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10 Characters Maximize Weapons Mac-10 Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released lots of cool prizes that are pretty good for you to use when you compete later. Even you will know 10 Characters Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF), because this is indeed good enough for you to use the skill later.

Those of you who often use this character later, will get a pretty good chance of winning in the future. So make sure to fight it won’t be difficult, as long as we ourselves can master the battle in the right way now.

Including Tips for Using Mac-10 Free Fire Weapons, it does seem so easy for you to use. Because the latest tips will make this weapon stronger, even you yourself will be braver to face difficult opponents at all.

To make it stronger, try using 10 Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF), because this will support your game later. It’s just that you have to make the weapon more alive, it won’t even be easily defeated by the enemy we are fighting.

Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF)


For the first one, you will definitely find it easy to use Jota’s character, this is indeed the most powerful Rush. Even the Mac-10 Weapon itself will provide a much stronger performance, if you really use it when you compete later.

Jota has a skill that can receive Heal when attacking and killing enemies, of course that feels very good. Even with these circumstances, if you maximize the Mac-10 Weapon, it will be suitable for a more daring Rush.

Using Attacks that the opponent doesn’t know, then the right Character is sure to be a deadly Combination.

Mac-10 Free Fire’s Maximize Weapon character is DJ Alok

8 Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF)

The Mac-10 weapon is also very suitable if you use it with DJ Alok, because it will make it even more Maximum. Of course, using Mac-10 Weapons and DJ Alok in later matches, can give Rush power that will not stop.

Those of us who advance will continue to receive Heal from this character and the Mac-10 Weapon will continue to damage slowly but surely to kill the opponent. Of course, with a weapon like this now, it will give a different impression when Alok holds it in the match.


8 Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF)

The next character we can use Nikita to be able to give the Mac-10’s strength even more. Even later when you use this weapon, you must be careful when facing each opponent because of course they are also looking for other tactics.

Nikita has a Skill that will have a big influence on the Reload Speed ​​of SMG weapons, it will help Mac-10. But you also have to pay attention to the problem of attack distance, because Nikita can also be in trouble while reloading.

You have to be careful when your Mac-10 Weapon is reloading, because according to news, this is an SMG that takes a long time to reload.

Wolfrahh is a Free Fire Mac-10 Weapon Maximize Character

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Will get a power from A strong Gamer, Wolfrahh is suitable to use Mac-10 Weapon while playing. It is indeed clear that later Wolfrahh will provide such a large total attack to his opponent in a fast duel.

The skill can increase body damage and reduce headshot damage received, Mac-10 is perfect for Wolfrahh. Especially when you are doing Rush, of course this will help players to become better at dealing damage.


8 Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF)

Because you will attack with the Rush Method, it means that Shirou is very suitable for you to use with Mac-10. That way the Mac-10 Weapon will give better performance, because if Shirou gets hit, he can give a large Armor Penetration.

Of course with conditions like this, it will explain to the opponent that Shirou is indeed good enough for you to use now. Especially after getting buffs and using Mac-10, it’s clear that this weapon will more easily penetrate enemy defenses as well.

Dasha is a Mac-10 Free Fire Weapon Maximize Character

Then so that later this weapon has a recoil that is not too high, Dasha is able to make a Mac-10 weapon Neutral to make it more comfortable to use. Because Dasha’s Skill in addition to reducing the damage we receive when we fall, it turns out that Dasha can also reduce Recoil from Weapons.

That is a good advantage of this character for players to use when competing later. That way there is no need to worry anymore when doing battle, because Dasha is able to make it easier for players who will use this Mac-10 Weapon.


8 Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF)

Using a Rush weapon like this must know the position of your opponent, use Moco because it will help Mac-10 weapons. From every attack that we give to the opponent later, it will give a marker to the enemy for a few seconds.

If the enemy has this mark, his position will be discovered for up to 2-6 seconds. This is a very good opportunity to do a Rush, especially if we use a weapon that is so deadly.

Mac-10 Free Fire’s Maximize Weapon character is Kelly

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Then next you can use a character named Kelly, if you want to play in an agile way. Because what we can know right now, the Mac-10 is indeed a fairly light weapon, you should be able to use the Kelly character to get better.

Kelly will give us a high Movement Speed, so the movement is more agile when running. Doing Rush or fighting enemies up close, of course it can be even smoother if you use Kelly and also the Mac-10 Weapon to make it easier, huh.

J Biebs

Has the advantage of melee attacks, because J Biebs are not easily knocked down by enemies if they have EP. J Biebs using the Mac-10 Weapon is indeed quite interesting and good, so you also won’t be difficult to use this right now.

Including the right fighting power, because of the strong J Biebs and Mac-10 to help deal damage up close. Of course this will be the right combination, so that you give your chance to win easily.


Mac-10 will also become even stronger by using the D-Bee Character. Because this character’s passive skill will provide a steady attack, it’s even good for close combat.

Because the D-Bee becomes something strong, stabilizing the shot when making a move. So that D-Bee becomes even more stable when using Mac-10 very well.

After knowing 10 Character Maximize Weapon Mac-10 Free Fire (FF), you don’t need to be confused anymore with things like that. Because by using several Character choices from my Esports, the skill will help maximize attacks from Mac-10 that are stronger.

Moreover, with the presence of the 30 Strongest Free Fire Weapons today, you can give very superior strength when competing later. Then a few things that show that Slot 2 is empty, maybe one of these weapons can fill it right now.