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10 Character Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released many cool new updates that we can try right now. Included with 10 Character Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) weapons, because it is a very good part of the weapon. Because it uses these characters, it will definitely make this weapon stronger than before.

Because some updates will be coming soon in this game, surely the content is very cool and of course you will definitely like it. Because what you can use from some of the upcoming features, it turns out that they immediately update the way the player plays to be even better.

Including seeing for yourself the Leaked Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire, this is very cool and strong for players to use when competing later. It definitely requires the right way to play if it’s like this, the position will change if you use the weapon.

Moreover, with 10 Characters of the Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) weapon, this will support you not to be difficult to control the weapon. Depending on your ability on the weapon alone, because the character has helped stabilize the weapon.

Character Weapons Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF)


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This Shotgun Charge Buster takes time before attacking the enemy, the movement becomes slow so it requires Caroline’s character. The skill of this character will speed up our movement when using a Shotgun, whether it’s attacking or carrying it.

If you use a Shotgun Charge Weapon or want to use it, you must bring Caroline so that her movements don’t stutter or be disturbed later. Because with a Shotgun like this, it can make Caroline stronger and easier to rush against the enemy.

Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire’s character is Jota

8 Characters of Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapons

The next character is Jota, an Actor who deserves to bring his Shotgun Charge Buster into the match. Because Jota has very good Skills on all Weapons, but for the type of Shotgun or SMG the most special for this kind of part right now.

Jota is able to give us Life Steal when attacking enemies, depending on what type of weapon is used. If the Shotgun is either Charge or otherwise, it has great power in recovering the total HP that we will receive and it is very suitable for doing Rush.

Because every Charge Buster attack has great damage up close, Jota is able to collect and share it with our HP so you can receive it to stay alive.

DJ Alok

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In any type of battle, whether it’s a Rush weapon like the Shotgun Charge Buster, DJ Alok is the character I most recommend for Esports. But actually DJ Alok is up to you whether you want to use it or not, because his abilities are indeed suitable to help you move forward doing Rush.

The power of this Charge Buster Shotgun will take time if the damage is large, we first activate Alok’s Skill to move faster and heal. If the enemy attacks first, the damage will be replaced by Heal, then you can give a deadly attack to the opponent using this weapon.

Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire’s character is Chrono

8 Characters of Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapons

Even though this character has been badly hit by Nerf, using the Shotgun Charge Buster weapon will be more Overpowered. Because this weapon has a Full Charge time lag, you can use the Chrono Shield to protect yourself and then attack the enemy later.

But we can’t attack from the inside anymore, when it’s full, get out and Aim on the enemy. This will indeed help you, but you must be wary of the enemy because they can seize positions in the Shield to protect themselves from this attack.

If indeed the enemy takes your safe position, then use the time to re-charge the weapon and wait for the shield to be destroyed.


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In order for your aim to be more accurate when attacking moving enemies, Dasha is able to help you not to experience that difficulty. Using the Charge Buster Shotgun Weapon that is present today, has an advantage on Damage but maybe on Aim and Recoil is a bit big.

Dasha is able to make all of that well neutralized, if you want to make better attacks. Do not do attacks that are not ready or sudden, because this will give the player a loss because the Dasha skill will not be triggered quickly.

Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire’s character is Shirou

8 Characters of Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapons

Even though this character is small, don’t underestimate Shirou’s strength if you use a Shotgun Charge Buster weapon. Because if you receive damage, you can make the enemy’s place known to a few meters and then have a chance to destroy the vest quickly.

Especially Shirou himself will become stronger, if this weapon has reached its Full Charge when you use it later. When Shirou’s Skill is active, we can dare to go forward and attack the enemy using this weapon.


8 Characters of Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapons

The next character is D-Bee who deserves to use the Shotgun Charge Buster weapon, seeing from his own abilities, it really supports you because you play moving. D-Bee can speed up movement when shooting while walking, it fits perfectly with this new weapon because its strength supports it.

Against an enemy that moves using a Shotgun buster, it is impossible to get hit fast, but if the movement gets faster, there is a much greater chance of winning. But you have to remember, that D-Bee has additional Accuracy, so every attack can become stronger and help you.

Free Fire’s Charge Buster Shotgun Weapon Character is Kelly

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Whether you want the awakened version or not, you can use this weapon with Kelly’s character now. Because Kelly’s passive skill makes it move faster, so it’s suitable for slow weapons. Can more easily dodge enemy attacks, even far superior to dealing more agile damage.

But if you want to, first charge the Shotgun Buster that you bring, so that later you have the opportunity to give a much more stable total damage. Even the power of this weapon will come out all, when it manages to lead to the enemy’s weapon later.


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Wolfrahh’s character skill is indeed quite large in impact, because it can provide high damage when attacking the body. Of course Wolfrahh itself is a good skill and we can use it with the Shotgun weapon. So that when you use this weapon, it will definitely match with Wolfrahh to do Rush.

Because Charge Buster itself is a shotgun with very high damage, so from there the attack must be very strong. It’s no wonder Wolfrahh will help us get a huge lethal force. Wolfrahh will also close the possibility of your head getting high damage.


Awakening or not, Hayato has a very good ability to use the Charge Buster Weapon. Because with that HP defense and attack, it will feel easy and deadly when you use it. No wonder this will give you great strength to face the enemies.

Depending on yourself, when you use Charge Buster with Hayato, you must be able to use it over the correct distance. It is certain that with this right ability, his power will become even stronger and very deadly.

After knowing the 10 Characters of Shotgun Charge Buster Free Fire (FF), it will help this weapon to be better. Because it is a slow and not easy weapon, using this character will support it better.

Then you can also know Tips for Using Free Fire Shotgun Charge Buster Weapons, so you are not easily defeated when playing. It will make it easier for players, so that later it won’t be difficult if you already know how and the characters.