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Reviews on Build Ningguang Genshin Impact that you need to know

Reviews on Build Ningguang Genshin Impact that you need to know

Ningguang is a playable character in Genshin Impact. This character is a merchant of Liyue Qixing, one of the seven merchants who managed Liyue’s affairs. Ningguang’s character has good uses with a high level and unique can’t be imitated. For players who need build Ningguang Genshin Impact, here will be revealed some buildNingguang-matched weapons and artifacts.

Weapons on Build DPS

Below are some descriptions of weapons that match Ningguang whose character is Geo Catalyst. Destination build The best weapons and artifacts for Genshin Impact Ningguang are dealing more damage and taking the main DPS role on the team without having to rely on Elemental Reaction. Below is a description of some weapons suitable for Ningguang:

1. Skyward Atlas – ATK

Ningguang is a character with potential damage burst very big. This Ningguang Genshin Impact build can be used by using Skyward Atlas which increases the DMG Element Bonus by a multiple of 3 from 12 to 24 percent. Normal attacks have a 50% chance of getting support from the cloud, which actively tries to find the closest enemy and then attacks within 15 seconds.

One example of a Ningguang Genshin Impact build is Build DPS. This build consists of Memory from Ash, Skyward Atlas, Archaic Petra two sets, and two sets of Final Gladiators, or Noblesse Oblige two sets.

2. Eye Perception – ATK

This regular hit has a 50% chance of firing Bolt’s perception dealing a multiple of 30 from 240 to 360% ATK as DMG. This bolt can bounce between opponents the most 4 times. This can happen every eight to twelve seconds. Ningguang’s slow attack can be helped by this weapon.

3. Sparkling Scatter

Ningguang’s optimal attack can form a pattern, especially if attacking with Sparkling Scatter is done while holding back with the shield forward. The goal is to parry the opponent’s attack right after shooting the projectile, allowing the player to give it more effect damage in a shorter period of time

Ningguang’s basic skill of setting up a large shield in front of him that served to block enemy attacks was indeed admirable. The attacks themselves will still pass through the barrier, so it’s safe to attack from a distance. It’s also possible to turn to melee characters afterwards as well for protection on one side.

4. Solar Pearl

What is expected of weapons through this battle are sub stats that give a Crit Rate bonus. Bonuses give Ningguang character advantages. The effect increases skill damage and attacks will inflict more damage. So, the chance of winning will be even greater

5. The Widsith

The Widsith gives a fairly large damage crit bonus. This weapon grants one of three random bonuses. From the calculation of the effect it is indeed inconsistent, but at least two of the three effects will benefit Ningguang.

Weapon Build Support

For build Ningguang Genshin Impact as Support, mostly used to issue Elemental Skills. The goal is to create an elemental shield when facing monsters. Here are the two combinations:

Build This Ningguang is a combination of two sets aimed at increasing the damage done to Ningguang as a whole. Final Gladiator adds Ningguang’s damage from attack mode. Of course this combination will be very profitable.

One set build Ningguang in Genshin Impact can be used if Ningguang has sufficient rechargeable Energy. The goal is to continue to use the Burst element. This was why Noblesse Oblige would increase Ningguang’s elemental Burst damage by twenty percent.

That was a few build Ningguang Genshin Impact. The build above is just an example. Users are free to create build from a variety of weapons and artifacts available according to the style of play. Origin right build can bring many advantages in the game.