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10 Best Free Fire (FF) PC or Laptop Emulators, No Lag!

This time there is the Best Free Fire FF Emulator on a PC or Laptop. Use this so you can play free fire smoothly when using PCs and laptops

Now there are many ways that you can play Android games on a PC. Although not directly, because of course you have to use an emulator first. When you use this emulator, then of course your game can run applications like on a smartphone.

You can use the emulator like using your own smartphone. But you also have to know, too, that not all of these emulators can be used to play heavy Android games too.

Especially if you play a PUBG Mobile Game with a small Ram on your PC. Of course this will make the quality you get will be reduced, aka playing in a state of lag.

There are many types of emulators that you can use on your PC or laptop. You can use this emulator for players who want to play free fire on a PC

On this occasion we will give you some choices about the best emulators to play games on Android on PC.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below, yes.

Free Fire (FF) Emulator on PC or Laptop

Playing free fire is indeed very good if you are on a PC with better settings and also on a laptop with an additional mouse or keyboard that is ready to accompany you.

The following is a list of the best FF Emulators on PCs and laptops for free fire:

Droids 4x

This first emulator has a mechanism that is quite easy to use. You can also enjoy many Android games that you like, not only that, you can also set buttons to make your game easier later.

Even more so if you have low PC or Laptop specifications, then it’s perfect. Because this 4x Droid Emulator can be run even on a PC or Laptop with low specifications.

Bluestacks FF Emulator

The next emulator that you can use is Bluestack. This emulator is quite good to use, especially if you also have low PC or Laptop specifications. In addition, the Best Free Fire Emulator 2022 Bluestack has a fairly easy way of using it.

Even at the beginning, you can already know how to set up and even make the emulator work properly. You can also use the Best FF emulator 2022 Bluestack to play MOBA Android games that are busy playing, such as Mobile Legends.


This emulator is also suitable to run in low specifications, you can also play many interesting Android games in the emulator. The Nox emulator provides pretty good performance, even if your PC or Laptop is a potato.

You can also play the Free Fire game in this Emulator, but before you play the game it is recommended to set it first so that playing can be easier. But, usually it’s also automatically self-regulating so you won’t be bothered.

Best FF Emulator Tencent Gaming Buddy

This emulator is the output of Tencent, this is to play famous mobile games in Indonesia. You can play PUBG Mobile games, mobile legends and most importantly you can also play free fire on this tencent gaming buddy free fire.

Tencent Gaming Buddy FF itself is very light when you use it. Free fire players will not experience lagging if they meet the requirements listed on the website to install this application.


Best FF Emulator 2020 free fire

The best FF emulator 2022 that you can use is Memu. Although it looks quite simple, this emulator can also play modern Android games. This application also has the Android 7.1 operating system, so the performance provided is also getting better.

Memu also provides a button Mapping Feature for Customization, it’s even self-organized. This mapping will self-regulate according to the game you are going to play. For example, playing the Free Fire game, automatically setting Mapping from the button for the Battle Royale Free Fire game.

GenyMotion FF Emulator

The next best emulator that you can use to play Fre Fire is Genymotion, this emulator offers a variety of features that are quite premium than other emulators.

Not only can you install and play Free Fire, you can also use it to install other android applications. Not only that, this emulator also offers cloud base emulator services to test and run applications as well.

As the best emulator, of course, it is very suitable for playing Free Fire games on PC using this emulator. In addition, GenyMotian can also be used by PCs that have low specifications so that they are smoother when playing Free Fire games.


LDPlayer is one of the next best FF Emulators, this emulator is the best choice for you to play Free Fire games on PC. The reason is that the developer is still very active in providing updates to LDPlayer so it is still widely used today.

That way, every game that you install on this application will be smoother and smoother when played. Not only that, to play more optimally, you can use two versions of Android that can be selected on LDPlayer, including Version 5.1 and Android 7.1, and of course both versions still support playing Free Fire.

Andy Emulator

Best Free Fire Emulator Next is Andy emulator which is the best emulator for playing Free Fire, the emulator has features for pretty good graphics.

This emulator offers a feature to explore when you play Free Fire on Android, because using this emulator you can get a root feature so you can maximize performance on Android smartphones in general.

Not only that, not only on Windows, those of you who have an iMac can also run the Andy Emulator so they can play Free Fire on a Mac.


Best FF Emulator 2020 free fire

Then there is the FF KOPLayer Emulator which is the best emulator for playing Free Fire. KOPlayer itself is an emulator that can play Free Fire games easily. Now for those of you who want to play FF ​​but don’t have a device, we recommend using this emulator.

Not only that, you can change the keyboard on this Android application so that it can be used as a controller. By using KOPlayer you can play Free Fire games as easily as playing PC games in general.


You can also use an emulator called Gameloop, one of the most popular to play Android games easily on PCs and laptops. It won’t even be too difficult for those of you who want to play the Free Fire game, because using Gameloop won’t make you confused, just install and immediately login to Gmail to download the game.

Even for potato specs, you can use it smoothly, as long as you can set it up first before playing. Before you play this Free Fire game, too, you must be able to adjust the keyboard and mouse settings so that they play well. But usually Gameloop will immediately provide direct settings for each type of game that we play.

It’s no wonder that Gameloop is also the lightest part and not too difficult for you to use. But everything really has to depend on the specifications of your PC or laptop too, but if you want to play the Free Fire game, it’s definitely smooth. As long as we also reset the Emulator Settings to adjust the specifications of the device you are using.

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So, those are some of the best FF emulator recommendations that you can use to play Android games like Free Fire on a PC or Laptop.

That’s all, and don’t forget to follow our official Instagram at Esportsku (@esports.ku) to get the latest information about the Free Fire game and other games. Thanks.