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10 Best and Deadliest Weapons Free Fire (FF) melee

In the Free Fire Game, the Best Weapons and Deadly Free Fire (FF) melee that you can use to play. Every player who plays this Free Fire game, must have various types of mainstay weapons. Moreover, for now, we must know that there is the best close-range FF weapon in the Free Fire game. You will also automatically later, definitely won’t be easy to beat, if you use one of these weapons later.

For that, don’t forget all of you, so you can try all the weapons that are presented in this Free Fire game. Because later you guys might, it could be easier to win too. Especially now that there is a Free Fire Weapon Type, which all players must know. Indeed, this will help you, in competing with weapons and their combinations.

The 10 weapons here are mandatory for you to use if you want to be the best in close combat.

On this occasion, we will provide some melee weapons that are not inferior to Shotguns as well. Of course, those of you who like to play at close range will be helped by this weapon even if you don’t use a shotgun. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below, yes.

The Best and Deadly Weapons of Free Fire (FF)

The following is a list of the Best Free Fire (FF) melee weapons that FF players can use

AK47 Weapon

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The first Free Fire (FF) melee weapon that can be relied on in this case is the AK47, the ability of this weapon is indeed quite deadly and is still the mainstay of many people. Therefore, all of you don’t forget to use this weapon, both at close and far distances are just as deadly. Therefore, the AK47 is still a mainstay for current players.

The development of the Free Fire game from the past until now, has always brought up quite interesting things. Moreover, this AK47 weapon has great damage, of course, both at close and far distances are still deadly. Because of the superiority of this weapon, it is seen from the damage and we see from the Recoil as well.

The AK47 has a fairly high recoil, where if we shoot continuously, the bullets will continue to spread. So that later, it will make it easier for us to fight enemies at close range. Damage from this weapon if headshot, can reach more than 250+. So it is natural, for example, this weapon is quite good and deadly when used.

Weapon AUG

Best Free Fire Melee Weapon (FF)

This newcomer weapon finally succeeded, becoming one of the deadliest Free Fire (FF) melee weapons in the Free Fire game. Although the AUG Damage section is not too big, but the Fire Rate given is very fast. Of course the enemies that you face from close range, can also be killed quickly because of this big Fire Rate problem later.

For now, AUG is still the mainstay of many players, because from the Fire Rate section it can help the enemy quickly. So this way, all of you later, you shouldn’t forget to try this weapon at close range too. Even though it is an Assault Rifle type, you can use this weapon like a deadly SMG.

The firing speed of this weapon is finally able to beat the XM8 weapon, which used to be the fastest weapon. Therefore, all of you, don’t forget to try this weapon at close range. This is indeed due to the advantages of AUG, it is quite visible and will definitely help you win in the match later.

Weapon MP40

Next is the MP40 weapon, if this weapon is indeed we can’t doubt it. The MP40 is one of the weapons that is quite good and very deadly, especially since he used to be the king of SMG in the game. But the title was finally won, by one of the newcomer weapons in the Free Fire game who was present yesterday.

The ability given by this weapon is not from Damage, but we see from the Fire Rate section. The ability of this MP40 weapon is also quite deadly, so you certainly will never regret using the MP40 when Rush. Moreover, if it is combined with Jota, it will definitely be more deadly than before too later.

But if for example you do use this weapon, try to get close to the enemy. Because we can’t always use MP40 weapons, from a fairly medium distance. The damage from this weapon is indeed small, but we also have to know that the accuracy of this weapon is lacking. If we are too far from the enemy, then it is natural that for example this weapon’s bullets will spread.


As for this weapon, you could say he won the title of King of SMG in the Free Fire game. The ability provided by this Thompson weapon is also quite good and quite deadly. So you will not easily lose, if for example you compete at close range using the Thompson weapon that is currently presented in the game.

The damage and fire rate of this Thompson weapon is quite large, so it’s only natural that for example using Rush it is very good. Those of you who use this will definitely find it easier, to fight enemies in the match by means of Rush. Therefore, you also don’t want to miss this weapon, because the damage given is also very large.

If there was a match with the Shotgun as well, it was likely that Thompson would be the winner. Although this weapon will be quite superior, but you also have to be careful when using it. Because of this weapon’s natural counter too, it still exists today. Therefore, try to use Thompson properly.

MP5 as the Best Free Fire (FF) melee weapon

The last weapon that is not inferior to Shotgun as the best for melee free fire is MP5. The ability of this weapon is quite good and deadly for us to use later, so try to be able to use it at close range. This Free Fire MP5 melee weapon is also quite deadly, so don’t forget all of you so that you can always learn to master this weapon later.

Because MP5 will not always be easy to use easily, there are times when we use this weapon is quite difficult. So if this problem is also trying, to be able to become a Rush player. The MP5’s ability is the highest in the Fire Rate section, so that’s what makes this weapon the most superior to other types of SMGs as well.

If you want to know, this MP5 weapon used to get a pretty useful and deadly Buff. So that’s why MP5 ended up being one of those parts of the meta, which was deadlier than ever. For now, if you want to rush well, try to get MP5 from a very close distance by the enemy you are fighting.


The first weapon and indeed has proven quite lethal at close range is the M1014. The weapon has a Shotgun type, we even know that the Shotgun is indeed a very deadly close-range weapon.

Now, until now, the M1014 weapon is still used by many people. Of course to be a Rusher, as well as guard yourself when the enemy tries to approach. Damage from this weapon too, can kill enemies with just one headshot. This weapon ranks first as a lethal shotgun free fire

MP40’s Deadly Melee FF Weapons

3 Deadly FF Weapons Free Fire 2020

It will not be complete, if the close-range lethal weapon does not have MP40. This SMG type weapon has very fast damage and Fire Rate, of course it would be better to use it at close range. Even this weapon, is quite strong and deadly when at close range. This weapon includes the best free fire smg weapons 2022

This MP40 Deadly melee FF weapon is very popular among pro players, because of its quite dangerous abilities. But unfortunately, you have to be able to play carefully. Because the accuracy of this weapon is less, so it takes good concentration.

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3 Deadly FF Weapons Free Fire 2020

The last deadly Free Fire 2022 melee FF weapon that is deadly at close range is M79, this weapon has enormous damage. Even one shot at the ground, can immediately make the enemy’s blood run out quickly and can be killed easily.

But if you want to use this weapon, you have to be able to adjust the distance too. If the explosion from this weapon hits you, the resulting damage will automatically hit yourself. Instead of killing the enemy, even kill yourself using this weapon.


Mag-7 is a Shotgun with a fairly high total damage when used at close range to deal with enemies. Of course, with the ability of these weapons, it will be the right attack in the face of the enemy. So things like this will be very helpful, making it easy for you to kill.

This weapon is really suitable for Rush users or other close range. Of course, carrying out this powerful and deadly attack, will definitely provide resistance more easily and will not feel difficult at all when you are competing later.


A weapon that is quite popular for melee, Vector is the right choice so you can use it in matches. Of course with a weapon like that, it will definitely give you great power to deal with the enemy very easily. It won’t be too difficult with it, so we can do it well.

Vector has a very high total Fire of Rate, so you can easily make the right attacks. The right attack and the right aim, so that you can battle and damage to shoot from close range.

Each weapon in this Free Fire game has a variety of different abilities. So you also have to be able to use this weapon well, especially if for example you have mastered many interesting things in this game. Especially the Best Free Fire (FF) melee weapons in this game, you can also lose with some of the weapons that we provide.

That’s all, Thank you and Regards Booyah.

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