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10 Hero Mobile Legends Counter Hyper Carry

There are so many interesting things this season, namely the presence of a new meta called the Hyper Carry meta. Well, there are several hero counters that you can use to fight the meta, one of which is by using the following hero counter.

Meta Hyper Carry was first present during MPL Season 5 yesterday, at that time, a lot of players took advantage of the meta and played in Ranked Match in Mobile Legends.

Hyper carry, which relies on one core hero that will lift all members of his team, will be easy for you to counter with some of the heroes below;

  1. Selena
  2. Ling
  3. Natalia
  4. Saber
  5. Lancelot

Esportsku has discussed these heroes several times. Heor counter hyper carry is very effective for those of you who play at high ranks.

Generally, you can find Meta Hyper Carry on Epic, Legends or Mythic Ranks. This meta plays aggressively and is very annoying.

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The Best Counter Hero Hyper Carry Mobile Legends

Now there are several heroes that you can rely on to destroy the Hyper Carry meta, now one of them is using the following hero counter.


Selena is a hyper mage assassin hero that you can use to counter enemies who use Hyper Carry meta. This hero has Crowd Control that can attack enemy marksman or hyper carry heroes easily.

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The Best Ling ML Item Build in 2020 Mobile Legends

Besides Selena, you can also use Ling. Ling can easily enter the enemy’s defense and attack enemy Hyper Carry heroes easily. In addition, to escape itself is very easy, you can run up to the wall or launch the ultimate to escape or attack.


The master assassin is Natalia, this one hero can kidnap enemies quickly without being caught by the enemy, you know.

Natalia has a skill that can disappear and kill enemies instantly. For markman heroes, please be careful with this one hero when in the Late Game.


ML Hero Doesn't Fit in Meta Season 15 Mobile Legends

An assassin hero, Saber is a hero who is skilled at locking enemies and executing them. In the Late Game itself, Saber can quickly kill enemies with just one Ultimate, you know. This hero deserves to be a hyper carry counter in Mobile Legends.

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Indeed, Hyper Carry’s hero counter is filled with Assassin heroes, including Lancelot. This hero is played quite often in season 16 this time. He has agility and can kill enemies instantly.


How to Play Hero Gusion Mobile Legends

As an Assassin hero who may have been a bit quiet to play. In fact, Gusion can easily target enemy hyper carry heroes. This hero has a fast and strong combo. Gusion, you can rely on to counter hyper carry heroes easily.

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Play ML Like a Pro Player

Badang is a fighter hero that is efficient enough to counter Hyper Carry heroes, you know. With his ability to isolate the enemy and attack him repeatedly, the enemy can die instantly. This one hero is enough for you to rely on.


Franco ML Free From Mobile Legends Bugs, Play Now!

On the hero tank there is Franco. Franco is great at locking and slashing enemies. If you are good at it, Franco can easily hook marksman or other hyper carry heroes. In this way, the enemy will be overwhelmed to escape from this one hero.


Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML)

Helcurt’s ability to counter the Hyper Carry, of course you will be helped by this Hero skill later. Of course using it now, so will have a good chance to do that too. Especially with Ultimate and high Attack Speed, it’s something quite high.


Hyper Carry that uses Dash and Blink Attacks will be directly hit by Counter also with Hero Khufra. Of course with this ability it will definitely help you in battle will stop his movement very easily.

These heroes can be the answer for those of you who hate fighting hyper carry. Very strong in their duties, these heroes can be regarded as effective heroes. Use them to rank up!

So that’s the line of hero counters for the Hyper Carry meta in Mobile Legends at this time. September be useful.