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10 Combinations of FF Characters with Vector Free Fire Weapons

Don’t forget to try the combination of FF characters with Vector Free Fire weapons, this will be a pretty good thing for you to do too. With a vector combination with this character list, you will easily win.

Because using the FF vector weapon, you need a character to be able to support the direct power of a weapon like this. Not only that, yes, it turns out that it will give a pretty good look.

Moreover, until now there is still some pretty good information that we can understand now. Especially in the Ob25 Free Fire Update section which yesterday appeared in this game. There are lots of new things that we can try to feel, if we follow and try out the latest events from the Free Fire game, too.

But if you use this powerful Vector weapon, then you must also use a character that supports the weapon as well. Check out the explanation right away, in the article below.

This is the best FF Character Combination with Vector free fire:


The first character that is suitable for using Vector Weapons is Jota, where if we already know that this character is specifically a Rusher using SMG in the Free Fire game. Because if it’s part of the Free Fire Vector Weapon itself, it’s included in the SMG Type.

With all of that, surely you will find it easier when you compete with this weapon with Jota. You will get better at killing enemies, because of the combination of Jota’s and Vector’s powers that are suitable to be used together.

Kelly Awakening

Deadly FF Female Characters in Free Fire 2020

If it’s a matter of speed in moving, then you will be able to think that Kelly can indeed use Vector Weapons. That answer is True, the usual Kelly or Awakening will indeed give deep power to the Vector Weapon later as well.

With the power given like this, then you will become even stronger to compete. Damage from Kelly awakening and Kelly usually gives movement speed, then player agility using Vector will look easier.


Operation Chrono

Well, the originator of the Great Chrono Free Fire Battle, you can indeed use Vector when competing later. In fact, it turns out that this character too, is indeed very appropriate to use Vector when competing later. So don’t forget to try this Chrono, to fight the enemies is even easier.

With the strong power of the Shield, those of you who play Rush will not be afraid anymore. The problem is that you just need to take out the Shield near the enemy, then you can immediately attack using this Vector FF Weapon.


Talking about high damage, it means you have to try Wolfrahh and Vector at the same time. That way the enemy will definitely be soft when fought, especially the speed at which this weapon can be said to be very fast.

The faster and more damage Wolfrahh adds, of course, you guys will be even stronger in rushing in the match.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok's FF Character With Heal Continues Free Fire

Then the DJ Alok Free Fire character, yup, just like Chrono where he is also a collaboration in this game. With the power of DJ Alok now, you will also find it easier to use Vector when competing later.

That way, try you really have to be able to try all things like this too, okay. Because indeed DJ Alok is very suitable if we pair it with this strong Vector.


The ability of Homer’s character is very strong to do Rush, of course you will become stronger with this. Along with the Vector Weapon, this Homer can give a big attack. Because with such abilities, we immediately have the power to attack from close range.

The drone that Homer has will have a distance of up to 100m, then if there is an enemy close to him will immediately chase him. The explosion will have a bad effect on the enemy, so Homer will later find it easier to use Vector.


Dasha is able to control weapon recoil very stable, of course Vector itself or Akimbo is also very helpful. If that’s the case, your attacking power will definitely be stronger and it won’t be difficult to deal with something like this either. So that your abilities will become even more deadly.

Because those of you who attack later will definitely be much more stable, so the attack won’t miss at all. Of course the Dasha you use will also become stronger if you use Vector Weapons like this now.


Then there is Nikita who gives a fast Reload Speed ​​when using an SMG Weapon, then additional damage to the last bullet shot. Of course this is very helpful when using the Vector weapon, it will make it easier for you to give attacks like that.

Because with the ability of Nikita’s character like this, it will certainly make it easier for you to win. Because indeed doing Rush using Vector using Nikita, it will definitely become more easily defeated. So that we also will not be difficult to face the enemy.

J Biebs

Having a defense with Energy Points, of course J Biebs using Vector Weapons will become stronger. So that later it will become easier for you, so that we can immediately use this character properly. Because it’s ability is better, so that you are not difficult to face the enemy.

Vector Akimbo will help J Biebs to do Rush, even having a different resistance from other characters. Let’s say Vector is compatible with these characters, so that we use it will not be too difficult and be able to deal with them easily.


Xayne has an Active Skill that increases HP and Damage to Gloo Walls and Shields, this will help you use Vector Weapons. Especially when doing Rush though, it will definitely be much more helped very well.

Because when you do a Rush using a Vector weapon, it will become easier for us to face the enemy. So that the battle at close range will also not be stopped at all because of the balanced combination power.

You can also read the Vector Free Fire Weapon Skin that you can try to use when playing later. By using the Skin, the power of this Vector will become even stronger. Of course all this information will make you interested, so you can get a variety of cool items from some of the next latest events as well.

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