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No need to be confused, here are 5 easy ways to turn off car GPS

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Turn Off Car GPS

5 Easy Ways to Turn Off Car GPS – Lately, the use of GPS in cars has become commonplace. More and more cars are equipped with GPS that is connected to personal cell phones to increase the safety and security of its users. However, not many people know how to turn off car GPS. Follow the discussion on the steps to turn off GPS when it is not needed and want to be temporarily disabled:

1. Using the Cut Engine Feature

Open the app on the phone that is already connected to the GPS in the car. Some GPS installed in the car has a unity with the application contained in the user’s cell phone. This means that users are free to monitor movement, manage, activate, and of course also turn off GPS.

Users just access the application then look for the cut engine menu to disable the function of the GPS. Currently there are more and more GPS apps that can be used for cars. So, even if the vehicle is not equipped with built-in GPS, you can still add it yourself through the application. Make sure the app has cut engine so it can be turned off at any time.

2. Sending SMS

Go to the short message (SMS) section of your phone to turn off GPS. Advanced technology now also allows users to turn off car GPS via text messages only. The GPS device installed in the car is actually already equipped with a connected number, namely the user’s personal cell phone. Therefore, users who need to temporarily disable GPS just send a message in the form of a code to turn it off. The next way to turn off car GPS with SMS is to send the code to the cellular number that has been installed on the GPS device.

3. Unplugging the Tool from the Car

Consider doing the manual method if you have skills which is quite good at disassembling, especially if the previous GPS installation was done alone without the help of a technician. Users who want to turn off the car’s GPS can do so by directly unplugging the device from the car.

Remember to be careful when removing it, so you don’t pull the cable wrong and cause interference in other areas of the machine. Do it slowly according to the applicable procedure.

4. Using GPS Jammer

Use the GPS Jammer tool. This tool is a signal detector in the GPS installed in the car. Not only detects the signal, but can also turn it off. This is a relatively safe and easy way to turn off car GPS. The way it works is simple, users can put the GPS Jammer in the car cabin.

Wait for a while, usually the process takes about five minutes and the GPS signal automatically disappears and then turns off. However, it is also necessary to consider when using this tool for too long because there is the possibility of interfering with the signal on the smartphone.

5. Ask a Technician for Help

There is no need to hesitate to contact a technician if you are in doubt about removing the GPS device from the car, because if you unplug the cable incorrectly, interference can occur, for example notifications that are disconnected from your cellphone. Technicians have sufficient experience to troubleshoot problems with car GPS, including removing them. This method is relatively safe because with the help of a more experienced person, the damage that may occur will be minimized and you can ask the technician further about the GPS device.

Those are some ways to turn off car GPS that you can try. GPS does have a very useful function, but there are times when users feel they don’t need a tracker that can find out where the car is. Before turning off the GPS, be sure to find out how to turn it back on so you don’t get confused when you want to use it again.