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10 Hero Counter Valentina Mobile Legends (ML), Make Mainstay!

Valentina is currently very annoying to play against. But don’t worry because with some of these Valentina Mobile Legends (ML) counter heroes, you can benefit more from a strong matchup.

This one hero makes a lot of people difficult thanks to his ultimate. With an ulti that can steal an opponent’s ulti, in the right hands it can be a threat. Especially if the ulti taken is an important skill.

Even without her ultimate, Valentina is already difficult to fight. This is thanks to his skills that provide high and strong damage as harass and poke materials. Therefore, when he came out he deserved to be said as OP.

Some of these heroes, but maybe it could be your choice when fighting Valentina. These heroes are relatively strong and you can take advantage of them thanks to their high damage. In addition to damage, of course, because it is very flexible.

Hero Counter Valentina Mobile Legends (ML)

Valentinya has skills that are more inclined towards the damage dealer. With high damage in S1 and S2, Valentina is also very strong if she enters a teamfight. But this ult is the main gimic.

Here we will discuss heroes who can be counter Valentine. There are many heroes that you can use considering Valentina has several weaknesses. This of course must be put to good use.


Popol without Kupa is no stronger than late game creeps. It is advantageous that if Valentina takes Popol’s ulti, there will be no other effects. In addition, Popol will always win damage and poke. One of the best Valentina Mobile Legends counter heroes.


Paquito is a very terrible combo hero,. When Valentina has been rushed by this hero, there are not many options to fight back. Even though Paquito’s ulti is taken, it’s also not very useful when fighting later.


Buff And Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.50 Mobile Legends (ML)

Gusion’s advantage is that his burst is very painful and this is advantageous when fighting Valentina. Besides, if Valentina takes Gusion’s ulti, it’s almost useless because it’s only a blink skill.


Brody here can be Valentina’s counter, although you have to be careful. Brody’s advantage is to keep your distance and as long as you can keep your distance and attack you will win. Moreover, Valentina’s ult is a bit useless, perfect as a hero counter for Valentina in Mobile Legends.


Natalia is also a threat to Valentina because she is vulnerable to bursts. Especially if Natalia is hit when Valentina is hit by her silence, then there is almost no hope of running away or fighting back.

HelcurtHero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML)

Helcurt is the same as Natalia where she is one of the high burst kings with high effectiveness. Giving silence if hit by CC is also useful when fighting Valenti. Moreover, if the ult is taken, it will even benefit Helcurt.


Thamuz is a hero who has high damage and is very difficult to fight. Without a definite counter, he can win against Valentina easily. The ult is also if taken a bit less useful.


After receiving a balanced balance, Wanwan becomes one of Valentina’s deadly Counters because she is now safer. In the past, Ultimate Wanwan could be used directly by Valentina, but now it’s really different. Because of things like this, Wanwan becomes a hero who can counter valentina quite easily.

Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin’s Ultimate is indeed good enough to open the Map, but if Hero Valentina takes the Ultimate it will not be good. Because Yi Sun Shin will win a lot, because Valentina did the wrong Ultimate Copy. Even just giving a glance was not suitable, then at the right time Yi Sun Shin was able to defeat him quickly.


tips for playing Hero Masha Mobile Legends

If you pit Masha against Valentina, of course Masha will become the Hero’s deadly Counter. Because Masha’s Ultimate only advances against the enemy, when she takes this Ultimate it won’t be of much use. So Masha will fight with Valentina’s Clone with a big enough advantage.

Now that’s the hero counter Valentina Mobile Legends that can be your choice. This hero is indeed very difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to fight if you’re ready. Use the right hero later.