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10 FF Combinations of Maro Free Fire Characters

To be stronger, just use the Maro Free Fire Character FF Combination, this will make your fighting strength better and not easily defeated. Of course the presence of the Maro character combination later, can be very helpful.

For now, there are a lot of new updates in the Free Fire game. So of course with things like this, you really have to be prepared and don’t miss all the latest updates from the Free Fire game now.

Septemberbe you should also know that now the Maro Free Fire character has also been presented very well. Because of the skill given, it’s pretty good to change the flow of the game from the Free Fire game when you can compete later.

But to make it better, let’s just use the Maro Free Fire Character FF Combination. In this way, your abilities can also become stronger, and they will not even be easily defeated by the enemies later.

FF Combination of Maro Free Fire Characters


Free Fire Attachment Mandatory

Because Maro is effective at long range when shooting, it means that there is nothing wrong with using Rafael as a character that we can use when competing with Maro later. Of course this choice, will not make you weak.

For Rafael’s own skill, this Marksman and Sniper weapon will be subject to the Silencer effect. Of course something like that, will make our position will not be caught by the enemy. That way, Maro can become even stronger.


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In addition to increasing damage to enemies who are hit by marks or marks, Moco is indeed a good match to use with Maro as well. Because the skill given by Moco really supports us using Maro.

You could say that if Moco attacks an enemy and takes damage, he will be hit by Mark for a few seconds. Well of course the Mark that we can give will show the enemy’s position, so Maro can freely give damage.


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If it’s a long-distance problem, it’s Laura’s business. The abilities of Maro and Laura, of course, can be combined like 2 things that can’t be stopped anymore. Moreover, Laura herself, is one of the Agents.

Later this Laura Skill will increase the accuracy of gun shots if you use a Scope, now the sniper used by Maro will be more easily hit by the enemy when shot. Of course, something like this is pretty good and even useful.


Even though you are not close to the enemy, Shirou can be one of Maro’s deadliest combinations when competing. We will not use skills that deal damage from a certain distance later.

But we take the Skill damage that is given greater, on the enemy that is being hit by Mark. Now, if Shirou is attacked, he will definitely give Mark to destroy the Vest in one shot, so it’s good if we use this one.

DJ Alok

Does Give Free Items And Diamonds?

In order to become even stronger, then you can attach this DJ Alok Skill to the Maro character. Even so, you can use Alok’s DJ Skill for Healing effects only and it will last for quite a long time.

Even DJ Alok will be more profitable, especially for a character like this, especially Sniper. So with that, this combination really can’t be matched.


Then it will help Maro become stronger, so Iris is a very strong Combination to attack. Because indeed with Iris with Maro’s character, it will definitely make a far-reaching attack that will penetrate the Gloo Wall. Because Iris herself has an Active Skill which marks the Gloo Wall and the shot will penetrate.

Of course, that way Maro has an increase in damage according to distance, then this will be very helpful. It all depends on what kind of Aim you are, for example, good then the enemy will immediately lose easily.


Maro will become stronger with the Otho Skill Combination, so when he attacks later he can provide attacks that will help. Otho has a Passive Skill that provides Enemy information in a certain distance area, when he manages to kill an enemy in that place.

Of course, with Maro’s ability to increase damage, targeting enemies from Otho’s skill can be easier. It also depends on whether you do Aim correctly or not, but this combination is indeed quite strong.


Having an Active Skill opens a fairly large area, of course Clu’s Skill will provide assistance to Maro. That way we use Maro with a long shot distance, will definitely have the advantage of preparing to fire at the enemy later.

It is certain that by using these characters, this combination will indeed be something good. Those of you who use Maro will continue to know every opponent’s location with Clu characters easily.


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Already stronger and stronger, Maro and Wolfrahh will increase the fire from long-range Weapons well. Because Maro’s skill increases damage according to distance, this Wolfrahh can increase the damage of body attacks that you will do later.

Of course, something like this is quite strong, so you will find it easy and not too difficult to use. Wolfrahh and Maro are indeed the best combination, even the damage will increase 2 times.


Able to pose a threat to the enemy, Homer with his Drone Skill will provide assistance to Maro to attack the enemy. So later we have to use Homer’s Active Skill first, so that the Drone tracks the whereabouts of the Enemy who is really there.

Then if you wait until the enemy comes out, so we can use long-range weapons with Maro. That way the advantage in facing the enemy will be even more felt, because Homer and Maro are the right combination.

After knowing the FF Combination of Maro Free Fire Characters, maybe we will be curious about these characters too. Just wait, things like this have not been presented in full by Garena and have to wait for the collaboration event.

That way, it’s better if we first know how to use the Skywing Free Fire feature. It’s easy to do, and will give you an opportunity to make a smoother landing later.