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How to Play Capsa Susun for Beginners

How to Play Capsa Susun for Beginners

Capsa Susun is a very popular card game. Along with the development of technology, this game is available in version mobile games. The stages in how to play Capsa Susun are quite easy for beginners to understand. This game is in great demand, especially by card games.

Beginner players are required to know in advance the order in the cards from low to high. The types of cards must also be understood correctly, players must also understand the rules of the game. Here’s how to play Capsa Susun for beginners, including:

1. Arrange Cards in Capsa

This stage is the initial stage that must be known in advance by novice players. How to play Capsa Susun will be easier if you already understand the arrangement of cards in the game which consists of 10 combinations. The winning percentage is determined by the type of card combination obtained by the player.

The combination of cards that must be known is Royal Flush which is composed of a combination of 5 cards 10, J, Q, K and AS. Cards with this combination are the highest order combination. The player who gets this combination is guaranteed to win 100 percent. Straight flush is a combination of cards of the same card type and occupies the second position.

High Card is the combination that has the lowest winning percentage. The other combinations are quite numerous and have certain conditions. The combination is memorized by the player who will play this game.

2. Handing out Cards

The cards used must be dealt to a total of 4 players. The total number of playing cards used is 52. A maximum of each player must get 13 playing cards with random numbers and types. Try to distribute cards evenly, so that the game is more exciting.

3. Arrange the Cards Obtained

Players are tasked with arranging the cards that have been given. The cards are arranged according to 10 predetermined arrangements such as Royal Flush and others. The arrangement of cards consists of 3 stacks with the lowest order being the largest combination and the last one being the smallest combination.

The time given in compiling the cards is 1 minute. Players who pass the allotted time must use the last deck of cards. Mistakes in arranging cards will harm the player. The arrangement of the card must be precise and should not be rushed.

4. Pitting Card Combinations

The cards that have been arranged must be pitted to find the greatest combination. The comparison starts from the bottom row to the last row. The total number of players who determine which player has the greatest combination of cards.

5. Counting Points

Points are calculated between players (head to head). The player who gets a higher combination than the next player will get one point. These points can be lost if the next player has a greater combination than the player. The counting continues until the last row of cards is the top row.

Additional points are awarded if the player manages to get special card. The player who has the dragon card will get the highest points. Dragon card is a combination of cards consisting of the same type of card and the numbers are sequential. Owners of cards of the same color will also get high points.

6. Determine the Winner

Winners are determined based on the points earned. The player with the highest points wins the game. The owner of the low points is the losing player. These rules cannot be changed or modified as the player wishes.

The Capsa Susun game is an easy game to play as long as the player can be careful in arranging the cards. The stages above are how to play capsa stacking for beginners which is easy to do. Beginners must first understand the combination of cards and how to count points in the game, in order to play it smoothly.