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10 Characters With the Best Defense Skills in Free Fire (FF)

So you can try 10 FF Characters With Free Fire Survival Skills, of course this will help when you’re fighting. Because of the power given by this character, it will be the best for us to try when competing, yes.

Apart from that, you certainly already know, if currently 34 Characters in Free Fire we can use all of them. So of course for now, don’t miss anything else for all of those characters.

Not only that, we who compete also have to understand what the character gives us. For example in the Skill section, yesterday in Advance Server Free Fire there was another new character that was quite unique.

But we can’t play it on the original server yet, so we have to wait for it to be released first. Now, of the 10 FF Characters with Free Fire Survival Skills, maybe one of them you often use.

Curious? Let’s just look at the explanation, in the article below now, yes.

The following are the skills of this Free Fire character, including a very strong defense compared to other FF characters:


Operation Chrono

First, we have the Chrono Free Fire Character, where this newest character has a fairly strong defensive skill. Even you are protected when you are attacked by enemies, because of his skills.

Chrono will create a large Shield, which will also withstand a fairly large total of 600 Damage. Of course the enemy will also be difficult, to defeat us here later.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok's FF Character With Heal Continues Free Fire

Alok has a pretty good Defend Skill, where he can give a big Heal theme if he is in a Circle. The reduced HP from enemy attacks, of course, will not have a big effect later.

Even today, DJ Alok, is still one of the most lethal characters to use. Don’t let us underestimate, otherwise you will lose.

Steffie is the character with the best defense skills in Free Fire (FF)

How to Get Green Power Cube Chrono Free Fire (FF) Tokens

If it’s about a strong Defend, it turns out that Steffie is one of the choices for us to use. He will issue a Graffiti Area, so that it can make HP decrease very large.

Don’t let things like this be ignored, because Steffie herself is still a Top Pick as a tanker in this Free Fire game.

Andrew with Good Defense Skills!

If for this character named Andrew, he doesn’t use too much anymore. But apparently Andrew is the highest Top Defend character in this game.

Even his Skill is Passive, strengthens Armor and will not allow enemies to destroy the Vest used. Even if it’s a level 3 or 4 Vest, Andrew’s strength keeps it from breaking.


There is another DJ who has the nickname K, where he is the same as DJ Alok but gives Energy Points to friends in the circle. This power is indeed quite good in defending or defending.

Because we who are taking refuge, can continue to get quite a lot of Heal from the strength of this character. You will definitely feel more enthusiastic, if someone uses K in the team.


Free Pet Panda FF Event Explore the Free Fire Map 2020

As for Shani, he is a mechanic who has the skills to repair defensive items like Vest. Of course if your vest is broken, this Shani can fix it in a very easy way.

Anyway, you have to be able to kill the enemy using this character, so that the HP of this Vest will be full again quickly.


Character Defense FF free fire

The most powerful Android Robot in the Free Fire game, also has a fairly useful Defend Skill. But there is one condition first, where he must have a lot of Energy Points for this later.

He will instantly convert some of these Energy Points, into HP quickly. So that we who used to be now, can directly fight without having to be afraid anymore to face the enemy.


The character with the best defense skill in the last Free Fire (FF) is Luqueta, where if this character succeeds in killing, there will be a large additional HP. The strength of Luqueta too, we can’t underestimate either.

Because he will provide high defense, his HP which if he always kills the enemy will increase (Max 35 Additional HP).

After this character gets a fairly overpowered Buff, of course Luqueta is no longer a character that we can underestimate. The defense of the character is very high and even keeps you HP awake.

J Biebs

The J Biebs character has a pretty good Skill, even using those Energy Points to maintain HP well. The higher EP J Biebs has, then it will increase defense quite well. Even with its abilities, it can help you face the enemy.

For example, for defense with friends, J Biebs is indeed lacking unless playing Solo will definitely help.


Kenta’s skill will provide a temporary shield that reduces damage from enemy attacks. Of course Kenta will also be very helpful, being a very strong ability to withstand temporary damage. Then you will make yourself into something strong to face the enemy easily.

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So for now we can know 8 FF Characters With Free Fire Survival Skills. Septemberbe you will immediately become stronger again, when you fight enemies who do have quite a large amount of damage, yes.

These characters are your best choice if you want to play stronger. Especially solo players who often die for nothing or are not helped by their team in the game.

These strong characters are also suitable to play in a compact team. The reason is that you can use it as a sustain character that absorbs some damage. Just make sure there is support in the team.

After all, we can also find out the current 15 Free Fire Advance Updates. Where in the update, there are many interesting things that will later be present in this game.

Don’t forget to just follow my Instagram Esports now. This will be a pretty good thing, so that later you can get lots of opportunities to know the next update.