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Smoother Internet After Knowing How to Overcome Indosat Slow

How to Overcome Slow Indosat Internet

How to Overcome Slow Indosat Internet – Many provider which can be used in Indonesia with advantages and attractive promos every month, not to mention Indosat Ooredoo. However, sometimes there are some obstacles, so we need a way to overcome slow Indosat in order to keep it running smoothly.

The slowness of the Indosat card can be caused by several things. The things that most often occur are unfavorable weather, a power outage from PLN, or the location of the user being unsupportive, such as being blocked by tall buildings and large trees. So that makes the internet connection to be decreased. So, here are ways to overcome Indosat slowness, including:

1. Switch to 4G Mode

Smartphone The more sophisticated, of course, it is also supported by the ability to capture a bigger signal. If the old version is still up to the 3G limit, now users can enjoy internet speed with a 4G network, some have even increased it to 4.5G.

If cell phone already supports the network, it’s better to use the highest, or at least 4G. This method can handle slow Indosat cards and hinder surfing activities. To change it, you can dial the code *#*#4636#*#* on the telephone board. Then click on LTE only.

2. Setting Indosat APN on Mobile

Access Point Name is a liaison between the internet network with mobile devices. This is very important in the surfing process because it determines the signal strength. To make it able to go to settings and choose another menu, then select cellular network.

The next step is to look for features Access Point Name (Access Point Name). If it’s not there, press the plus symbol (+) in the right corner and fill it in according to the instructions. In this explanation, the Indosat APNs that are commonly used will be given, namely:



APN Access : indosatgprs

Proxy : empty

Port: empty

Username : Indosat

Password : Indosat

3. Enable Airplane Mode

The third way to overcome slow Indosat is to activate airplane mode on the phone shortcut that has been created. Look for the airplane icon and just click on it until it turns into an active state. This step is believed to be able to overcome the problem of signal problems that are often disrupted and speed decreases.

Later the network will reconnect and detect a new, stronger signal. This method also refreshes the old IP address to a new one so that it can increase internet speed. Not only on Indosat, other SIM cards can also try this method.

4. Network Mode Settings

There are various kinds of networks available in mobile phones. To prevent slowness of the card you are using, we recommend that you set it automatically so that the device can adjust itself to the received signal. How to set it is not difficult.

You only need to go to the Settings menu on the phone, then look for write Connections. After that just select settings about Mobile Network and change SIM Network Mode. Just click on the available LTE/3G/2G. Usually the signal will be cut off, just wait for it to appear by itself after a while.

5. Use at Night

The last step that is proven to be free from slowness is to use a card to surf the internet at night. Because at this time the ability to capture signals is greater than during the day. Fewer users tend to be the reason. Internet speed has also increased.

Those are the five ways to overcome slow Indosat that can be tested when experiencing problems with internet connection. Make sure the signal returns to normal and abundant so that surfing activities or chat not distrubed. If you are still having trouble, try to do restart on the device.