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Tips for Defeating Ruin Guard Genshin Impact

Tips for Defeating Ruin Guard Genshin Impact

Ruin guard Genshin Impact is one of the most difficult monsters to defeat. Especially for beginners who are not too experienced in dealing with large-sized monsters such as ruin guards. There are several ways and tips that beginners can follow in order to defeat the Ruin Guard monster.

Defeating the Ruin Guard will give players a huge advantage. Not only dropping items or adding EXP, but also increasing the world level quickly. Therefore, beginners must pay attention to these tips for defeating the ruin guard:

1. Aim for the Ruin Guard’s Weaknesses

The weakness of the ruin guard is the head and eyes of the monster. Especially the center of the head that glows red. That part will give damage which is very large when attacking the ruin guard. So, players must aim for that part when attacking the Ruin Guard. Usually players with arrows are very effective in dealing with the ruin guard in that section.

2. Use Hydro Element to Attack

Ruin Guard Genshin Impact is basically a fire or pyro elemental monster. The attacks are often in the form of explosions and booms. Therefore, players can fight it with the opposite element.

An element that is the opposite of the fire element or Pyro in Genshin Impact is element Hydro or water. Players can also use the ice element in Genshin Impact. Can also use a combination of elements that use hydro or ice elements.

3. Utilizing the Surrounding Environment

Ruin Guard is a monster with a tall body and its weakness is in the head. So it must be very difficult to fight it with a character whose weapon is a sword or pole arm. It’s just that, players can still give damage great if you really want to use a character with that short-range weapon.

The trick is to take advantage of the surrounding environment, the ruin guard battle area is usually in the form of ruins. Many ruins, buildings, and even towers that are high enough for players to take advantage of. Players can take advantage of this environment to jump to surrender the ruin guard, gain altitude to fly, attack the ruin guard, and so on.

4. Understand the Attack Pattern of the Ruin Guard

Augustbe not many players, especially beginners, realize that the Ruin Guard has a certain attack pattern. There are fire rocket attacks, crashes, and so on. All the attacks were carried out in a certain order.

Understanding the sequence will make it easier for players to avoid fatal damage. In addition, players can also estimate the cool down time of the Ruin Guard. Time cool down this can be a golden time for players to give damage on as many ruin guards as possible.

5. Avoidance is also important

In defeating large monsters such as ruin guard, many players are concerned with attack. The goal is to get the HP of the monsters down as soon as possible, this method might work but is completely ineffective. In addition to attacking, avoiding attacks from ruin guards is also very important.

Ruin guard is still a strong boss monster and can give damage which is great on players in a single strike. Don’t let players focus too much on attacking so they don’t pay attention to their own HP, because they take too many attacks. So, avoiding is also important.

Those are the tips for defeating the ruin guard Genshin Impact, even though it seems difficult, it is not impossible to defeat this one boss monster for beginners. Novice players just need the right tricks and ways to deal with the boss monster ruin guard. So, will easily finish the game.