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It turns out this is how to turn off the blue tick on WA, very simple!

How to turn off the blue tick on WA – On Whatsapp, the status of messages that have been received and read are marked with two blue ticks. There are times when a user has opened a message, but forgets to reply to it so that it can offend the sender of the message. To overcome this, there are tips on how to turn off the blue tick on WA. These tips can be done easily on all types cell phone.

So, by turning off the blue tick on WA, the sender of the message will not know whether the message has been read or not by the recipient. This applies vice versa, the recipient of the message who wants to reply also cannot monitor the status of the message. The feature to turn off the blue tick is available in the WA application so it can be done directly. Here’s how:

1. Open Whatsapp App

To do this, the first step that must be done is to open the respective Whatsapp application. Although this Whatsapp application can be operated on cell phone and laptop or computer, this setting to turn off the blue tick only applies in cell phone just.

2. Select Options ‘Settings’

After the Whatsapp application is opened, the next step is to select the ‘settings’ or ‘settings’ menu.settings’. By default, this menu can be found on the vertical three-dot symbol located in the upper right corner of the first screen of Whatsapp.

3. Select Options ‘Account’

After opening the ‘settings’ option, several menu options will appear, namely ‘account’ related to the user’s profile. There is also a menu ‘chat’ which deals with messaging settings as well as the ‘notification’ menu which is about notification of Whatsapp activity. Then there is ‘storage and data’ which is related to memory capacity usage.

In addition, there is also ‘help’ that connects the service contact to ask if at any time experiencing problems with use. Then lastly, there is an ‘invite friends’ menu if you want to invite friends to join in using Whatsapp. To continue how to turn off the blue tick on WA, please select the ‘account’ option.

4. Select Options ‘Privacy’

In the ‘account’ option, there are several menu options available, namely ‘privacy’ which relates to setting the user’s confidentiality status. There is also ‘security’ which deals with security while using Whatsapp as well as ‘two-step verification’ to provide secondary security to the account.

Then there is the ‘change number’ menu to change the number, the ‘request account info’ menu, and the ‘delete my account’ menu to delete the account. The next step is to select the ‘privacy’ option. The ‘privacy’ menu displays settings about who can view the user’s personal information.

5. Turn off the ‘Report Read’ option

In the ‘privacy’ menu, several settings options will be displayed which include information about last seen, and profile photo. Then there is also contact information that can view user account info, status written on profiles, and activation of message read reports. Then finally there is group information that can view profiles, current locations, and information about blocked contacts.

Please go to the status of enabling read reports to be able to turn off the blue check mark. Sliding toggle reports are read from active to inactive. If it is disabled, the sender cannot send and receive the status of the read report. This deactivation only applies between individuals. Read reports can still always be sent to chat group.

6. Check To Make Sure It’s Running

The last step is to check. To do so, please ask a friend to send you a message. If the message has been received and read, but the tick status on your friend’s Whatsapp is still gray, it means that the method was successful. However, if it’s still blue, try repeating the steps above until it works.

That’s an explanation of how to turn off the blue tick on WA. How? Easy to do right? However, keep in mind that doing this has its own advantages and disadvantages. The deactivation of the read report status applies in both directions. This means that the recipient of the message also cannot see whether the message sent back has been read or not. August be useful!