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10 Best Skins for Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Fanny is one of the assassin heroes who uses energy to use her skills. Fanny really needs buffs for maximum performance in a gameplay. This hero is much favored by Mobile Legends players. You need to know that there are 10 of Fanny’s best skins in Mobile Legends that have a cool look.

Even though Fanny herself is quite a favorite by the players, in fact playing this hero is quite difficult. If you want to use the fanny well, make sure to master the use of the cable skill first. If you have mastered it, it is guaranteed that it will be very easy when using it in a gameplay.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the 10 best skins for Fanny in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know the appearance of these six skins, let’s just see the full explanation below!

The following is a list of the best skins owned by Fanny’s hero in Mobile Legends that ML players should know:

  • Blade Dancer
  • Youth Campus
  • Punk Princess
  • Skylark
  • Royal Calvary
  • Lifeguard
  • Lightborn – Rangers
  • Christmas Carnival
  • Imperial Warrior
  • Blade of Kibou

So, those are the names of the best skins owned by Fanny in Mobile Legends. For an explanation of the appearance of the skins above, you can see below!

Fanny – Blade Dancer

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It is the default skin from Fanny’s hero, becoming a Blade Dancer which is one of the most beautiful appearances. It’s enough to be a new power for you to use when competing, so we can see the Simple appearance of Fanny from this Skin easily. Just 32000 BP, you can immediately have the Skin.

Fanny – Campus Youth

6 Best Skins for Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Campus Youth is a fanny skin that is included in the Elite category. Her appearance makes Fanny look like a college kid because she dresses like a student. For those of you who want to have this skin, you can buy it at the shop. Fanny’s appearance on this skin looks sexier and looks prettier than her default skin.

Fanny – Punk Princess

6 Best Skins for Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Punk Princess is one of Fanny’s skins which is included in the skin season category. To get it, you can buy it at the Mobile Legends fragment shop. The appearance of this skin makes Fanny like a punk kid where the costumes she uses are also very scary. Fanny is also seen holding a baseball bat in this skin look and it makes it even more terrifying.

Fanny – Skylark

6 Best Skins for Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Skylark is a limited fanny epic skin that is very difficult to get. This skin is only available at certain events. The price is also very expensive compared to the quality of this skin itself. Besides that, the fanny display and skill animation effects produced from this Skylark skin are also very good. Fanny looks like a beautiful female ninja when using this skin.

Fanny – Royal Calvary

6 Best Skins for Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Royal Calvary is a skin with starlight category for fanny. For those of you who want to get it, you can exchange your rare fragments in the Mobile Legends fragment shop. The appearance of this skin is perfect for Fanny and makes her even more beautiful. The costume he wears is identical to that of a royal muskeeter.

Fanny – Lifeguard

Lifeguard is a special skin for fanny that you can get by buying it at the shop for 749 Diamond. Fanny’s appearance is made like a coast guard and her skill animation effects are also identical to water. It’s really worth it for you to get.

Fanny – Lightborn Ranger

Fanny is also a member of the lightborn squad in Mobile Legends. You can get this skin by buying it at the shop for 1089 Diamond. This skin makes the fanny look like a ranger from a kingdom. The resulting skill animation effect is also very good, golden like light. It’s really worth it for you to get.

Fanny – Christmas Carnival

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Special for Winter or Christmas Events, Fanny Christmas Carnival is indeed one of the skins that is quite good. It even has a very cold effect when attacking enemies with Snow Effect on each slash. This skin is included in the Limited type, so you are only available at the Christmas Event.

Fanny – Imperial Warrior

Imperial Warrior is a Normal Skin that comes from the First Top Up in Season 22 of Mobile Legends. This skin has the appearance of a true warrior, wielding a slightly large Sword with a Silver color that resembles a rock as well.

Fanny – Blade of Kibou

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A Skin with an Anime Theme, Blade of Kibou makes this Fanny Skin quite different from the others. Because it has 3D Anime Graphics, there are even some special interactions from the skin. It does make a different impression when using this skin. Especially to get it only available from a special event called Aspirants so you can only go through that event.

So that’s the explanation of Fanny’s best skin in Mobile Legends. By using the skins above, it is guaranteed that your fanny will grow even more frightening. Do you already have one of the skins we mentioned above?