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How to Use Google Calendar on Android to Schedule Events

How to Use Google Calendar on Android to Schedule Events

The existence of a calendar does not only help someone to know the date. But also one can manage schedule and planning by using calendar. This time we will explain what Google Calendar is, its features and also how to use Google Calendar on Android. Here is the explanation.

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an application based on website which has functionality for time management that comes from Google. The first time the Google Calendar application was released was on August 13, 2006. The existence of this application will make it easier for users to plan schedules and so on, but users must already have a Google account before using it.

Google Calendar application is provided free of charge by Google for its users. Google Calendar can be used on android or iOS, but most new androids already have this application as a default application. Users can perform various activities using Google Calendar.

If a user is signed in to a Google account on multiple devices, these Google Calendar notifications can still come in. This will make it easier for users to use different devices but with the same google account.

Also note if the user accepts the schedule meeting from emails, transportation tickets, hotel accommodations and so on, can be directly entered into Google Calendar automatically. This will help users to give reminder if the time that has been added must be done immediately.

Google Calendar also has a number of interesting features that are very useful for scheduling and planning. Then, what are its features?

Google Calendar Features

Google Calendar has a number of interesting features that benefit every user. Here are the full features.

1. As a Reminder

Google Calendar has a feature function as a reminder or reminder. So, for example, the user will have an important meeting or perform a task, the user can enter the date and time of the activity to be carried out in Google Calendar.

Later, Google Calendar will automatically give a warning when the activity is approaching to be done immediately. So, users will not forget when using Google Calendar because it will be reminded by Google Calendar.

2. Share Calendar

Google Calendar has a feature that can remind each other to fellow users. This application allows users to share activity schedules with members of a group to be able to coordinate schedules. So, for example, if an event is rescheduled or canceled, all members can know about it.

3. Saving Activities from Gmail

If the user receives an email from Gmail, then the email can be added directly to Google Calendar without having to fill it out manually. Because in the email there is already a description of the time such as date, time and other details. event notification will appear automatically when it is approaching that time.

4. As a Planner

Same as app planner In addition, Google Calendar also has features as well as functions as a planner. Users can include a schedule of activities including date, time, event details and other required information into Google Calendar.

5. Social Media Updates

User can create reminder to do updates on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. This feature is very useful for content creators who frequently updates on social media. Users only need to add the If This Then That application which can make the Google Calendar application connect to social media automatically and directly.

How to Use Google Calendar on Android

After knowing what Google Calendar is and its features. Next, we will explain how to use Google Calendar on Android to easily schedule events. Please see the following explanation.

1. Go to Google Calendar Site

The first step that must be done to schedule an event on Google Calendar is to first open the Google Calendar site from the official Google website. Then, the user explores the menus contained in the Google Calendar to find out what its features are.

As explained earlier, that Google Calendar has a number of features and functions that can be utilized by its users. Users can schedule events, add eventsschedule addition meeting, or other purposes related to time. So, users will not forget because they will be reminded directly and automatically by Google Calendar.

2. Make an Event Schedule

Next, to schedule an event, the user specifies the date the event will take place. Then, scroll down and choose menu reminder. Next, also specify the time the event will take place, it will appear later pop up about detailed event information. Also enter the title of the event that will be carried out as needed.

Users can enter an event title such as “meeting with clients”, “collecting assignments”, or “Band X concert events”. Please fill in the title of the event in easy-to-remember words so that when Google Calendar gives it reminder, the user immediately knows the activities that must be done. That way, users will not procrastinate anymore because they have been notified by Google Calendar.

3. Adding Guest

If you have done the previous steps, then there will be 4 menu options, namely Event, Out of Office, Reminder and also Appointment Slot. Choose according to need. Users can also add guest or guests, this feature serves to add people who will attend the event. If there is, the user can enter an email guest on Google Calendar Events.

By adding guest or guests, all members connected to an event created in Google Calendar can see the detailed information. All members can see the schedule of events such as the date of the event, the time the event will take place, to other important details contained in the schedule in the Google Calendar.

4. Saving the Rules

If the event is carried out on line, users can add Google Meet Conferencing. However, if everything is enough, users can directly save the schedule of events that have been made with a click save. Done.

If you have saved all the settings made, then as soon as the schedule approaches the event, Google Calendar will give you an early notification. Usually this time can be set starting from 10 minutes before the event, 30 minutes before the event or 1 hour before the event. All can be arranged according to the needs of the person who set the schedule.

The existence of Google Calendar will greatly benefit everyone who needs it. Especially for people who are familiar with schedules and planning, will really need Google Calendar as a reminder. This application is easy to use and also of course free.

That’s information about what Google Calendar is, its features and also how to use Google Calendar on Android to schedule events. Now users can schedule their own events easily and quickly, besides that it will make it easier for users to remember events that have been made and must be implemented immediately.