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10 Best Skins in Mobile Legends With Good ML Details

If you’ve been playing Mobile Legends for a long time, of course, you’ve already collected some skins that can be used. With so many choices of skins that you can use, there are some in my opinion that are the best skins in Mobile Legends 2022

The skins here are detailed and some have really good effects. With various skin themes on these heroes, the skins here have the best quality.

Some of the skins here are exclusive skins, but that’s normal because exclusive skins are the best skin types because they are hard to get. If you are curious about these best skins, you just have to read on down to see the list of the best Mobile Legends skins.


Taking the summer theme, this time Hayabusa’s skin takes the sushi chef theme. Hayabusa who took the theme of this summer was paired with Kaguya’s skin which also took the same theme. In this skin, Hayabusa will get new animations and skill effects. With this good effect, this skin is one of his best skins.


One theme with his partner Hayabusa, Kagura takes the summer theme by using a summer yukata. Kagura, who looks more elegant and looks like she’s participating in a summer festival, also has new effects and animation skills.


Skin Miya Suzuhime ML, Japanese-style Mobile Legends Skin!

Still using the Japanese country theme, this time with Hayabusa and Kagura, Miya joined this skin line. In this Suzuhime skin, Miya uses the Kitsune Miko theme, which is a fox demon nun. This outstanding skin also changes Miya’s skill effects and animations a lot.


As a tank, usually this role is not as popular as other roles when it comes to getting skins, but this skin from Hilda is one of her best skins. With the theme of a dashing knight, this woman looks elegant and strong. Having animations and additional effects makes Hilda one of the best skins in the game.


Back again to the Japanese theme, this time Valir is the turn for this skin theme. Valir has a Shikigami-themed skin, namely excorcist which is usually filled by monks or monks. Having animations and additional effects as well as different skill colors, Valir looks cool in this skin.


This time Fanny got another skin which makes her have the best skins in the game. With so many skin choices for Fanny, I think Skylark is the best. By taking the theme of a Chinese warrior, Fanny looks elegant and deadly in a skin that makes her look like a Wuxia warrior. Providing great effects and animations, this skin fits perfectly with Fanny’s agile theme.


As an exclusive skin for Starlight Member September 2022, Angela’s skin has a Chinese theme like Fanny. As a puppet master from China, Angela is seen using a modified Qipao or Cheongsam. Adding effects and animations, Angela looks beautiful in this skin.


Then the Skin that has very good details in the match, Estes Blacklist International is something you must see. Of course, with such an ability, it will show a lively concert that Estes will put out later. Even with this limited skin, the Ultimate will provide Song Sound and concert light.


Claude Bad Bro’s attack effect is very detailed, especially if you have already given an attack to the opponent. Later, some of the detailed skins with the Gamers theme will appear, even making this skin cool with the appearance of Badtz Maru as his partner. Of course, this collaboration limited skin is indeed quite popular.

YIN – M World

Featuring Ultimate which is full of Modern times, YIN M World provides a very good detail in Mobile Legends. Even from the effect of the attack, it will provide considerable strength, so those of you who use it will get spoiled from this appearance right now.

Those are some of the best Mobile Legends skins in my opinion. Although this exclusive skin is difficult to obtain, the available skins in my opinion are worth getting because of the very good effects.