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10 Best Synergy Hero Mathilda in Mobile Legends (ML), Combo!

Mathilda is a new hero coming to Mobile Legends. If you login on December 12, 2022 then you will get it for free. For those who are still confused, we will provide the best Mathilda hero synergy in Mobile Legends. He is a hero assassin – a strong support.

In terms of advantages, he has good damage and mobility as an assassin. Mathilda also has good tools, especially with her leap skill that can be combined with several people. Roughly speaking, Mathilda is a very agile hero and must seize the moment.

Interestingly, some people say Mathilda is the easiest assassin hero. With a kit that is not so complex, he is very effective to use and certainly very terrible. This high potential makes it very valuable for the team. Whatever the role, whether it’s assassin or support, it’s really worth using.

We made a list where you can do combos and synergies with our heroes based on some of my experiments when playing mobile legends.

These are the synergies and combos of Mathilda Mobile Legends (ML) heroes;

  1. Angela
  2. Gusion
  3. Khufra
  4. Thamuz
  5. Jawhead
  6. Johnson
  7. Lancelot
  8. Franco
  9. Belerick
  10. Paquito

Esportsku has created 10 very strong heroes with Mathilda. With them, Mathilda can play even better.

Here, let’s discuss about the synergy of Mathilda Mobile Legends heroes that are suitable for her. these heroes are also quite often picked to be strong in this meta. With her high damage in the early game, Mathilda is terrible. Take advantage of the early damage.


Best Combo Hero Mobile Legends 2019!

Angela is a very strong hero if you play Mathilda as an assassin. This is thanks to the many buffs that Angela offers to match Mathilda. Their skill set also has a strong synergy to deal high damage if you can play it right.


How to Play Hero Gusion Mobile Legends

If you play Mathilda as a midlaner or support, you can try a combo with Gusion. Both of them have very high damage and can kidnap opponents very easily. Moreover, you can use combos that can make Gusion go in and out of the fight easily.


Khufra is very compatible with Mathilda thanks to her very strong skill set in team fights. Besides Mathilda being able to pull Khufra out of trouble, she also has CC which is very useful for fighting. With Khufra’s Mathilda this skill is very valuable to use.


Thamuz’s high damage and sustain can be utilized by Mathilda. With this advantage, the fight can be smoother. Not to mention Thamuz, who certainly played aggressively, could be helped by Mathilda even better. It is very suitable to play both in one team.


mobile legends jawhead

Same with Thamuz where the high damage and sustain can be utilized by Mathilda. Plus, Jawhead, who recently received a buff, you can use his lategame damage to help Mathilda who is not very effective in the late game later.


New Johnson Wreck King Skin Johnshon 2020

Ability and Synergy Combo from Johnson to Mathilda is indeed very strong and deadly. Of course, that way their abilities will have the right attack, especially in giving Mathilda the opportunity to give the highest damage when she last attacked.


Lancelot’s ability which will help Mathilda to kill or help attack as well. So in an attack like this, it will make the Hero have more solid synergy than before.


Dash that Mathilda has turned out to be able to give Franco Skill 1 without having to use Flicker as well. Of course this is very helpful and creates combos for each other, when Franco succeeds in Hook Mathilda can also use her Ultimate.


Ultimate Skill that paralyzes the enemy’s movement, of course together with Mathilda will be very strong to provide resistance with Belerick. It depends on which combo will attack first, because all of them have good potential.


Items Anti Paquito Mobile Legends (ML)

The attacks caused by Paquito and Mathilda are indeed suitable, even very deadly in dealing with enemies very easily. As long as the timing of the attack is right and right, Ultimate Mathilda and the Paquito Combo Skill will be very synergistic.

By utilizing the synergy of the best Mathilda heroes in Mobile Legends here, you can use them more effectively. Mathilda is very strong considering that in the meta now playing aggressive is very helpful. Especially in the early game, Mathilda is very strong and difficult to fight.

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