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10 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode

Free Fire has released lots of good updates which of course you can use to play well. Including the 10 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode, if later you can win more easily. Even with my Esports recommended character, your strength will be stronger than before.

Moreover, this mode is indeed fun to set a winning strategy, because you will not win immediately if the enemy has installed a Bomb. If we are in this condition, maybe we will be more profitable and will not be easily defeated by the enemy.

Then with the presence of the New Stonecape Bomb Squad Free Fire Map, this will present a challenge to all of you. Because with the presence of a good map like this, it will provide one of the good conditions for you to use in matches.

Including the 10 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode, surely one of these characters will help you to become stronger. It won’t be difficult if you try it, because that will make this mode even easier.

The Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode


This character is very good and very suitable for you, because Chrono is able to provide strong protection for those of you who play later. Whether it’s bombing or taming, we’ll have time to be protected from Chrono’s powerful skills.

But remember that this Skill has a total Shield HP that is not too much, use it if it is already in Bomb only. If you just use it, maybe it will feel difficult and lose protection from the approaching Enemy.

The Strongest Character of Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode is Nairi

8 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode

Then next we will know that Nairi’s new character fits into the Bomb Squad, because the ability to protect Gloo Wall is better. If you are protecting friends from enemy attacks during war or dealing with Bombs, you can help them install the gloo wall.

Later if this enemy shoots Gloo Wall but instead stops attacking, then the Gloo Wall will immediately get Regen to make it stronger. Even you yourself will become more secure, so that you or your friends last longer without having to worry.

Only in conditions like this, Gloo Wall at least install 2 so that later it becomes more secure.


The Strongest FF Character and Hard to Die Free Fire

To be safer from enemy attacks, this character named Steffie will provide a strong HP defense. Because Steffie’s Skill area will help you not to lack HP quickly, because this Skill is very useful in that Mode.

If you use Steffie’s character later, try to use her skills only in important circumstances. For example, if you are Defuse Bomb or Put Bomb, because in this position we really lack defense and will become easy targets for long.

The Strongest Character of Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode is Andrew

Because in this mode we already have a strong Vest and Helm, then using Andrew is the right choice too. Because with Andrew’s character, you can later get a big defense on the Vest you shoot.

So you don’t have to worry in a condition like this, even the Skill won’t need a cooldown and is always active. Fighting in Bomb Squad Mode will be versatile, if we use Andrew’s character and face opponents without fear.

But still, be careful with the weapons the enemy uses, because we will still feel weak from brutal attacks.


8 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode

It doesn’t function as a Defuse and Plan character, but Otho is able to provide enemy locations in Bomb Squad Mode. Of course the location of the map is so small, it means that later you can mark your opponent’s position in the minimap to yourself or a friend.

So that others keep playing safe and not be afraid to feel doubts about their enemy’s position, as long as they keep playing safe and don’t be careless. If you already know where the opponent’s position is, it means that they are planning to install Bombs or disable Bombs that have been installed.

The Strongest Character of Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode is Hayato

8 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode

Next you will meet Hayato who is suitable in Bomb Squad Mode, because of the ability to increase Armor Penetration or Increase his Defense. Of course this will be one of the newest parts for your character, if you really want to stay safe in the match later.

The enemy will have difficulty in attacking you in that mode, because when you defuse or plan Bomb the defense is still large. Of course, with things like this, your strength will definitely not retreat when you meet the enemy.

DJ Alok

8 Strongest Characters in Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode

Then you can use a character named DJ Alok if you want to become stronger in this battle. DJ Alok himself has a multi-functional power, both in close and long range combat and even as Support Healing.

This character really supports your game in Bomb Squad later, you just have to be careful if you want to use it. Because Alok is much more suitable as a Rusher in fighting enemies, not installing Bombs or taming it.

But if you become a Support who gives Heal to a friend, maybe it will help you and it won’t be too difficult if it’s like this.

The Strongest Character of Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode is Wolfrahh

Free Fire's Latest Chrono Character Combination

Then you will start using Wolfrahh Character in Bomb Squad, it really helps us in defeating strong enemies. Because the damage we give will go up very big, even Wolfrahh won’t be too big if hit by a headshot.

If you use this Wolfrahh Skill, try to always attack the enemy and deal great damage. Because the skill only affects important parts like that, if we don’t want to do it, it means making Wolfrahh less overpowered.

Then a suggestion from my own Esports, if you use Wolfrahh, use a weapon that is close or mid-range. Let the damage continue to come in, then the enemy immediately loses.


The Clu character is also quite good in Clash Squad Mode, even supporting us to know each opponent’s position. That’s why being the strongest, in order to provide information to teammates about their position. Making an opponent who has been seen will immediately get an ambush from the attack later.

Obviously Clu’s abilities are very good, so you will also feel good in dealing with Enemies. When the position does not find the enemy, my Esports advice uses the Active Skill. Then you can immediately give a surprise attack.


Homer’s Active Skill is the strongest in Bomb Squad Mode, especially for the enemy’s Defuse point position. Later when they do that, activate the Drone Skill to make the opponent hit this attack quite clearly. Even enemies who are hit by that effect will immediately receive a slow bad effect.

Even Homer if you want to find enemies will definitely do it easily, just activate it and just wait. Later automatically at a certain distance, the drone will immediately chase the enemy and explode with a large area.

After knowing the 10 Strongest Characters of Bomb Squad Free Fire (FF) Mode, you don’t need to be confused anymore when using it later. Because the ability of this character is very helpful and protects the player, so that they can still win.

Especially understanding the Tips for Playing Bomb Squad Free Fire Mode, so as not to be confused about what the game model will be like later. Because Clash and Bomb Squad are of course different, understand how to play it so that it will stay safe later.