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1 Biggest Weakness of Khaleed Mobile Legends That Makes Him Forgot

Did you know that there is 1 biggest weakness for Khaleed Mobile Legends that has made him forgotten until now, what is his weakness?

Khaleed is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends whose figure is starting to be forgotten at this time, even though he has abilities above the average of other fighters.

Khaleed has crowd control skills, deadly and consistent damage since the early game, has regen skills, good mobility and so on.

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Although he has many great abilities, there is one tablet of Khaleed’s biggest weakness that makes him forgotten as he is today.

Very Weak Against CC Skills

Khaleed mobile legends
Photo via The Art of Goyong

As we know that Khaleed’s main ability is in his 2nd skill which can regenerate his own cellphone profusely.

However, Khaleed’s 2nd skill is very weak against crowd control, even a little stun has failed to completely regenerate his cellphone.

So no matter how good and strong Khaleed’s ability is if his 2nd skill is easily countered by the opponent then Khaleed is just an ordinary fighter hero.

Because his skill 2 is the main key behind all of Khaleed’s great abilities. Unlike Yu Zhong or Uranus who can regenerate their blood while moving.

Khaleed op mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Khaleed can’t move at all when he’s using skill 2, he will stay in place like a gord when he’s ulti and Khaleed’s blood will be full again, regenerating.

That’s what makes Khaleed very vulnerable to cc skills because when he is using his 2nd skill, Khaleed is easy to stop.

That’s Khaleed’s biggest weakness so he doesn’t enter the meta and is not relied on by Mobile Legends players anymore.

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