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10 Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML)

Guinevere is one of the OP heroes in season 16 of Mobile Legends. This one hero mage is played quite a lot and has a very annoying combo skill. But to fight Guinevere you can use the following Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML).

Guinevere role mobile legends is a Fighter hero with the power of a very sick hybrid mobile legends Mage, he can use two items at once and has the ability to survive when fighting in Mobile Legends.

Guinevere is very dangerous when played correctly. His combo is very centered on locking and also high damage. Enemies who are hit by his combo can not come out and just watch until they die.

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Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends

So, here are some of the Counter Guinevere heroes in Mobile Legends that you can rely on. In front of the following heroes, he could not move and immediately shrunk.


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All heroes will be defeated by this one hero. Yep, Nana is one of the heroes with high crowd control abilities. Of course even a Guinevere will be overwhelmed against one hero one by one, With Nana’s transfrom skill that can make Guin a racoon and a very sick streak, Nana can make that one hero go down. Especially when you lose, Nana will become a racoon and run quickly.

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Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML)

Kaja is a Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML) who is quite aggressive with his great kidnapping ability. This hero can kidnap Guinevere and attack him with the team. Kaja is powerful enough to attack Guinevere even in the ultimate state.


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Uranus is a very thick Tank, with a lot of HP of course he will not be easily shaken if attacked by Guinever. In addition, the damage that this hero has is large enough so that he can strike back easily.

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He is a fighter hero with quite good Crowd Control, he even counters many Assassin heroes, for example Gusion, Harrith and even Guinevere he can fight quite well.

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Franco is a Tank hero with the best Hook attack. This hero is reliable enough to counter all enemy heroes, even Guinvere. When Guinever jumped, Franco was ready to strike back with a long stun, and continued with his team’s attack.


Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML)

Hanabi has made a comeback lately, she has a strong immune so she can easily escape Guinevere’s attacks. In addition, Hanabi can counterattack quickly and stop Guinevere easily.

Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML) Saber

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Saber is a real Assassin with a deadly execution attack. This hero can easily attack Guinevere with his unquestionable lock skill. With massive damage even in the late game, Saber can kill anyone including Guinever with one hit.

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Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML) Leomord

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Leomord is a hero with the best Critical attack. This one hero is very strong when fighting fists. Leomord is not easily defeated by Ginevere, he can even strike back if Guinevere attacks him.


Being able to escape from Guinevere’s snare, of course Wanwan is the counter of the Hero which is quite pronounced. Because Guinevere wouldn’t be able to catch him if Wanwan’s Skill 2 was still around, then it would be easy to dodge her attacks. So Wanwan will still be free to give her damage attacks.


Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends (ML)

Very strong kung fu abilities, even against Guinevere is also not a weakness for Chou to shine. This counter is indeed deadly for the hero, so Guinevere himself will not be able to approach Chou easily. On the contrary, for example Nekat, Chou could be the one who could give the deadly attack.

Guinevere who is a hero fighter – this powerful mage cannot be underestimated. With perfect set ups and combos, no hero can escape his high damage. It’s terrible to use this hero in the right hands.

So that’s the best row of Guinevere’s heroes in Mobile Legends. Which is your favorite hero?