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Watch carefully! Here are the Pubg Mobile Conqueror Terms

Here are the Pubg Mobile Conqueror Terms

Who doesn’t know the online game PUBG? For fans of the game, recently there are often questions about the terms of the PUBG mobile conqueror. Not just numbers, rank conqueror can be a matter of pride for PUBG players. It’s just that, the name of the conqueror achievement is not easy to get.

There are a number of conditions that must be met by PUBG players. Until now, the average PUBG player yearns for the conqueror rank. What exactly is PUBG’s conqueror rank? So what are the requirements to get it? Follow the full discussion below.

About Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Game

If you’re still wondering what a conqueror is, it’s actually quite simple. The term conqueror in PUBG refers to the highest rank or level of the online game. To get to this special rank, every player is required to diligently do push rank every chance. Besides that, player also need to be able to jump rank Ace.

Who is entitled to the title of PUBG conqueror? Only players who are ranked 1 to 500 with the largest number of points in one server. Don’t think that after entering the conqueror rank it doesn’t give any results. In addition to getting their own pride, players who won the PUBG conqueror rank also received various rewards.

Starting from Title Conqueror, Frame Conqueror, Mythic Entry Effect, to 2000 Silver Fragments. Seeing the number of rewards that will be received by the winner of the conqueror rank, the requirements to get it are quite a lot. The full explanation will be explained in the next discussion.

PUBG Mobile Conqueror Terms

Now is the time to discuss what are the PUBG Mobile conqueror requirements. Because this rank conqueror predicate can be said to be exclusive, the conditions cannot be said to be easy. If you try not to be impossible, right? Here are the conditions for PUBG mobile players to reach the conqueror rank:

1. Graduated from Tier Ace with Certain Points Achieved

The first requirement that PUBG Mobile players must pass to reach the conqueror rank is to pass the Ace tier. To be able to pass from the Ace tier, each player must be able to reach certain points. Especially to be able to enter the Conqueror, the points obtained are at least 4200.

2. Enter the Top 500 of a Server

In one server, only 500 players are recognized as being in the conqueror rank. Therefore, the next PUBG mobile conqueror requirement is to try to enter the top 500 on one server. The trick, of course, is to diligently push rank. As soon as you have free time, do push rank as much as possible. This is because the competition is getting tougher all the time.

3. Have Great Dedication and Skills

It has been mentioned a little bit in the previous discussion. Reaching this conqueror rank is not easy. So, every player needs skill and high dedication. The competition is getting tougher, because PUBG is an online game that is quite popular. While anyone wants to be able to achieve the rank conqueror predicate.

4. Still Must Reach 400 Players After Getting Conqueror

If later you have succeeded in getting the conqueror rank, don’t be careless. Remember the competition goes on. The rank conqueror still had to maintain his position. Until at least be in the position of 400 other players. Otherwise, they will be replaced by other, more competent players.

5. Able to Compete in Various Modes

Do you still like to play or push rank in certain modes? If you want to get a rank conqueror title, it’s better not to be picky about mode. Must be ready to push rank using any game mode. Playing in solo or duo mode should be possible.

If the situation does not allow and must play squad mode must be ready. That’s because in fact, opportunities are always there. PUBG players should be able to use it well.

Those were the conditions for the PUBG Mobile conqueror. It has also been explained about what a conqueror is although it is quite short. For PUBG Mobile players who want to immediately enter the conqueror rank, the information above can be reference material.