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10 Best Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Characters

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates that are available for players to try right away. Even with the presence of the 10 Best United Free Fire (FF) Rampage Characters, you can use them more easily. Facing many difficulties when dealing with enemies, it will definitely become more exciting with it.

Due to the emergence of a mode that has become more exciting and has a new experience playing, then you can understand the game. Because with the emergence of new events and existing modes, it will definitely make players understand the game more quickly.

Really understand the Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire Mode, so that you understand better and it’s not too difficult to deal with existing enemies. The thing is that with those of you who can do it well, it will definitely help players win quickly if you use it later.

Also play using the 10 Best Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Characters, to make it easier for you when competing. When using a character like this, it will definitely help you deal with every enemy in that mode faster.

Best Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Characters

DJ Alok

The first character that my Esports often uses in this Mode is DJ Alok, who is able to help in this Rampage Mode. The problem is the ability of DJ Alok when he is in this mode now, so that we can really help when fighting enemies in that place.

Because seeing the healing abilities that DJ Alok gives, you can maintain your HP when you are competing. So, in using the right DJ Alok, the enemy will not be able to penetrate the defense to protect points in that mode.


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Then next there is Wukong whose Active Skill is very good, even in Rampage United Mode it is suitable for rioters. Wukong is able to make himself into a bush, then attack the enemy suddenly because it appears from such a form.

The effect we will receive is in the form of escape from the enemy’s auto aim, even having time to protect ourselves. Then, for example, if you kill, then this Wukong skill will be reset and we can use it again.

Rampage United Free Fire’s character is Steffie

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Even Steffie is also suitable in Rampage United Mode, because her skills have a very wide defense area. If your friends and you are in this circle, get a high Defend buff effect and don’t get hit by Grenades from enemies.

That’s because Steffie Gets the Newest Buff which is very overpowered, making it not difficult to fight enemies. Moreover, playing in Rampage Mode like this, the enemy uses Grenades more often for throwing items so Steffie can provide protection with Skill.


Otho’s passive skills can be useful in this mode, Rampage United has a small area and is suitable for Otho’s skills. The problem is that when Otho kills, the 25m distance from the enemy who is killed will provide information on the location of other enemies as well.

With such a large distance, the enemies that you see in this mode will indeed see all their positions as well. So carrying out raids will not be too difficult, as long as we use Otho who can take advantage of his passive.


Best Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Characters

Clu’s ability to track enemies using his passive skill is very helpful, because the location of each enemy will be found out with this. So don’t be surprised if the Clu character will be popular in this mode too, depending on how you use it later.

It supports the place too, because the position itself is narrow and can be an opportunity to issue Skills with a very large area. Then, no matter how strong the enemy is, it will definitely not be a match, because the position they move is already very visible.

Rampage United Free Fire’s character is Kelly

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Even Kelly will also help you to deal with enemies in this mode, because it is able to provide high agility. The enemies that you fight when you are in Rampage United Mode, it will definitely feel much easier to deal with them later.

The passive provides speed in running, even if awakening will make your attacks stronger. So that when you use Kelly in this mode, the enemy will not be able to pursue or provide resistance.


A Blind Assassin with his Drone Skill, of course Homer has a very helpful ability to fight. Because this drone will aim at a distance of 100m the enemy is, of course Homer will easily be like this.

Because the Homer Drone when it explodes will create Aura, the bad effect of reducing Movement Speed ​​and Fire Rate on the enemy. Survive for 5 seconds, so you can make it difficult for your opponent to face enemies in that mode.


If Awakened or Not, Hayato has a very strong ability for you to use in Rampage United Mode. It looks like a very large addition of power, so that we can have an advantage in dealing with enemies with a longer survival system.

The skill that Hayato has is Armor Penetration Enhancer and is also immune to damage for a few seconds, that is if he gets hit by a lucky attack. It’s good to be in a mode like this, it will make it easier for you to have no difficulty in dealing with strong enemies.

Rampage United Free Fire’s character is Chrono

Although this is only a temporary defense, it looks like Chrono is really suitable for the Rampage United Mode. The thing is that with those of you who use this skill at the right time, it will definitely make it easier for you to deal with it too.

Because the Shield of Active Skills that Chrono has, will definitely allow you to survive for a while. No matter how strong the enemy, it will not be easy to penetrate the Shield like this which is also quite large in size.


Best Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Characters

It might only be temporary, but Xayne has a Skill that increases HP by 80 points with his Active Skill. Because indeed with full abilities, it will be able to help you to destroy protection items very easily.

It’s because Xayne will also really help, so that you guys won’t have a hard time competing either. Only for a while, if you really want to have the strength to face an existing enemy.

After knowing the 10 Best Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Characters, you won’t need to be confused anymore in using them. Because indeed with Xayne itself, it will certainly help players become easier when you face them in matches now.

Moreover, to take advantage of the existing Free Fire Weapon Types, it will definitely help the player in dealing with this enemy. If that’s the case, it will definitely become easier too, when you are dealing with enemies in this Mode.