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10 Character Skill Combinations of Leon Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has updated many characters. But you also have to know 10 Leon Free Fire (FF) Character Skill Combinations, so that your character will feel stronger later. Septemberbe you will also be interested, even try yourself a combination that is much stronger than other players this time.

There have been a lot of new updates that have come to the Free Fire game, of course you all have to try it to understand better. Then there are also some things that you might be able to use, before competing and facing every enemy in the update.

Well, one of them is getting to know the New Weapon Sniper Treatment Free Fire, one of the choices from Support players who often play Remotely. This will help you and your squad friends, so that later they will still feel stronger and will not be easily defeated at this rate.

Moreover, the presence of 10 Leon Free Fire (FF) Character Skill Combinations, of course this Leon character will support players to be able to win. The skill alone is overpowered once, then later add the same recommendations that are suitable for the character when competing right now.

Combination of Leon Free Fire Character Skills

DJ Alok (On)

5 Combinations of Leon Free Fire (FF) Character Skills

As already included in the mandatory combination, of course DJ Alok is indeed suitable for us to use together with Leon’s character. These two characters have Skills that are quite supportive of each other, for example Alok who gives Heal and Movement Speed ​​when the Skill is active.

Then then Leon, which we can use to heal after fighting, of course, you will receive this Healing immediately. If you get damage from the enemy and avoid fighting, then this skill will be useful and we can use DJ Alok when doing Rush.

The combination of Leon Free Fire’s Character Skill is Luqueta

5 Combinations of Leon Free Fire (FF) Character Skills

Supporting the abilities of Luqueta’s own character, the two are indeed suitable to be present as a solid combination today. Even Luqueta’s character if he kills will give him more max hp, Leon will give him Healing if he doesn’t do anything.

Of course, those of you who have just managed to increase the Max HP Bar, eventually get Healing too and it might be quite interesting right away. In fact, you might even start trying right away, if these 2 combinations are indeed very overpowering for both of them too.


5 Combinations of Leon Free Fire (FF) Character Skills

Yup, if you need a Destroyer character, use Skyler and automatically use Leon for Healing. 2 This combination can indeed make the enemy confused, because you can destroy a lot of Gloo Walls without having to be afraid to retreat to face their opponents.

Then if you’re already competing, you don’t need to spam Gloo Wall, because Leon will give you big Healing when we finish fighting. But we also have no problem installing 1 Gloo Wall, for defense so that later the enemy does not interfere with the HP recovery process as well.


How to Use Kapella Free Fire with Other Character Skills!

It doesn’t mean that Leon is a Support character, but if it’s healing, you can’t use Kapella characters. Their skills are passive, but Kapella will improve the process to receive Healing from Skills or items that replenish HP.

Of course the abilities of Kapella and Leon are indeed Overpowered, even later if you want to fight again you can immediately be alert. Facing enemies is not a problem for Leon, as long as you yourself have the perfect shelter.

The combination of Leon Free Fire’s Character Skill is Kelly

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Then the next one is Kelly, this character with Leon will definitely support his strength. Kelly can make us more agile in running and Leon who provides Healing, so both of them do have their own advantages, yes.

You will be able to escape faster, as long as you yourself can do the right hiding to face the enemy. Let Leon be able to do his skills better, without any obstacles.


Then we can use Kenta Character with Leon, because this will really help to heal easily. Because Kenta’s Skill will reduce the damage that the enemy gives, so Leon gives Heal not too wasteful later.

As long as you can also find the right place, so you don’t have too many problems with this existing ability. The ability that Kenta gave himself was indeed quite helpful for Leon, so the combination with this Active skill character was the right choice.

Leon Free Fire’s Character Skill Combination is Dimitri

5 Dimitri Free Fire (FF) Character Skill Combinations

Then there is also an Active Skill Character named Dimitri, perfect for combinations with Leon’s character in battle. Because Dimitri’s Type as Support does have to help a teammate, moreover his Skill helps a squad friend to be stronger.

Moreover, if you bring this Active Skill closer to a Knock friend, you will definitely need Healing too, when you have done it Leon can give Heal. Of course it was very helpful and made Dimitri last longer.


Having a passive skill in battle that heals when driving, of course Leon can also pair his skills with this. Because when we ride a car, Leon or Notora will provide healing depending on their level.

So Leon will immediately get Burts Hear, while Notora gives Heal which is slow but can make it full. Of course the ability of this character is indeed quite helpful in battle.

The combination of Leon Free Fire’s Character Skill is Wukong

If you want to heal when fighting enemies, then pair Leon with the Wukong character skill to make it easier. The thing is with Wukong later, Leon will definitely have one chance to heal easily.

Of course, Wukong will turn off the enemy’s Auto Aim during a match, so when we don’t get hit, we can get healed. It will help your battles become easier and you can do battles very easily.


Jota’s Passive Skill with Leon is related to Heal, but usage will indeed be related when fighting or not. So we can use Leon’s Heal when it’s finished fighting, but if Jota will give Heal when attacking the enemy.

Of course, with Jota’s ability, Leon will be very helpful when facing enemies with ease. But depending on who you use it later, it could be that we receive more Heal when playing it.

After you know 10 Character Skill Combinations of Leon Free Fire (FF), let Leon’s character feel more Overpowered when we use it. There will be no more obstacles, if you use the power of this character and face even strong opponents.

Including seeing the list of 45 Free Fire update characters that are already in the game now, of course you might like to see it. Can find the right combination too, if you use a character like this later.