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Weak Wifi Signal? Take a peek at 5 Ways to Extend Wifi Coverage Below!

5 Ways to Extend Wifi Range

5 Ways to Expand Wi-Fi Range – Along with the increasing need for internet, the installation of wifi at home has also increased. Wifi internet quota is cheaper than cellular operators. However, the wifi coverage is only in certain areas. Not infrequently there are certain corners of the house that are not reached by the wifi signal. To fix this, you can try the following ways to extend the range of wifi:

1. Set Router Location

The installation position of the wifi router greatly affects the range of the transmitted internet signal. As much as possible place the router in a strategic position. For example in the middle of the room and in the open. The presence of obstructions such as walls, bulkheads, or roofs to the upper room can block the range of the wifi signal.

The way to extend wifi coverage is by not placing the router near telephone or microwave devices. Because both devices produce waves that can cause interference with the wifi signal frequency. This interference affects the level of connectivity on the router.

Also pay attention to the direction of the router antenna that is installed. If the router only has one antenna, it’s best to set the antenna upright. Thus the network signal can be spread evenly throughout the space. If the router antenna is more than one, it would be better to position the antenna in different directions. This is so range reach is wider.

2. Install Access Point

The use of additional access points is highly recommended for homes or offices that have a lot of insulated space. Add access points in some corners. So the wifi signal can reach wider, even in closed spaces.

The addition of an access point will not only make the wifi signal coverage wider. Another benefit provided is increased network stability. For this reason, there are several router products that also offer an access point mode feature.

3. Use Wireless Booster

The use of a wireless booster or widely known as a wifi extender and a wifi repeater is also effective for increasing the coverage area of ​​the wifi signal. Unlike the access point, the wifi extender works by capturing the signal emitted by the wifi. Then, retransmit the captured signal.

The downside, the signal strength emitted by the wifi extender is only half of the potential strength of the original wifi. Because half of the internal antenna is used to capture the wifi signal. The other half of the new antenna is used to retransmit the wifi network signal.

The placement of this wifi repeater device must also really be considered. If the wifi booster is placed in a corner that is not covered by wifi so that the signal is weak, then the retransmitted signal will also be weak. So even though the range can be further, the signal that is caught is weak.

Position the wifi extender in an area where the wifi signal is strong, so the retransmitted signal is also strong. In addition, keep it away from devices that can interfere with the signal waves it emits. Like wired telephone sets or microwaves.

4. Upgrades Router

If the router used is old enough, it’s good to do upgrade routers. How to expand the range of this wifi is done by replacing the old router with the latest router. The new routers have better technology so that they offer better internet signal speed and coverage.

For example standardization of wifi 5 with wifi 6 which is newer. Wifi 6, called high-efficiency wireless, offers a higher access point range, reaching 4 times. The connection provided also remains stable even in congested areas.

5. Use 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz Wi-Fi

Wifi can use 2 frequency bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi. The 5GHz frequency is more widely used because it offers better speed. But for a wide range, actually the 2.4GHz frequency is better.

Although fast, the 5GHz frequency is difficult to penetrate barriers such as glass, trees, and even rain. On the other hand, the 2.4GHz signal is slow, but reliable to penetrate longer ranges.

Those are the five ways to expand wifi coverage that can be done easily and relatively cheaply. For those who have a large house, you can immediately try the steps above. August be useful.