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Understand the Various Items and Functions of the Following Mobile Legends Items!

Understand the Various Items and Functions of the Following Mobile Legends Items!

As a fan mobile legends game must be familiar with the term items. Items this can be very useful for user strategy. But apparently, there are still many users who still don’t know much about the function mobile legends items. The following is a discussion of the function of items on games this:

1. Items Attack / Physical

There are many items that can be used, and every items have their own kind. Before discussing about items In this case, the user must first understand the difference in meaning between skills and basic attack.

Skills is an ability hero that focuses on magic or spell. Every hero have skill-each of them. Whereas basic attack is a basic attack that is usually used to attack the enemy. These basic attacks can be punches, kicks, etc. Each hero have basic attacks.

Basic attacks and skills on hero can be stronger when combined with physical items this. There are at least eight items who fall into the category physical items this. One of them, item black of despair have the power to give an attack basic attack greater to an enemy whose blood is almost dead.

2. Items Magic

Besides items physical attack, there is also items for magic attacks or magic. Only hero certain who can use items this is like hero support and hero assassin mages. Items this serves to amplify magic attacks. There are about 16 items that can be used, such as genius wand items.

Items genius wand it is very useful for reducing magic ability defense used by the opponent when fighting. Besides, there is also magic glowing wand items which can increase magic power, HP, and speed hero user.

If magical heroes the user has run out of blood, then the blood can be added with concentrated energy items. But you can also use items blood wings which can also add blood. If herois already critical, then the recommendations can be used blood wings.

3. Items Defense

Not only item type only attack must have, defense type items must also be purchased. Because items this is useful for strengthening defense hero from attack basic attack nor skills. It’s like, items this is a shield that can ward off attacks.

Lots of choices defense items that can be used, which is about 13 items. One of items what’s interesting here is immortality items. As is items this, users need not be afraid if hero-it dies, because it can come back to life and has defense shield after death.

4. Items Roaming

Not only fighting, players mobile legends must also be able to collect gold to buy various items. Roaming Items Becomes items the most important thing to buy. Function mobile legends items this is to get gold during the process farming and can also increase the speed of hero certain.

5. ItemShoes

Agility must also be possessed by hero to be more free to move and to avoid enemy attacks. One thing that must be prepared is items shoe. Players should not be careless when choosing shoes, because there are hero which does not match if it does not match item-his. Items This shoe has about 7 items which can be selected.

This is an explanation of the function mobile legends items which the player can understand. Victory on games this can be determined from strategy and preparation items which supports. So more and more items purchased and matches the hero, then you can win games this.