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10 Best Otho Character Combinations Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire does have a lot of cool new characters. Then there are also the 10 Best Free Fire (FF) Otho Character Combinations, which will help Otho players to play more easily. Considering that you are still new to the game, the skills must match the other characters.

This new event in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and of course you can only do it now. So that later no one will be able to miss the event mission, if you already know what prizes we can get in this latest update.

Moreover, yesterday there were several things about the Leon Free Fire Character Combination, it is indeed quite strong and very overpowered. For use, maybe when playing Rush or not, it can indeed protect us without having to waste a medical kit too.

It’s just that now we have to know the 10 Best Otho Character Combinations in Free Fire (FF), so that Otho’s abilities will be even stronger when competing. So that the enemy you fight later, will feel easier and there will be no hiding place because of this Otho Skill.

The Best Otho Character Combination Free Fire (FF)


5 Best Otho Character Combinations Free Fire (FF)

Given that this Maro Skill is getting further away, the more painful it is, then the enemy affected by the Mark has the greater the damage, the more suitable it is. Otho and Maro have skills that support each other, for example, Otho can find out the enemy’s position 50 meters if he kills.

Then this Maro character can deal damage from long-range attacks, of course, dealing great damage to the enemy later. Even enemies hit by Marks of any type, will receive additional damage from Maro’s translucent Vest character skill.

Free Fire’s Best Otho Character Combination is Laura

5 Best Otho Character Combinations Free Fire (FF)

Furthermore, we are able to see the enemy from a distance, of course Laura is advantageous in this position. The strength of the Sniper character, will provide high accuracy when using the Scope and of course this will change the flow of the game later.

So it’s not surprising that this character is indeed compatible with Otho, even for some characters indicating enemy locations. So Laura will indeed give the best game, to change things for the better than before.


5 Best Otho Character Combinations Free Fire (FF)

Still in touch with long distance too, because Rafael will give silencers to weapons related to snipers and marksman. Your position has succeeded in defeating the enemy, then all players will be visible in a 50 meter Map apart from you later.

Try to direct the right shot at the enemy, then deal damage that is so deadly. Because in conditions like this too, it will help you to more easily kill your opponent but still not get caught at all.


5 Best Otho Character Combinations Free Fire (FF)

Then Wolfrahh, who really matches a character named Otho, the ability this character gives can increase damage. But only in the yellow Damage section, it will grow quite large and of course quickly recover.

Next you have to practice aiming only when using Attacks that are related to Rush, so that when you approach the enemy you don’t hesitate anymore. Let those whom we are after, will feel the defeat for daring to fight those of you who are silent.

Moco includes the Best Otho Character Combination Free Fire (FF)

5 Best Otho Character Combinations Free Fire (FF)

One of Otho’s friends who is of course smart in technology, even Moco is very suitable if you use it together. Because after Otho knows the location of all enemies, Moco can immediately attack the enemy either far or near to give a sign.

Later, after the enemy has escaped from the Otho Skill range, you can still see it temporarily from the Map using this Moco Skill. Of course it’s enough to help the players, so they don’t just lose track.


FF Characters In Garena Free Fire

Whether awakening or not, Kelly and Otho make a very good and deadly combination. Because we already know the position of the opponent, we can immediately approach him quickly because of Kelly’s Sprint ability later.

Of course Kelly’s ability is quite helpful, so Otho will have great strength in dealing with enemies. But it depends on you who can control this combination, so that later it runs smoothly.


The Iris character also fits into the Otho Combination easily, because it’s a visible enemy that can be reversed by a gloo wall too. Well, if that’s the case, you can do attacks from a distance with the Active Skill Iris very easily.

You have to use this skill well, so that you can do it well later. Make sure that you do have an advantage from a distance, Otho and Iris are really very helpful for this deadly combination attack.


By the time the enemy’s position has been discovered by Otho, Homer will find it easy to issue his skills. Of course this will make the Enemy who is caught will not be able to escape easily because it has been marked.

Later, you have to prepare for close or mid-range combat, if you use Homer, it will be even more helpful for Otho. It’s not hard with something like this, if you do it right.


For example, Otho, which you play using a vehicle, then using Misha’s character can know the enemy’s position easily. When you succeed in defeating an enemy, it is quite easy and you can approach it directly if you already know its position.

But you must remain vigilant, because indeed the enemy can be in the house or install a gloo wall for cover. So that later it will not be too difficult for you to face the enemy with this combination.


Character Defense FF free fire

A124 and Otho’s abilities will be deadly, because later when we know an enemy’s position we can use the A124 Skill. Disables all activities and will turn off the opponent’s Skill for a few seconds.

With this opportunity, we who know the enemy’s position will immediately advance and ambush without having to be afraid anymore. We can do that attack easily, because the enemy can’t counterattack.

After knowing the 10 Best Free Fire (FF) Otho Character Combinations, now is the time for you to play. So that in the future we can still get lots of good opportunities, so as not to miss the opportunity to find the right combination.

Then the presence of 45 Updated Free Fire Characters itself, will indeed help players to know more about the current character. They will also be more aware of their own combinations, to make things even more different.