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10 Characters of Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) Weapons

In order to become stronger, then just use 10 FF Characters for Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) weapons right now.

That way, you won’t have any more difficulties when competing because this will give you quite a lot of power.

For now, we do have a lot of new things, all of which are present in quite interesting circumstances.

It doesn’t stop there, you may understand that the weapon needs a suitable character to make it stronger.

Because now we know that there are 40 Newest Characters in Free Fire, of course one of them is also suitable for using the Latest Kingfisher Weapon.

Of course, by taking advantage of things like that, you will become even more excited to compete.

Especially for now, there are only 10 FF Characters For Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) Weapons.

Take advantage of these characters, so that you can become more and more invincible when competing later.

Curious? Let’s just look at the explanation, in the article below, yes.

10 FF Characters For Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) Weapons


Free Fire Attachment Mandatory

Since this new skill of Character Rafael will be useful on Sniper and Marksman, then he is suitable for using Kingfisher Weapons as well.

In a position like this we can also find out, if Rafael will make the sound of gunfire from this type of weapon disappear.

So you don’t need to be afraid to use Kingfisher anymore, because that will make your position not caught at all.


An Agent who is with Rafael, Laura is also one of the characters who are suitable for using this type of weapon.

Where Laura is also, is one of the characters that will make Kingfisher stronger because of her passive skill.

So this character will increase shooting accuracy in Scope mode, of course that will make you even more helpful.


Then it was continued by a character named Maro, he is a handsome actor who has terrible skills in the game.

Maro will deal a large damage to enemies from a distance, then will deal high damage when hit by a marked enemy.

This passive skill will make the newest weapon unrivaled, it’s just that you have to practice first later.


As an agent who can know the location of the enemy, of course Clu is suitable to use this Kingfisher Weapon.

Where later he will give you where the enemy is, this will make us more ready to shoot in that area.

The position of the enemy that is visible will also not be easy for us to see, so later we have to be careful when using the Clu character.


Deadly FF Characters When Using Sniper Free Fire!

Then is Moco, this Kingfisher deals big damage, then Moco can mark the enemy’s position on the map easily.

Then Moco will also find it easier to shoot at that position, because he was caught at the beginning too.

With abilities like this, it is true that Moco is suitable to use Kingfisher Weapons when competing later.


Free Fire's Latest Chrono Character Combination

The ability that Wolfrahh has is indeed compatible with the Kingfisher weapon, because it can increase damage quite large when attacking body parts.

Moreover, the Kingfisher weapon itself is identical to the body’s attack distance, it’s no wonder if Wolfrahh is suitable for this.

Attacking well when fighting, of course, will make Wolfrahh even more invincible.


If you receive damage from a long distance, then Kingfisher can help Jota so he can give a counterattack that is so deadly.

When Shirou receives an attack from a distance, the enemy will be hit by a mark. Then when attacking him again as long as there is a sign then the damage is high.

Of course Kingfisher will help Shirou’s ability to do this, he won’t let go of the enemy if he bothers him.


Able to penetrate Gloo Wall with active skill Iris. The use of Kingfisher to attack the enemy behind the Gloo Wall is easy for this character to use.

Of course, Iris’s abilities will be greatly helped, so that the Kingfisher will also improve well.

It depends on your predictive aim, because the iris skill itself won’t take so long so make good use of it.


When doing a kill, then Otho will show the enemy from the kill distance that occurs. Of course the Kingfisher weapon when used by Otho will definitely be good.

Because with his own ability it will be felt very easily, so that later the battle will be quite helpful for both of them.

Kingfisher with high range and damage, then Otho which shows each enemy position widely. Then the preparation of players to compete later will be better.


Making attacks stable, of course with that Dasha becomes a Kingfisher weapon user which is quite good.

Even with these attacks, attacks that can indeed help players for Kingfisher are indeed quite helpful.

Set your attacking position very well, so that later you can immediately make the right attack with it.

After knowing 10 FF Characters for Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) Weapons, then you don’t need to worry anymore about using these weapons.

Because it will be even easier, because supporting the strength of the character skills can also make you not easy to beat.

Especially if you know how to use this Kingfisher Free Fire weapon, of course there are things you should pay attention to too.

Just try this combination of characters and weapons, then you will become stronger later.