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Know How To Overcome Indihome Slow To Jump Back

How to Overcome Indihome Slow to Jump Back

How to Overcome Slow Indihome – Want to know how to deal with slow Indihome? Find out the answer by listening to the following review! Living in the digital era, requires everyone to follow developments that occur. If it is missed, it will be considered outdated. In this modern era, everything requires an internet connection.

Many internet users prefer fiber wifi like Indihome. But unfortunately, this type of wifi is also not free from problems. starting from the connection is not connected at all, or the network connection feels slow. There are several causes such as equipment failure, repair network and so on. But this time we will specifically discuss how to overcome a slow connection. Here’s how:

1. Limiting the Number of Wifi Users

The way to deal with slow Indihome that is worth a try is to limit the number of internet network users. Apart from being caused by device errors such as routers, other problems can also arise due to the large number of people using the network. This is quite reasonable. Imagine if the speed of Indihome in a house is only about 10Mbps.

While the device is connected more than 5 people or 5 devices. So it can be ascertained, the connection that occurs will be slower. Especially if some devices perform heavy activities such as downloading applications. The network owner can actually see who is using the wifi through the admin menu and then enter the router password used.

2. Restart the Router

Each type of wifi certainly uses the help of a router. The router is capable of streaming the connection to the user’s phone. But this tool can also be the cause of a slow wifi network. This device is also not uncommon to experience system errors.

This also affects the resulting connection speed. It’s good when, the connection feels slow, the user can restart the router device. Usually this method can eliminate errors and improve router performance again. So the network returns to normal.

3. Using Repeater Assist

Repeater is an electronic device that is used as a signal amplifier on cellular. The main function of this tool is to expand the reach of an internet network. In this case, users can try using a repeater if the network at home becomes slow. Why?

One of the reasons is because with the help of this tool, the range will be stronger and wider. Especially if in a large house only uses one modem, of course the internet speed will be greatly reduced. This solution is considered quite effective, because besides being strong the resulting network also tends to be more stable.

4. Clear Browser Cache

Not infrequently users find it difficult to surf the search engine. If this is the case, then it is most likely caused by storing too much cache junk. Cache junk can make it difficult for the network connection to be used.

So it is recommended to delete or clear cache data that is no longer needed. Through this technique, it is hoped that the connection will return smoothly as before. Not only that, by clearing cache, internet performance will be faster.

5. Upgrading Speed

If some of the methods above have not been able to help slow down wifi problems, the next way to overcome slow Indihome is to upgrade the network speed. Users can increase the speed for a faster connection. Try to choose as needed. If indeed the internet mobility used is high, then increasing the speed of the package is the solution.

Those are some ways to deal with slow Indihome that you can try. This kind of obstacle is still possible even for Indihome-class services. Hopefully it can add insight to your gadget friends at home and good luck.