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1 Advantages of Lesley Mobile Legends That Other Marksmans Don't Have

The following is 1 advantage of Lesley Mobile Legends that other marksman doesn’t have, you marksman players should know this.

Lesley is one of the marksman heroes who are looked down upon by Mobile Legends players. This MM Hero is identical to the epic rank.

But don’t get me wrong, Lesley’s ability is terrible, her duel ability with the opponent’s goldlaner is very superior, especially if Lesley’s items have become 2 or 3.

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Regarding that, SPIN Esports will give Lesley 1 advantage that other marksman heroes in Mobile Legends don’t have, what is it?

Hard to Lock

Marksman op mobile legends
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The main advantage of Lesley that other marksman does not have is that Lesley is difficult to lock against. All thanks to his passive that can make Lesley’s body disappear.

When Lesley’s body disappears, heroes like Aamon, Ling, Popol & Kupa, Harley, Zilondan and so on cannot activate lock mode.

This allows Lesley to dodge and counterattack if in a favorable situation. In addition to being passive, it can make Lesley difficult to lock opponents, this ability also has a big role for Lesley.

Lesley mobile legends
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His damage becomes very large if he attacks when his passive is active, even so Lesley can kill in just 1 shot.

Such an ability is very rare for a marksman hero in MLBB and Lesley is one of those rare heroes.

That’s the advantage of Lesley Mobile Legends that other marksman doesn’t have, is there anything you want to add?

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