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10 Heroes That Are Easy To Counter Items Deadly Blade Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games that presents a variety of items and heroes in it. One of the most used items is Deadly Blade, which can stop several OP heroes who have high Lifesteal in Mobile Legends.

Deadly Blade is a Physical item that can be used to reduce the HP Regen effect by 50%, this item can be active when you use a basic attack on the opponent as the target. So what are the heroes that Deadly Blade can counter very easily in Mobile Legends?

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a row of heroes that are easily countered by Deadly Blade items in the Mobile Legends game. Well for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Check out the following full review that you must understand.

Hero That Can Be Countered By Deadly Blade Mobile Legends Items

Easy Hero Counter Item Deadly Blade Mobile Legends (ML)

Of course, there are various types of heroes that you can play, so if you see your opponent using the following, you can use Deadly Blade as the main counter item.

  1. Estes
  2. Uranus
  3. Alucard
  4. Moscow
  5. Ruby
  6. Argus
  7. Alice
  8. Yu Zhong
  9. Julian
  10. Beatrix

In addition, we will also provide a more complete explanation below.


Easy Hero Counter Item Deadly Blade Mobile Legends (ML)

Estes is one of the support heroes who has a very high HP regen on nearby opponents. This hero is very strong when fighting in a team fight, one way to counter Estes is, of course, by using the Deadly Blade item in Mobile Legends. With the Deadly Blade, it will be even more crazy to fight those who have large HP like Estes who has a healing effect with skill 1 and skill 3, it will be easier to counter Estes.


Easy Hero Counter Item Deadly Blade Mobile Legends (ML)

Next is Uranus which is a tank hero with a very high regen skill. Hero sati does not have crowd control but is armed with shield and regen abilities that make it difficult to beat. Uranus itself is a very difficult hero to eliminate, you must buy Deadly Blade to fight heroes like Uranus when in one lane.


The next hero is Alucard who is a fighter hero with the highest lifesteal ability among other fighter heroes. Alucard when the late game is hard to beat with his lifesteal ability and also his high-money attacks, this one hero can be defeated easily using Deadly Blade items. Alucard has a very high lifesteal and is very difficult to eliminate when you buy Deadly Blade items it will be very easy for you to defeat Alucard.


Not only fighter heroes, marksman heroes like Moskov also have a very heavy lifesteal that you can get by using additional items. When this one hero is finished. Moskov can be defeated easily with Deadly Blade.


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Ruby is a fighter hero with the highest lifesteal ability at this time. This hero can easily regenerate HP from an empty bar to full with just one skill. Therefore, the use of Deadly Blade items is very important to defeat Ruby in Mobile Legends. Deadly Blade is great for countering this Ruby hero who has a very high regen and will be difficult to counter when you don’t buy Deady Blade.


Next is the Argus hero who is a fighter hero who has a very tough ultimate skill in Mobile Legends. When ultimate mode is active, Argus can regenerate quickly when attacked by an opponent. Therefore, the Deadly Blade item is very important to counter this one hero.


Alice who is a hero mage with excellent abilities for lifesteal matters. The lifesteal will be activated when Alice uses her ultimate. That’s why Deadly Blade allows you to easily defeat Alice’s hero in Mobile Legends.

Yu Zhong

Having a very high heat made Yu Zhong not to be left alone. He must be countered with Deady Blade which is very useful making him a little easy to kill. When you are in the same lane with Yu Zhong, you are really obliged to buy Deadly Blade so that you can easily defeat Yu Zhong.


Hero with a fairly high and deadly Lifesteal, of course Julian is able to get a Counter using Deadly Blade. Of course, this will indeed have a very large influence, so we will also do a very good battle. Fighting Julian is quite easy by using this item and winning the duel quite well.


Is a Hero Marksman who has a fairly high Lifesteal, of course Beatrix can counter using Deadly Blade. Of course this greatly affects the match and against Beatrix at close range. It’s just that you have to stay vigilant with Beatrix’s weapons, because it really affects us enough to counter them with this build.

So that’s all for this review regarding which heroes are very easy to counter by Deadly Blade items in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who are annoyed with the hero above. See you later!