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How to Use and Change the Google Meet Background on HP Easily

How to Use and Change the Google Meet Background on HP Easily

What is Google Meet? Google Meet is a software or app video conferencing which can be used to interact one person with another. In Google Meet has various feature and one of them is can is background. Then how to use and replace background Easy Google Meet on HP?

The pandemic has changed a lot of things. Among them are changing human activities or interactions. Humans do a lot of activities from home alone. Starting from studying, working, meetings and others. Interactions that were initially carried out directly or offline change to online or on line. This is where Google Meet plays an important role in the human interaction process.

Actually, Google Meet can not only be installed on cellphones but also on laptops. However, it will be more effective and efficient if installed on HP. The features available on Google Meet on HP are also almost the same as those installed on PCs. How to use and replace background Google Meet on HP is also almost the same.

Replacing Google Meet Background with Photos on HP

There are several ways to use and replace background Google Meet on HP that can be used as a reference. However, this time I will review the easiest way to change the background. This first method will discuss replace background or background by using an image. Here’s how to replace the background with an image or photo:

That’s how to use and replace background Google Meet on mobile using effects or images. This step is similar to how to change the background or background on a laptop. Users can prepare cute pictures for the stock background.

Replace Google Meet Background with Video

After knowing how to use and replace background Google Meet on HP with photos this time will replace background with videos. Feature replace the background with this video recently released by Google Meet. Here are the steps to change the background on Google Meet with video:

Keep in mind that not all cellphones can be replaced or installed background videos on Google Meet. Specific HP that Google Meet can be installed with a video background is the upper middle class. Android phones that can be used are usually at least Google Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy S9. For users whose cellphones do not meet the qualifications, it is recommended to use photo backgrounds.

Google Meet Video Conference features

In addition to having a feature that can be used as a background for photos and videos, Google Meet also still has a lot of features feature other. Feature This is very helpful for users when using Google Meet. Following features in Google Meet what users need to know:

1. Raise Hand

When going to speak in a meeting, it’s a good idea to have permission from participants on Google Meet first. However, when it comes to permission to speak, it can sometimes interfere with participants or speakers. Don’t worry, currently Google Meet is equipped with a raise hand emoticon that can replace permission before speaking or onmic.

2. Recording on Google Meet

Feature This is certainly very useful for users to record forum activity on Google Meet. The recording can be heard and viewed at any time and can be shared with others. However, users who can record activity in the forum are only people who already have a license account. If not licensed, users can immediately activate the account.

3. Cross Domain Live Streaming

When broadcasting video conferencing live live streaming user can allow all participants to follow or watch this video. Provided that the user uses an official school or office account. Limit of participants who can follow the video conference is also quite high, reaching one hundred thousand viewers,

Advantages of Google Meet Video Conference

After discussing about features in Google Meet, of course, potential users do not hesitate todownload-his. However, apart from being features Are there other things or advantages of Google Meet? To find out the answer, here are the advantages of Google Meet that users must know:

1. Google Account Integration

Currently, Google is an account that is integrated into the system on smartphones, including the Google Meet application. When sharing the meet schedule, the organizer can directly share the link to the participant’s integrated google account. Organizers or participants can also record video conference activities to their respective Google accounts.

2. Signing up for Google Meet is quite easy

When you already have a Google account, it will be easier for users to register. This is because a google account is the only way to log in or log in to a Google Meet account. Users can register for a Google Meet account quickly in less than a minute. As long as the user already has a google account.

3. Light Application

This Google Meet application does have similarities with the application video conferencing another. However, there is something quite interesting and the reason why many people use the application is because the application is lightweight. According to a survey, the Google Meet application is approximately 55 MB in size, while similar applications can reach 100 MB or more.

In addition to the advantages described above, of course, there are many more advantages when using this application. Other advantages include easy access to meet and can interact directly and clearly. Interested in using?

That’s how to use and replace background Google Meet on mobile, features, and advantages of Google Meet. The many advantages that exist in the Google Meet application are what make many people use it. According to a survey, using Google Meet can also reduce internet data usage compared to similar applications.

Behind the many advantages, Google Meet of course also has disadvantages. In the regular Google Meet application, users cannot use it optimally for a long duration. Usually participants in these forums are also limited. To be able to use the Google Meet application to its full potential, users are expected to subscribe to Google Meet premium.