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10 Highest Popular ML Heroes in Mobile Legends!

We already know that the Mobile Legends game has many players in Indonesia. This one game presents various heroes who have the highest popularity that many gamers want.

Currently there are 100 heroes in the Mobile Legends game, 97 of them you can play in Mobile Legends, and 3 of them are the newest. Now, among the 97, there are several heroes who fall into the category of the highest popularity or the most played during this Mobile Legends game, so what hero is that?

On this occasion we will provide a row of heroes who have the highest popularity in the Mobile Legends game. So, are you curious about the list of heroes? Check out the full review below!

Highest Popularity ML Hero in Mobile Legends!

This time a row of heroes who have the highest popularity in the Mobile Legends game. Of course, the following series of heroes are the best and are widely liked and played in Mobile Legends.

Popularity but not just because they are OP huh. Many heroes are popular but not very powerful to use. Many factors calculate the popularity of a hero. But it’s mostly because of their design alone.


The Spread of Mobile Legends Rank Cheats

Chou is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who has the highest popularity at this time, thanks to his immune abilities and also the ability of this one hero to be the most favorite.

Starting from immune, stun, agility and damage abilities, all of which are owned by Chou, this hero does have good popularity, not only playing in the usual ranked games, Chou is also widely played in Mobile Legends tournaments.


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It’s not wrong if Fanny is a hero who has the highest popularity in Mobile Legends. This is because it is difficult for Fanny to play, so there are many Mobile Legends players who idolize Fanny’s hero if the player is good at using Fanny.

This is also because of the resemblance of Fanny’s hero, which is identical to Mikasa’s character in the Attack on Titan anime, so that Fanny is liked a lot and many players are really learning to master Fanny’s hero.


The Best Ling ML Item Build in 2020 Mobile Legends

Even though he is a fairly new hero, Ling is indeed the best Assassin hero, especially in Season 17 at this time. Ling’s abilities really help him to Roam and farm all areas very quickly. I’m not surprised if Ling is a hero who has the highest popularity in the Mobile Legends game.

Ling has the ability to climb walls and jump very quickly. When in this mode Ling will be difficult on top, he can attack the enemy quickly and then defeat him.


There is Khufra who is the tank hero with the highest popularity in Mobile Legends. The ability of hero one is very helpful for team fights, Khufra can counter all opposing heroes very well. This one hero is also Fanny’s counter hero who is the most agile hero, so it’s no wonder Khufra is the most played hero in Mobile Legends.

Khufra has a very deadly combo, with his first skill Khufra can jump into the opponent’s area to initiate and then knock the opponent into the team area, then use skill two to make it difficult for the opponent to move. With this skill, Khufra is the most reliable hero at the moment.


Atlas is a very popular Tank hero today, his Fatal Link skill ability makes this one very deadly hero. If Franco’s hero can only hook one hero, then Atlas can hook five heroes at once, with this skill this hero has the highest popularity in Mobile Legends.

Atlas is actually a new hero which will soon get a nerf in the latest Mobile Legends update. However, this does not make this one hero widely played by ML players.


Hero Counter Lancelot ML Use This Hero Mobile Legends!

Lancelot is an assassin with excellent immune abilities. This hero is very agile with the unique ability to attack opponents with his small sword. What makes this hero popular, of course, is his excellent fighting ability.

Lancelot’s first skill is able to catch up with opponents very quickly and that if hit by an opposing hero or minion, the first skill will be reset to cooldown, while for skill 2 it is an immune skill that is very annoying and can neutralize all attacks, not only that, Lancelot’s ultimate skill is also has very high immunity and damage. So don’t be surprised if Lancelot has the highest popularity in Mobile Legends


Weaknesses of Hero ML Selena mobile legends

Next there is the hero Selena who is an Assassin mage hero in Mobile Legends, this one hero has 6 active skills which have unique abilities in each skill. Selena herself has been named the hero with the longest stun effect at this time.

The scariest thing about this hero is his ability to kill opponents very quickly. This is thanks to the combo that this hero has which can paralyze the opponent and attack him very quickly, Selena’s passive effect is also deadly enough to provide finishing skills. I’m not surprised if this one hero has the highest popularity in Mobile Legends.



Then there is the Valir hero which is currently meta in Mobile Legends. Unlike his sister hero, Vale, Valir is currently the best support hero who can provide follow-up and also interfere with the opponent’s movements.

Valir is currently widely used in various Mobile Legends tournament events. This hero has very good crowd control abilities and also very high damage. With Valir’s abilities, this hero has the highest popularity in Mobile Legends.


Franco became one of the Heroes who became quite popular in the match, in fact it was really fun. Because this is indeed a fairly meta choice into the Mobile Legends game, so those of us who use it will also be a threat in a match.

Because Franco is a Kidnapped Hero from afar, we can’t underestimate his own popularity. All of that because indeed his Skill which is enough to help a War with the Team makes him quite popular in rank mode. Depending on the player who uses it, if it’s good, it’s definitely overpowered.


Then Beatrix became one of the heroes who had the highest popularity in the Mobile Legends game. Even when you play Rank, you must sometimes become a Ban subscription just like Wanwan, who is no less popular.

Having a variety of combinations of strong and deadly weapons, even having this Build will really help. So that players who use it will easily do a kill quite easily. It also depends on the situation, so you can use Beatrix, but we can’t really doubt about Popularity.

Now that’s a row of heroes who have the highest popularity in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above review can provide you with a useful reference. Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram at My Esports (@esports.ku) and keep visiting our website to get the latest interesting information.