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10 Hero Combo Uranus Mobile Legends (ML)

This is the best Uranus combo hero that you can play in the Mobile Legends game. As a tank hero, Uranus has the advantage of high shield and regan abilities.

This hero is hard to beat even with deadly ganking attacks. To defeat Uranus, you need to use CC to stop it.

But Uranus also certainly doesn’t stay still, you can use the Uranus combo hero in order to provide maximum gameplay capabilities in Mobile Legends. You can use the heroes that my Esports recommends below.

List of Hero Combo Uranus Mobile Legends

Here are some of the best Uranus hero combos that you can use in the Mobile Legends game.


5 Hero Combo Uranus Mobile Legends (ML)

The first Uranus hero combo is Eudora. This one hero mage is famous for his ability to provide very deadly combo skill attacks.

With Eudora’s skill, you can help Uranus in attacking by providing support in the form of CC and also very large damage.

So that the attack can stop his opponent and make Uranus survive longer, Eudora also acts as a support and executor.


5 Hero Combo Uranus Mobile Legends (ML)

Next is Aurora, which is one of the mage heroes with a very unique combo, you can combo Aurora with Uranus in the Mobile Legends game.

Aurora’s attack can give very deadly CC to his opponent. By using his passive attack, you can freeze any opponent in Mobile Legends.


Next for the next Uranus combo hero is Angela. Angela’s ability can give buffs to her teammates, this is perfect for you to use combos with Uranus heroes.

So with Angela’s ultimate help, Uranus can get a shield and additional movement speed effects that can increase his mobility and defense.

With the Uranus Angela combo, it will make it very difficult for your opponent to defeat your team’s defense, as well as provide strength for the front lines that are difficult to conquer.


Next, the Uranus combo hero that you can use in the Mobile Legends game is Vale, with Vale’s hero abilities, Uranus can get strong support.

Vale’s ability can provide very deadly combo skill attacks and can help Uranus in every survival. Of course it will be very suitable for defense when teamfight.


how to use valir mobile legends

Is a very strong combo hero, you can do it with Valir. Valir’s hero ability can provide a very good guard.

The second skill can give a knock-up effect that can keep the opponent away when attacking. In addition, high damage also makes it difficult for opponents to attack Uranus.


A fairly strong Synergy between Layla and Uranus, creating a good Combo. Because for Layla herself will receive defense from Uranus, for being a shield.

Later Layla can freely attack the enemy along with Uranus without having to be confused about choosing a target. Make sure Uranus has to interfere with enemies who are close to Layla to make it smoother.


Zhask’s ability is enough to make the opponent hit by high damage, of course it can be together with Uranus to do an Attack and Defense Combo.

Enough to do a direct battle, Uranus with Ultimate Skill and Skill 1 will make the enemy weak. Then Zhask can freely give a deadly attack to support from behind.


Ling is also suitable for Combo with Hero Uranus, but is still a Shield which is Uranus’ Task. Of course Uranus’ ability to get a partnership must be able to withstand enemy damage.

Instantly with his Skill, Yin is able to provide an attack that is also very superior to take down the enemy. That way this attack will definitely have a very strong combined power.


Helcurt’s disappearing abilities, can indeed surprise an Opponent who fought Uranus in battle. It just depends on the right timing, so you can make this a pretty strong combo.

Of course, by using Helcurt, Uranus is also very helpful to be able to give this deadly Combo. Enemies who have been provoked by Uranus, will immediately become more ferocious in a battle where Helcurt advances to attack.


Harley Astrologer skin series

Magic damage that will continue to rise in battle, of course Combo Herley and Uranus itself are indeed quite strong. Even in the face of the enemy as difficult as in the process, so we can do it together.

Where when Uranus does Open War, Harley will probably have time to attack. So that the damage that Uranus inflicts from Skill 1 can Harley take advantage and remove each of his skills to target the enemy.

So that’s all for the Uranus combo hero row that you can play in the Mobile Legend game. Hopefully useful and useful for those of you who need it. See you later!