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10 Best Free Fire (FF) Night Hunter Mode Characters

Free Fire releases many new updates that bring a lot of interesting content for players to play right now. Especially for the 10 Best Night Hunter Free Fire (FF) Mode Characters, it will help players to win. Because in the Night Hunter Mode, we will find a game system that has never been felt really.

Because in certain game modes, of course the characters we use can also change depending on the situation. Because every skill you have in dealing with enemies in this game now, will certainly have a big influence on your game too.

Even to get to know the Night Hunter Free Fire Mode, it is certain that something like this has a very big influence. It’s no wonder that new players don’t really understand this mode, because Night Hunter itself rarely appears in the game because of several new modes.

Moreover, for now there are 10 Best Night Hunter Free Fire (FF) Mode Characters, which will help your game become easier too. Because indeed with Night hunter Mode with this character, it won’t be too difficult to deal with existing enemies.

The Best Free Fire (FF) Night Hunter Mode Characters


The first character that is suitable for us to use in Night Hunter Mode, so that we make it easier for players in battle as well. The problem is that with characters that are suitable for Night Hunter Mode like this, you will easily find enemies in the dark.

Because Night Hunter Mode provides a Night atmosphere, as well as Homer who has a drone to chase an enemy. Of course Homer’s ability is very helpful, especially if they are not ready to deal with it.

The drone that is chasing the enemy will explode, then give a number of damage for us to know where the enemy is. Then you can just get ready to use this AWM weapon, so you can attack it with one shot because AWM is the main weapon here.


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Then next Wolfrahh is also very strong to play in that mode, because it supports the weapons we use. The AWM weapon, which is already strong, is definitely stronger when we combine it with the Wolfrahh character.

But there are some things that you really have to pay attention to, for example, such as the position in using Aim attacks on the enemy. Because as I know Esports, even though this Wolfrahh has reduced damage when hit by a headshot, it doesn’t affect AWM.

So that you are in the night hunter mode, wanting to shoot the enemy’s body or head is not a problem. However, the position that we must pay attention to is really amar, so as not to just die when competing against many enemies.

The Best Free Fire Night Hunter Mode Character is Clu

The Best Free Fire (FF) Night Hunter Mode Characters

Having an Active Skill that can show each opponent’s position at a certain distance, there is definitely no need to worry anymore. Because with the use of Skill Clu itself, your character will show the enemy’s position, even in dark conditions it’s not a problem.

But Esports I suggest you to look more clearly at the screen or the minimap, because Clu doesn’t give too many signs to the enemy. So we need to pay close attention to this position, in order to have a much stronger attack against the enemy.

Only if the enemy’s position has been found out, we must be ready for the position until the skill is dead. Because maybe they will approach or pass a certain place, so we are also prepared to shoot them.


The Passive Skill that Otho has is indeed quite helpful in Night Hunter battles, because you can know the enemy’s position for a long time. There is only one thing we need to remember, if Otho has to kill first before using the passive skill.

Of course, you need to use the Otho Free Fire Character Combination, to make it easier to kill. Moreover, the weapons in this mode that are available are only AWM, so you have to be vigilant in dealing with the enemy in order to keep playing very well later.


For example, if we talk about strength, of course Maro has a very strong ability for weapons with this long range. It’s true – we can really benefit very well, because Maro has the advantage in such strength.

Only if you really use Maro, just make sure that the distance is quite far from the enemy but still safe. So that Maro’s passive is able to issue maximum damage, this of course will affect you playing.

So make sure to use AWM though, you must be able to adjust the distance from the enemy so that you are in a safe position to attack. Don’t think it’s easy, especially in a pitch black map like this.

The Best Free Fire Night Hunter Mode Character is Shirou

The Best Free Fire (FF) Night Hunter Mode Characters

Shirou’s advantage if we are in this Mode is to use Attacks that are triggered from his passive. Now Shirou’s passive is able to give a signal to the enemy, if they shoot you from a certain distance.

Now that’s why Shirou’s character fits in such a mode, because his Passive ability indicates the position of the enemy. Not to mention the enemy who gets shot while being marked by it, must get a much more deadly attack.

Just understand this character and also the Unique Facts of the Shirou Free Fire Character to understand more about his abilities.


According to Esportsku, for the character Kla, this would be more appropriate, because it makes the enemy toxic with a death blow. Even though you really use Kla, you have to be careful when competing against the enemy as well.

Because Kla really has to play very well, so that we approach the enemy well with this. In order to make Kla himself, of course, become stronger and will not be easily defeated with his punches.


The Best Free Fire (FF) Night Hunter Mode Characters

Another position that is really suitable for Rafael himself has great strength, especially with his ability in this mode. Rafael will not make a sound at all when shooting and has a better attack effect.

So the night hunter mode will also feel really good, because Rafael won’t be easily caught if he’s already here. Depending on those of you who use it later, how will it be with the influence of the attack area or the AWM weapon that we use.


Homer has an Active Skill that is quite strong in dealing with many enemies, even Homer’s own character has an advantage in this attack. So we can do a proper attack with something like this quite well. Mainly to provide great power, without having to be confused again to use it later.

This drone will make the enemy’s position known, and will be directly affected by various bad effects while in the area. Of course, when Homer has found the enemy’s position, he will be disturbed by things like this.


Being a character who reduces enemy attack damage when fighting, Kenta definitely helps in Night Hunter Mode like this. With these advantages and abilities, it will definitely make you more defensive and not be hit by sudden attacks.

That’s why Kenta is perfect, because the reduced damage will reach a total of up to 80% reduction. Depending on your own level later, it must have an attack that is much more capable of killing. Make sure that if you use Kenta you have to be ready with the enemy and lose your armor when attacking.

After knowing the 10 Best Night Hunter Free Fire (FF) Mode Characters, you can immediately use these characters easily. Until your ability to deal with enemies, because it has been helped by the position of the game like this right now.

Then get to know more fully the Unique Facts of the Night Hunter Free Fire Mode, it will definitely make you feel stronger. Facing the enemy itself is not too difficult, so that we are also more familiar with games like this.