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How to Save Video from WA Status Without Application and Using Application

How to Save Video from WA Status Without Application and Using Application

How to Save Videos from WA Status – Whatsapp is a messaging application on line which is very popular all over the world. Besides being useful for sending short messages, users can also share everyday moments through the feature story. Unfortunately, Whatsapp does not allow users to save videos from status. But there is a way to save videos from WA status without an application and by using an application, the following:

No App Help

When a user sees someone else’s WA status, there must be some videos that make the user interested so they want to save it. Even so, users will be confused because there is no option to save the status. No need to worry, to move WA status videos to the gallery, users can do it without additional applications.

Unfortunately, how to save videos from WA status without this one application only applies to phones with operating systems above Nougat. This method is actually quite simple, where users simply copy other users’ videos via Whatsapp storage media. However, this storage folder is quite hidden and cannot be accessed just like that.

To open hidden folders, users can use the File Manager application. Once File Manager opens, click the gear icon in the top corner and go to the File menu. Here, users can see the menu ‘show hidden files’. Check the empty box next to it, to see the hidden files.

After that, users can open the WA folder, click Media, and select a folder called Statuses. Here users can see all the videos and pictures from story Whatsapp belonging to friends who have shared. Then copy the desired video and move it in another folder so it doesn’t get lost.

Using App Help

If the user’s phone has an operating system below Nougat, then the user can only save videos story WA uses additional applications. The following are some applications or software which can be used are:

1. ZArchiver

ZArchiver is software file organizer that is used by many people. In addition to extracting compressed files, software it can show the files hidden by the phone. This method can be tried if the user’s phone is a phone with an old school operating system such as Lollipop and KitKat. Users can download this application first through the Google Play Store.

Once installed, enter the application and click the three dots in the upper corner. Then enter the Settings menu. After that, select the File manager option, and slide the ‘show hidden files’ button to the right. Open the WA folder, click Media and click the Statuses folder. After that, the user can see all story belonging to friends who have shared. Choose which videos you want to save.

2. Status Sticker Saver

Software others that can be used to save videos from story WA is Status Sticker Saver. Users can download it directly on the Google Play Store. Once installed, open the application. Click allow if the app asks for storage access permission. After that, users can see all the media from the WA status of other people who are in the contact list.


WA MOD is a WA application that has been modified and is equipped with several additional features that are not in the original version. One of the excellent features of WA Mod is that users can save all videos from story to the gallery directly. There are many types of WA MOD that can be tried including; FMWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, and the like..

That’s an explanation of how to save videos from WA status without an application and by using an application that you can try. With this explanation, users can directly save videos from friends’ statuses to the gallery easily and quickly.