire is Otho

8 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF)

It won’t be difficult to find enemies if you use Otho, but the main requirement is to kill first. Because Otho’s ability has an effect when you just kill, it can be seen from his passive for players to use when competing.

Every time you kill, a large area appears that will show the opponent’s position in that place. So the more you kill often, then we can see all the enemies in the match to be on guard.

That’s why the Otho Free Fire character is quite dominating, it can be seen from his own playing ability now. It will be easier and less difficult for that, but you have to be prepared with the enemies that will come later.


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Becoming the next Dominator, Esportsku recommends a character named Wolfrahh to advance in this regard. An ability that will deal very high damage to the enemy, but on the condition that we only have to attack the body.

This is indeed a character that is suitable for beginners, for those who want to try to become a Dominator. Because the enemy also can’t give high damage when aiming the head, it’s because of Wolfrahh’s Passive.

Not only that, Wolfrahh also has many combinations, even with other Dominator characters.


If you have problems with Aim while moving, then this D-Bee is really good for you to use in that position. Because for D-Bee’s Passive Skill itself will provide a Movement Speed ​​and Accuracy when shooting him while moving.

Of course, you will not be easily hit by the opponent’s damage, while those of us who attack the opponent will definitely do a lot of damage. It’s quite tasty and as a Dominator in the Free Fire game, you only have to be able to stabilize and slowly move to give a smoother attack.

The Strongest Dominator Character in Free Fire is Hayato Awakening

Whether awakening or not, Hayato is really good to be a Dominator Character in this Free Fire game. Because the more HP decreases by 30%, it gives an effect to increase Armor Penetration.

Then after doing this Awakening. Hayato will increase Defend by a few Seconds if HP is reduced by 10%. So if you fight an enemy with a Dominator condition like this, you can definitely give a pretty fierce counter-resistance.


Dasha has a reduced Recoil on all weapons, so things like this greatly affect the battle later. Of course by using any type of weapon, Dasha alone will provide this reduction with a stable enough to be a good Dominator.

Moreover, Dasha’s own ability when descending from a high place, of course, will be a big influence in dealing with enemies. That’s why we will easily become a Dominator in the battle.

J Biebs

Being a Dominator, J Biebs is one of the strongest characters to be able to do that. Of course, with the use of J Biebs, you have to use a lot of Energy Points. Because indeed it will make your HP will not decrease too high when using it.

J Biebs will also help your defense a lot, even doing Rush lasts a lot longer. Great ability to face every Enemy without hesitation, this will make you stronger and not too difficult to do.

After you know the 10 Strongest Dominator Characters in Free Fire (FF), then you don’t need to be confused anymore with all of this. Because indeed with this opportunity it will definitely provide something quite clear, it can even make it easier for you to play.

Then with the emergence of a Way to Dominate Free Fire Matches, it feels really good and maybe faster than before. Depending on your own abilities, if you can, it’s good to do something like this. Just study, so you can do it well.